The Netheraán

The Netheraán rule over the lost nether regions to the edge of the expanse into the nether. The capital world of the Netheraán is Druidia. It is ruled over by a mysterious figurehead known as “the exalted”, and is the least traversed sector of the universe. The Netheraán are typically elvish, fey creatures, tieflings, genasi and elemental – with very few humans, dwarves, halflings or gnomes this is the most exotic and bewildering of places.

The Netheraán are generally peaceful, but not collaborative, and keep themselves to themselves. They find it tiresome to intervene and get involved in the universes wider affairs, and as such remain neutral in most conflicts. Historically, the Netheraán have fought alongside ancient alliances that predate any of the current powers in eradicating the ancient Terran Empire.

Leader of the Netheraán


The Exalted, perhaps one of the most mysterious of all the universe, the ruler of the Netheraán seems to take many forms, and as such no one knows what their true appearance is.

They control that which belongs to the nether, and all beyond it. Their realms are beyond normal comprehension, and most who venture to the Netheraán, do not return because “they see reason”. The Netheraán ascend above the universes ‘petty conflicts’ in order to strike balance with the universe.

They are the keepers of magic, and the nether from whence it came. The nether creates a flux of magic that to the normal human, would melt their very essence within minutes. The Exalted is said to have tamed this bestial magic, and now harnesses it to build world gates between the ley lines that connect the planets of the universe.

The Exalted has been known to in the past to stick rigorously to the laws of balance, a form of understanding that would leader them to ignore suffering in places where there is also prosperity. This has lead to many debates in the Free Republics as to whether they should intervene, or allow their peoples to take the course that has been decided for them.


The Netheraán are extremely magical by nature due to their proximity to the Heart of the Nether – they have abilities that are far beyond comprehension, and tend to remain neutral and unaggressive, but will defend their territories if threatened. There is an urban legend that they harbor and Anduwin, who has taught them many things that has enhanced their grasp on magic.



Free Republics

The Netheraán allows the Free republics passage through the nether, although it is strict. They also demand payments from the Republics frequently in exchange for the use of the netherwalk, an entity they control.


Gith Empire

The Gith Empire borders the Nether and frequently overextends its reach, this is not popular with the Netheraán, although they do share some historical ties of old, and see each other as friends.


Dawnikan Empire

No public relations, generally does not get involved with the conflicts with the Dawnikans, but has been known to disapprove of their antics.

Worlds of Note

The Netheraán


The capital world of the Netheraán, it is protected by a translucent shield called “the shimmer”. In envelops all inside of it, and the planet of Druidia has not be visited by anyone outside of the Netheraán people. Within the Netheraán, only the most wealthy, but not necessarily in currency are worthy of entry. As such, Druidia is a complete mystery.

The Netheraán


The Danté System is a far stretch from the rest of the Netheraán, and indeed the rest of the known universe. Stuck in a strange limbo state due to its proximity to the heart of the nether, it is impossible “For anything life changing” to happen here. As such, no one can die here, nor can they have an realization that makes them a better person. The fabric of this condition is very brittle, and it has been known for someones head to implode instead of realize they know the answer to life. Likewise, it has also been reported that people have been thrown into the nether or teleported to the Nether worlds with no hope of return for breaking this fabric.

The Netheraán


An Ancient homeworld of the fey creatures, this planet gained the nickname of the “wildness of the fey” long ago after a passing deity became frustrated by they inability to remember their time there.

The Netheraán


A thunderous world of constant lightning, thunder miners venture here in flying blimps and other aircraft to bottle the static energy and lightning that is produced here. It is a dangerous task, and many end up falling into the Bitter Ravine, which wraps around the planets arid, desolate surface.

Home Worlds & Trade

There are 5 worlds in the Netheraáns possession that are home worlds and centers of trade as detailed below:

  • Cal Moria – A major trade hub, this world opens the doors with the rest of the universe, but its immigration is very strict, unless you know other means of access.
  • Kael’thalas – One of the home worlds of the Netheraán, it is believed to be very luxurious and wealthy.
  • Quel’thalas – Another home world of the Netheraán, this planet is said to be mountaineous with populations inhabiting the mountain rocks and hills below.
  • Jual’thalas – Another planet that is close to the nethers heart, this world is exceptionally volatile, and as such the Netheraán have been know to use it as a training arena against their own spawned monstrosities.
  • O’thalas – A cold and dank place, it is a home world that is completely subterranean.

Expanded Colonies

The Netheraán currently hold 4 expanded colonies described briefly below.

  • Wistermere – One of the outermost three worlds of the universes expansion, this world is uninhabitable, but is mined for materials undisclosed.
  • Hazelmere – One of the outermost three worlds of the universes expansion, this world is uninhabitable, but is mined for materials undisclosed.
  • Stantamere – One of the outermost three worlds of the universes expansion, this world is uninhabitable, but is mined for materials undisclosed.
  • Sunstrider – A planet that is full of natural light, that is harvested in some way.

Controlled Neutral Zones

The neutral zones that are difficult to fully control or inhabit are claimed and/or controlled significantly by the dawnikan’s, which are shown below.



The Nether worlds are deep within the nether, which is bordered by the void. These planets are such in flux that they cannot be inhabited. The nether was sent into chaos and oblivion during an event in the closing days of the “Great war”. The nether worlds used to make up the Terran Empire.


A musical piece that summarizes the Netheraánian feel in the universe