Morag is a chaotic place, that contains no large seats of power, and as such has not joint political stance. the regions are ruled by varying small bands of folk, magical fiends and geomancers.

Common Races: Earth Genasi, Trolls, Orcs, Humans, Elves, Giants


The Caverns of Time

Home of the keepers of the Pendulum, a smaller and possibly first draft of the larger pendulum resides here. The machine is kept by a group of immortalized druids who keep watch of its power and stabilize and flux in the time lines. Their ability to influence time is low but that have been known to craft messages to appear at the right moment in time to aid or hinder a person.

The Crag

The crag is a deep valley that splits the two large rises of Morag, it is a dark place that has a low temperature and is home to a number of wicked beasts including the arachnid king Snidius. falling into the crag may well spell your doom.

The Guild

The Guild is a large city founded by a venturing party that found themselves stranded on Morag for generations. after pleading with the keepers of the pendulum, they managed to write themselves out of history but altering time to allow them to have never come here. But a break in time from one of the members allowed him to exist in both places at once, creating a paradox. The guild therefore is a strange half in time and half not place, that has many side effects when visiting, but makes it a superb place to lay low.


The band of orcs indigenous to the planet have never been wiped out, and have grown strong in the fight against the foreign invaders. they are a constant source of struggle for most other civilizations here.


A city of Elvish descent, the elves here thrive in the great open spaces and autumn forest. a high level of eldarin live here and weave spells into the wood of the trees, culminating in the creation of the new grove of young Ents.


Orthanc is a large anduwin aged tower to the north of Morag that house a Geomancer known as Skim. Skim is said to have been able to move huge mountains of earth and terraform large expanses of land at his will. He has not been seen or heard from for hundreds of years since a coalition of peoples of Morag sacked his castle and left him for dead.

Ruins of Arposandra

The ruins of Arposandra is the remains of a human colony of free folk that rapidly collapsed some 3,000 years ago after the Pyramid of souls appeared from nowhere and started consuming the souls of its inhabitants.

The Pyramid of Souls

A mysterious pyramid that cannot be accessed, that appeared suddenly approximately 3,000 years ago. Those that get to close to it die instantly, and their souls can be sensed in the area for long periods of time before finally dissipating.