The Gith Empire

The Gith or Githyanki Empire is an ancient race of Gith originating from the realm of Twin-Moons. A system that has no bright star or central planet, but rather two moons orbiting each other in close proximity, warmed perfectly by a magical flux that passes through the area. The worlds are by essence, cold and dark, to which the Gith have become accustomed.

The Gith have mastered the skills of aviation and void travel, their vessels are far more crude in design, and often fall at the hands of a Dawnikan Dreadnaught.

High Priestess of the Gith Empire


Priestess Vlaakith is a Vyrewitch Githyanki whom rules over the Gith Empire.
She controls great swaths of the void using her “void skimmers”, large beastly vessels that skim the outer most stretches of the void.

Vlaakith is currently at war with the Dawnikans, and as such she has many refugees dispatched to the Free Republics, an age old enemy. It is rumored that she knows something that could “turn the tide forever”, and as such – she does not seem to fear for her people.

Vlaakith rose to power during the age of darkness. As such, not much is known about how she managed to tame the Githyanki. She is fierce and has clung onto power through many failed rebellions which has solidified her position on Scoros.

As a Vyrewytch, she is winged, and requires regular blood tithes from her people, a task that requires her to maintain blood farms of Githzerai, the lesser race.


The Githyanki rule over the lesser Githzerai, on the colder, more baron moon of Drayos via their greater more urbanized world of Scoros.

The Gith answer to no one but there own, and frequently come into conflict with the Free Republics. However in recent history, the Gith have been heavily reduced in number and their militaristic might has been badly damaged since an unexpected and ruthless invasion from the Dawnikan Empire after a dying star in the void gave the Gith a new source of energy, to which they were able to draw huge and chaotic levels of energy from. Afraid of what they may become, The Dawnikans attacked Drayos, destabilizing the planet.



Free Republics

The Gith were a classic belligerent of the Free Republics whilst they remained allied with Dawnika. Since the war, they have created a truce with the Free Republics and are sending refugees to them for safety.


Dawnikan Empire

The Gith are at war with dawnika after the Dawnikan Empires broke their alliance in a surprise attack on their homeworld of Drayos. They have since been at war, and are taking heavy losses.


The Netheraán

The Gith Empire has a historic relationship with the Netheraán which they use to their advantage, They used to push into the Nether regions before they were at war with the Dawnikan Empire, but have since stopped, for fear of fighting on two fronts.

Worlds of Note

Gith Empire


The Homeland of the Githyanki, this is the prime world of the Gith Empire and considered to be the center of the empires adminstration and governance. Its capital, referred to as Scoros – Valscorn contains the seat of power which resides in the hands of The High Empress Vlaakith, ruler of the Gith.

Gith Empire


Dray – the gith word for “Slave” is the name given to the planet where the Githzerai reside. they are born here, and most will die here – in the deep mines of Drayos, or are killed in a Githyanki fueled war. The planet also is home to collectives of Drow elves, Firbolgs and Deep Gnomes. These are usually enslaved also. The world is very dark, as the light is blotted by Scoros, and as such is extremely cold.

Expanded Colonies

The Gith currently hold 3 expanded colonies described briefly below.

  • Zerai – A mining colony producing metals and armors for the best Gith Shields.
  • Yanki – A moon with many glades and forests, this cold but beautiful world is held by the Gith but struggles constantly with the indigenous population of wood elves.
  • Brayos – The extension of their empires society, this planet was seeded and cities built to expand the growth of the empire. However, after the Brayos Blitz by the hand of The Dawnikan Empire, it is a destitute wasteland.


A musical piece that summarizes the Gith feel in the universe