King Gaustervélt IX, The Senate.

Political Structure

Ruled by a completely insane king, there are no politics here, just the random proclamations of whatever the King feels like. There are many that would prefer a republic, but he strangely is actually a good leader, so of the large list of attempted referendums, he has always won.

The Federation is ruled over by the Senate, with high royal assent received by the King. The Senate tends to rule in absence of the king, but he has been known to barge in, stop all business and table his own motions at a seconds notice.

The Federation is home to a Anduwin machine known as The Pylon, although many in the federation care not for its research, as “It’s just waay too serious.”. – KG.

Every race in existence will most likely exist here too, but this is predominantly a gnome and halfling lead affair.

Common Races: Mixed

King Gaustervélt IX (Kingsland), Raptus McCube (Varakovenia), Kraster (Tundralands), Charm (Ashenwood), Mr. Langdon (Heimal)

The Senate

The Senate is made up of representatives of each state in the federation, each state has one senator and up to 20 representatives based on population that run the day to day congress of the country.

The Senate is charged with the day to day ruling of the nation and is based in the city of Últrek in a building next to the kings palace that has been made to look much less significant in comparison to the kings abode.

The Troubles

The troubles were a period in time that lasted between 18407-18435 lasting 25 years. It is due to the troubles that many have attributed Últrek’s absence from the Second Máurdórnie War and neutrality in the aftermath. The period covered two simultaneous issues of instability in the federation.

18407 AG

Heimal War of Independence

The Heimal War of Independence begins, the tact used by Heimal were small, targeted sackings of key strategic spots across the federation, along with targeted arson attacks to important aristocratic buildings in most of the state capitals. For the first few years these tactics were suppressed by the government.

18407 AG
18428 AG

The Varakovenian Uprising

Fuelled by the majority of Varakovenian peoples being of Derimyrian descent, and their will to have their mother tongue of J’mal recognised as the state language, and some going as far as wanting independence as a whole or independence from Últrek to join the Sovereign State of Derimyre. The Derimyrian supporters burnt the Royal fleet at Varakovia, and killed government officials in the state capital, demanding a better Derimyrian representation. A war of attrition lasted between two belligerents for 6 years where Varakovia blocked and halted any trade into Últrek from the outside world

18428 AG
18433 AG

Heimal War – The Queens Kidnap

On a winter’s night of 18433, A military chief known by the locals as Langdon marched an army equipped with siege weaponry and captured the state capital of Ashenwood, Ambarcat. He then marched eastward to the Kings Manor, and captured the Queen, Lady Frostleaf. The king raised and army from Tundraland, the birthplace of lady Frostleaf, along with his royal army of Kingsland accompanied by his son, and rode into Ashenwood.

18433 AG
18434 AG

Varakovenian Peace Accords

After 6 years of fighting, the federation gave in, and awarded Varakovenia its representation and language rights, whereas before the senator was not allowed to be of Derimyrian descent. They were also given a physical border between the state lines so they could control their own customs.

18434 AG
18435 AG

Battle of the Riverlands

After 2 years of gorrila warfare, The Kings army and the Heimal forces clashed on the river Úpreen, and the infamous battle of the riverlands took place, it is to this day, one of the bloodiest civil battles to have ever taken place, and resulted in both the Prince, and Langdon’s son, Kiamis’s death. Both men met and signed a treaty in Serenmyre, with Heimal returning control of Ashenwood to the federation, and in exchange Heimal was given statehood with Langdon serving as the unelected Senator. The State of Heimal was finally independent, but the dictatorship rule of Langdon proved to spiral madly out of control, driven by the grief of his son’s death.

18435 AG
18440 AG

Destruction of Heimal

A group of mercenaries who were escorting a politically significant figure stumbled across the gates of Heimal as if by accident when their horses died on their carriage.

Upon entering the city, they saw the devastation of Langdon’s madness in its fullest nature, as well as uncover a cache of weapons bound for maurdorne, in contridiction to Últrek’s stated neutrality in the war with the greyborn that was raging at the time.

The party, knowing of the explosive nature of the weapons found, ignited them for the greater good, dewstroying the cache, and most of Heimal with it, bringing the dark era to a close.

It is rumored that in visiting the ruins, Langdon’s echoing voice can be heard from a distance.

18440 AG
King Gaustervélt IX


Kingsland – the area culminating most of the built-up areas of Últrek, including the Temple of A’dal, The City of Últrek, and the City of Úpra. The state capital is the country’s capital of the City of Últrek and the senator IS the king, which is completely unconstitutional, but death arises for anyone who questions it.

City of Últrek

The capital city of the federation, and the world centre of entertainment, parties, sports, brothels and arenas. The King declared a nation of innocence and morality, a kingdom for all, and everything. This city is the result of that decree, which houses the world’s largest colosseum, the Massadon. All races and people live within Últrek, with no visible division nor boundary. Cross race relations flourish, and the city prospers.

The Temple of A’Dal

Perhaps the most sensible of the federation, the Temple of A’dal’ is a place of joy and excitement, focusing on the mental healing of those from war torn states, or from broken families. It is a place of personal cleansing, and most who worship there or assist are from Varakovia. The temple of A’dal has a small poorly state funded sect that study the Anduwin artefacts in the area, including that of the Pylon and the infamous Ruins of A’Dal.


