Triton King Posidus II

Political Structure

Medusa is a chaotic place, that is controlled somewhat by the Triton. But due to the unstable nature of the maelstrom, chaos thrives.

Common Races: Triton, Water Genasi, Sea Elves, Yaun-Ti, Naga.



Atlantis is the home of the Triton and water genasi. Not much is know of this city other than the fact that it has stood longer than any other place in the Maelstrom.

The Maelstrom

The Maelstrom is a huge rift in the water that can be traveled through to appear in other waters in unknown places. It is a chaotic rift that expands and contracts, infecting locals with high levels of exposure to high level magics. No pattern or control has ever been successfully made to control its output.

Sunken Fortress

A small fortress that sunk along with the land mass it sat on eons ago due to a conflict between two deities on the surface.

The Water Tower

A shoal of sea elves reside here, practicing raw magics that they draw from the maelstrom, it is said that they practice an act called ‘quala’, in which they form a strong mental bond with one another at a young age and operate in pairs for their entire lifes. This is not love, but something more powerful.

The Ruins of Y’shaj

Ruins of a temple built in the image of Y’shaj, the Anduwin of Wisdom. It is said she held a love for the water folk as it was the only place she could find calm. The Ruins are said to still be actively protecting something.

The Straits

The straits are a washed up collection boats and other seafaring vessels that have sunken to the bottom of the ocean. A large sea monster know as ‘Collector’ has moved many boats and vessels from all over the oceans of medusa here for reasons known to no one.


A stronghold of Yuan-Ti living in exile from their brethren on Menosophia for harboring the ideals of ‘Dawnika’, the idea that a deity will one day come and save them from their plight, a concept that is outcast and ridiculed by central Yuan-ti culture.

The Shale Forest

A tropical rain forest that is constantly flooded with rain. The forest floor is constantly swampy and saturated, and will consume all that do not stay in the trees.

The Haunted Depths

No ships ever return from here. Ever.