Empress Venraka I

Political Structure

In a desperate attempt of survival, Oskiliath lead a force to the Máurdórnie Isle, using an artifact of great Anduwin power they defeated the ruler of the Máurdórne.

But both nations paid a great cost, as the magiks of old ruptured the lands, sundering every living thing within 400 square miles including both the remaining descendants of the grey drake line. Blame was pointed at all parties, and the collapse of the once great empire drove the people of Máurdórne into poverty.

After the events of the Second Maurdornie War, The empire went through a period of instability, before Venraka was able to defeat any outlying Autachs to form the new Grey Empire, as the first female leader in known history.

Since the formation of the New Grey Empire, Greyborn have learnt to accept and live among other races once again. Although sentiment towards them is always watchful, they strive to build bridges with other communities. There is however the Clan of the Iron Fist, which represent the ways taught to them by the false emperor.

Common Races: Dragonborn of Grey decent.

Code of Marr

In the times of Marr and the Anduwin, Marr decreed the three rules of an honorable fighter. These later became known as the Code of Marr, and is seen as the international ruling on war crimes.

The Grey Drakes

This land is known for its ancient line of grey dragons known as the grey drakes, it is claimed that the great drakes of old served as steeds for the Anduwin, and that the ancestry of the bloodline knew of truths about the Anduwin that no one has ever known.

May we await in secrecy, and let the solitude bind us 
18,045 AG

Viscaronn Declares War

Viscaronn II a royal grey drake, who ruled Máurdorne for almost 1,000 years sought peace and friendship with the rest of the world, specifically Oskiliath. A rise in nationalism and fear of dragons across the neighboring state of Oskiliath led the leader, Grande Amir Unsuel to actively hunt drakes and the dragonborn people, throwing them in prisons, deporting them or killing them. It was the attacks on his kind, the dragonborn, and rise of the racist discrimination of that brought the nations into a time of contention, leading Viscaronn II to declare war upon Oskiliath.

18,045 AG
18,056 AG

Viscaronn’s Death

In 18,056 Viscaronn personally led the attack to retake Rankratz but Unsuel had laid a trap, as he had given one of his soldiers and Anduwin artefact, to use against Viscaronn. The use of an Anduwin artefact caused a mighty explosion, which wiped out over 80% of the Máurdórnie populous, vanquishing the dragon, his children and the Oskiliath task force. The event is referred to as the Sundering.

18,056 AG
18,406 AG

The Rogue Emperor

In 18,406 a new rogue emperor unionized the nation, bringing with him a single vessel of overwhelming size. It flew across the Máurdórnie straits and was able to float high above the sea, and was constructed out of forged metals. It would later become known to the people of the world as ‘The Orion’. On September 18,406; it opened unleashing such a torrent of firepower, using devices and armaments of unknown design. The coastal lines of Oskiliath fell within hours, and a land invasion begun and thus a new emperor was seated firmly on the throne.

18,406 AG
18440 AG

THe Darkness Defeated

The rogue emperor was revealed to be Venarinn, the surviving son of Viscaronn II – mad from grief of his fallen brother & father. This madness allowed Venarinn to assume multiple identities unbeknownst to each other. It was at the Cataclysm of Nezhar that this was brought to a head, and with the help of Viscaronn II’s avatar, they were able to kill and thus lay Venarinns soul to rest. The Grey Drake dynasties blood truly spent, the Maurdornie war was brought to an abrupt end.

18440 AG
18442 AG

The New Line

Following the empires defeat at the end of the Second Maurdornie War, Venraka was the only surviving Grey Drake, being the Aunt of Venarinn, she managed to gain the support of the some of the Greyborn clans as she was able to achieve the first female ascension with the help of Y’Shaj. As such, she proclaimed herself the new Empress of the newly established ‘Grey Empire’

18442 AG
18,445 AG

Venraka’s Unification

Venraka fought several battles to defeat the wayward Autachs of the ten clans, pushing them underground, where they created the Clan of the Iron Fist.
Some Greyborn refused her rule, but swore not to attempt to go against her, by shaving their horns, and declaring themselves Unhorned. After the unification of the Unhorned under Harn Greymaine, all that was left for Venraka to do was to quash out the Rebel Clan of the Iron Fist, achiving her unification of the clans under one order.

