King Aldar Darkseer & Keeper Kal’Quim Seldarne

Political Structure

The regions of Valmora are controlled by the two main seats of power in the region, The King of the Aarakocran people Aldar Darkseer and Kal’Quim Seldarne The Keeper of the Sanctuary of Eden. Both have differing opinions of the level of intervention on the ground lands as opposed to the sky, but mostly work in unison.

Common Races: Mixed, but high populations of Aarakocran & Kenku.


The Sanctuary of Eden

The Sanctuary of Eden is the largest and most populous place on Valmora, sat upon floating mountains high above the sea, it is hard to notice that one is floating 1000ft off the sea level when in Eden. Eden’s economy is one of the largest growing and highest value in the known universe, with things like chairs selling for 1-1.5 platinum, if you can access Eden, you can make a killing if only you knew how to get back to Menosophia.

The Sanctuary of Eden hosts several extraordinary buildings and facilities, most notably, the Hall of Echoes, a place where one can commune with the dead, and the running monks motives are dilute and vague.

The Silgilaze Citadel

Home to the Throne of the Aarakocran, a proud race of humanoid eagles, this huge marble tower is the nesting ground of may bird races of intellect and wisdom. It is ruled over by Aldar Darkseer after the fall of his father at the hands of the Emperor of Maurdórne at the climax of the Battle of Bosnie Bay. The Silgilaze Citadel regularly sends scouting missions into the wide yonder in the hopes to discover new lands and people.

The Groundlands

The ground lands are policed and controlled by the two main seats of power on Valmora, however, much of this land goes unchecked due to its overgrown nature and difficulty of traversal. there are many small civilizations here that battle for dominance over some key artifacts and areas from the times of the Anduwin presence.


Masterict is the city of humans in the region, it is a fairly magical city with many intellects hailing originally from other planes or worlds. It sits underneath the Floating Peaks of Amál which rains down a pure magically infused water which its source is said to give long life. It is ruled over by the James Toltan Party, a political elite that have existed for centuries, named after the infamous James Toltan ‘The Founder of the city as it was and shall ever be’.

The Grove

The Grove is a ancient forest said to hide a small community of Ents, these Ents are said to outlive any other species or being on Valmora.

The Clergy

The Clergy is a mysterious sect of religious followers taking up residence in an old monastery through the area known as ‘the needles’. Their religious practices are said to be somewhat ‘unorthodox’ and may are said to have been banished or exiles from other religious institutions.


Ambas is an abandoned Anduwin aged fortress of unknown origin or purpose. For now, it is the residence of a band of Orc warlords.


The home of Rod Silverman, famous artisté extraordinaire, it is said in his madness, he developed a taste for art via blood, and his fame and fortune quickly collapsed. Using his vast wealth, he constructed a fortress so impenetrable that no one could deliver him any supplies. He is said to haunt this huge mansion, having never passed on.

Cao Kenka

Cao Kenka is the homeland of the lesser bird race of Kenku, and is ridden with crime and poverty. Its only saving grace its it large export of fish and other river based foods to Masterict.


Ravenloom is an old abandoned fortress on the ‘burning steps’. It is said that a ‘Titan’ was laid to rest here, long ago. Its current occupancy is unknown, but no one has returned in recent years who claimed to travel to it.

The Maw

The Maw is a fissure in the rocky outcrops near Silverhold. It appeared around 1,000 years ago and consumes anything that is thrown into it. It is a site of constant study; and it has been noted that although slow, it is growing and will slowly consume Valmora if it is not stopped.