Political Structure

The lands are full of chaos and a number of powers fight over control of this world. There is no force of good here. The most powerful groupings here are split between three opposing forces.

Valrock the Deceiver: An ancient red dragon in the emberhold who has consistently waged war on the city of brass.

The City of Brass: The great central city of the Efreeti, it is ruled over by Proximus Al’Daru, an aggressive and unforgiving ruler who wants Galt for himself.

The Duergar: The Chaos driven fire dwarfs of the deep, have come to know this burning wasteland as their home. No one knows when they came to the world, but they have staunchly defended the territories they claimed.

Common Races: Fire Fiends, Fire Genasi, Efreeti, Duergar, Chaos Dwarfs, Tieflings, Dragonborn, Lizardfolk, Kobolds


The City of Brass

Air Composition: 22% Toxins

The City of Brass is the largest populated city in the region, a dark and evil place, it boasts magical connections and bridges to unknown dark places and hell. It is ruled over by ‘The Watcher’ an ancient being claiming to have lived since ‘the beginning’. The populous practices practically everything that a normal person would consider either horrific or barbaric.

A saving grace of the City of Brass is that its widespread magical uses has somewhat cleansed the air, making it one of the most breathable places.


Air Composition: 61% Toxins

The Emberhold is an ancient fortress that is connected to the mainland by the ancient bridge of Khazard Dún. It is the home of Valrock the Deceiver, the last Ancient Red Dragon. A following of Lizardfolk and Red Dragonborn along with Kobolds reside here, forever defending their ruler.

The Inferno

Air Composition: 78% Toxins

The Inferno is the name of the Volcanic mountain range to the north west of the mainland of Galt. The mountains are constantly aflame which gives the ground and stone its charred dark look. The flat rocks in this area are hot to the touch and will always have a silted layer of ash across them.

The Burning Wastes

Air Composition: 95% Toxins

The burning wastes are the far out low lands made up of embers, molten rock and lava. the levels of toxic fumes here are enough to kill someone in a matter of minutes, as Galt has no ocean, this land is consider the equivalent of ocean, in the form of impassable expanses.

Other Landmarks

The Mines of Semkara

Air Composition: N/A (Underground)

The Mines of Semkara is the birth place of something truly dark. The mine was once a place full of riches and wonder, with all kinds of value in jewels and ores to be found. Legend states that some few millennia ago, The obsession of an ancient dwarven king  became too much, and as he demanded his miners to delved deeper into the depths, hit some kind of dark ‘source’. The dwarven populous fell foul to this corrupting magic and the chaos dwarves were born, obeying some kind of hive mind, they have never been defeated in combat.


Air Composition: 55% Toxins

Duergard is the home of the Duergar, a militaristic and industrious dwarven people. Led by Warlord Kraithespear, they have freely wandered the planes of fire before establishing themselves a great city to the south. They have adapted to the toxic air and now specialize in the production of dark iron weaponry using lava forges.

The Fallen Temple

Air Composition: 87% Toxins

The Fallen temple is a half constructed ancient temple that was abandoned during its creation. It dates back as far as the Anduwin, and it is theorized that it may have been built by Marr before he gave up his conquest on Galt. Now, it stand destitute and alone, slowly falling into the lava below in the wastes.

Burnt Arada

Air Composition: 72% Toxins

Bashni Aradar is a dark forest, that was burnt heavily. It is occupied by tieflings. It is said that the fire mages that terrorize the lands are born and trained here. The mages will always tied captured outsiders to the cindered bark of the trees and burn them as it is believed this is the source of their power.