18,445 AG



The capital city of the grey drakes. Once a towering city of wonder, the ancient city was constructed by Marr, who was said to have created the dragons.

The Temple of Marr

The great temple of Marr is the temple of combat. It teaches the martial styles of fighting, as well as that of respect and honor. It was rebuilt after much disrepair by the Maurdórne’s great and historic leader, Lord Viscaronn II of the Grey Drakes. It houses a huge combat arena, as well as a barracks for trainers to stay in. It is home to the tomb of Marr which contains the Code of Marr.


Once a great arable land, the city of Khernogaust lays on the east side of the sundering, with no new source of farmland, the city has seemed to have found a new way to produce and operate, as from the distances of the maritime borders, sailors have reported seeing high amounts of smoke rising from chimneys in the region.


The site of the Oskiliath incursion 350 years ago, reports suggest this city has been left to crumble with a skeleton populous.

The Sundering

Created as the product of the improper use of an Anduwin artefact, the Sundering is the nickname of the land, which stretches for 200 miles in every direction. It consists of a cold, warped climate of storms and wind. The fractal land masses have detached from the mainland and some are held aloft in the flux of the environment, creating a floating maze of jagged rock.

The sundering sits where an Anduwin machine once stood known as ‘The Well’, and the city of some 100,000 people known then as Bronteknaz. Fragments of the city can be found scattering the surroundings, along with many other remnants of the time. Some studies have indicated that the area is so infused with the arcane, that those not magically adept will struggle to sleep or concentrate here.

The Ten Clans of Máurdórne

Máurdórne is structured as an empire, which is the union of ten major clans in Máurdórne, each of which are made up of various tribes and social groups.

The Emperor of the state, currently an unknown figure of false heritage, will answer to a senate made up of major representatives of each clan, helmed each by the leader of the respective clans known as an Autarch.

The Unhorned

Some Greyborn at the end of the United Empire declared no allegiance, and wanted to live among that peoples they have called home for the last 30 years. As such, a large group of clan-less known as the Unhorned roam the world in tribes and groups. They cut off their horns in symbolism of their denouncement of any affiliation with the empire, new or old. Their defacto leader is a greyborn known as Harn Greymaine.

Clan of the Iron Fist

The so called “11th” clan, is a grouping across all clans of Greyborn who still follow the old ways taught to them by the false emperor, and prove to be a constant issue for the new Empress. The Iron fist is ruled over by Stahl the Reborn.

Loyalty: A scale of 1-10, 10 being most loyal to Venraka, 1 being closely affiliated with the Iron Fist.

Clan Yieldari

Controlling and existing in and about the lands of the capital, the Yieldari enjoy the sciences, research and experimentation that life has to give.

Clan Oathsworn

One of the 3 clans that lost their homes in the sundering, they once championed a great trade city known as Khassaronn. Now they are one of the major clans administering the overseas territories.

Clan Dernskar

Very much a militaristic and engineering group, these are amongst the toughest greyborn.

Clan Invictarr

One of the 3 clans that lost their homes in the sundering, they once provided food in the form of fish and arable produce along the coastline of the country.

Clan Vel’Thalian

The most religious and devout to Marr, the Vel’Thalian practice the ways of old and hold on to the golden years of the past, but will stand by their brothers in arms.

Clan Khernodari

A heavily industrialised clan, focusing on the production of weapons and armaments.

Clan Oxspherion

A clan of noble sages and hermits from the north-western mountains, who are seers for the senate.

Clan Sunskar

One of the 3 clans that lost their homes in the sundering, they once rules over the pride lands of Máurdórne, a natural dragon habitat. Now they are one of the major clans administering the overseas territories, particularly the desert regions.

Clan Drakka

A strangely ritualistic and tribal people, who live around the monolith, some even praying to it.

Clan Snowmaine

The simplest and most humble of the Greyborn, living far to the northern reaches in the snow. Specialize in Tracking and Hunting

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