Úpra is the centre of all musical culture in Últrek and indeed the world, it is set apart from the capital just down the river but the two cities share the same resources and local authorities. It is most famous for its cultural shows, where people with the most powerful of voices sing in ways most normal people cannot, and musicians strum instruments so fast that the individual hand movements cannot be followed.



The Tundralands is a vast frozen wasteland to the south, with a winter forest below the southern mountains of Kragmen. The region is very rural, with very few dwellings and townships. The largest region of population, as well as the state capital is the Castle of Kástma and its surrounding province. The Senator is a human called Kraster.

Castle of Kástma

The Ancient Castle of Kastma is a old castle built in the era of darkness. It was once the dwelling of a incumbent king. Now, it is a regional center in the difficult to manage south of Últrek, with the Brakkas deadlands to the north, and the snow trolls to the south, this area is a difficult one to live, and some of the most hardy of peoples are found here. It is also the birthplace of Lady Forstleaf, the current Queen Consort to the King, she is rumored to have hailed from Brakkas, and her origin and information publicly know about her is suspiciously vague.

The Ruins of A’Dal

The ruins of A’dal is set in a snowy clearing in the winter forest, it is a stone circle with a stange aura of energy surrounding it. Some have brought the weak and ill to this place where in which they have died peacefully. It is the burial place for all Kings and Queens, past and present of Últrek.

The Consortium

To the south of the Federation, the Brakkas Deadland hides a very out of character institution in Últrek. The Consortium is a secretive sect that occupies a school originally set up by one of Kaine’s wanders. The sect is said to have been warped from the historic school into a scholomance, practicing necromantic experiments and warlock magics. Formal teaching there was suspended after an intervention from the Templars of the Anduwin deemed the magics to be ‘otherworldy’. It now lays supposedly disused, and anyone who ventures there for inspection comes back with a very foggy memory.

The Consortium is lead by a Tiefling known only as ‘One Eye’, a Tiefling purple in colour with an eyepatch.

Raptus McCube


The barren northern area encapsulating Bardíl & Varakovia, the troubled state that has a large portion of anti-federal movements, aligning themselves more with the Sovereign State of Derimyre. This region is rich in trade as it has the main port with the outside world. Its State capital is Varakovia and the Senator is a Human of Derimyrian Descent called Raptus McCube.

Roughly half the population here speak J’mal, and will not take kindly to the state language of Ultren.


A simple fisherman’s town, the humbler and less eccentric of the Últrens live out their days in harmony here. It is known through the world as one of the few producers of many worldly spices and herbs. – A meal to be seasoned with varakovian spices is considered to be a very fine meal indeed


Bardíl is a desert town that is often called by its nickname of ‘bordertown’, it is sat right on the physical border between Varakovenia and Ashenwood. Varakovenia is the only state in the federation to have a physical border between states. This is due to a compromise drawn up by the Federation to recognise the Derimyrian minorities of the region bringing an end to ‘The Troubles’. This is a trade town, with little to offer other than shelter and trade to passing caravans.

Mr. Langdon


Heimal was the smallest and newest of the states of the federation, after a long period of civil war and uprisings, the King sought that the only way to bring peace to the region and end the period in time known as ‘The Troubles’ was to devolve power to the city of Heimal, gaining them statehood and a Senators position. The city itself was the state capital and the only populous place in the state. The Senator and governor of Heimal was the mysterious Mr. Langdon.

Ruins of Heimal

The ruins of Heimal are the desolate and smouldering wastes of the once great city of Heimal. A party of mixed adventurers stumbled across Heimal by accident when their final horse pulling their carriage died. appealing to Heimal for aid, they are welcome with open arms but the group soon began to realize that their arrival in Heimal was no coincidence, and a plot to take one of their young passengers was afoot. Some of the adventures also found a weapons cache supplied to them by the Maurdornie, and knowing of their explosive nature, set fire to them, destroying the majority of the city.

The city now stands silent, the wall guarding the bridge all but decayed, and a small clearing in the autumn forest is full of gravestones of the innocents lost.



The largest state by far, encapsulating Serenmyre, Grubbingmyre, Amabarcat and both the Autumn Forest & the Fangorian Jungle, it is a rural and far reaching state, with its riches to be found in minerals and woods. The state capital of Ambarcat and the Senator is an elven woman named Charm.


Ambarcat is the centre of production and crafting in Últrek, a formidable city with access to many resources due to its proximity to local mines, lumbermills & rivers. It is said that the finest crafters of musical instruments came from this humble city and that it is evident upon arrival that the city is thriving with creativity from the impressive architecture of the housing.

Kings Manor

The formal living quarters away from the city for the royals, it is a vastly overcompensating place, with many many luxuries. It has since the Troubles gained its own private army and Veto’s rights in the Congress.


Serenmyre sits in the heart of the Autumn Forest, Serenmyre sits on the upper cliff of the Lake of Ages, and enjoys a rich wood crafting trade, it has a rivalry with grubbingmyre on the other side of the lake, the much simpler folk.


Grubbingmyre sits on the southern bank of the Lake of Ages, a much more saturated land to the south, it is swamping and wet under foot, and a general wasteland of small fishing communities and local folk.

Fangorian Jungle

The Fangorian Jungle is the deep jungle that encapsulates most of the northern area of Últrek, within it, its the Pylon the ancient Anduwin machine, as well as the Forgotten Temple, another ancient Anduwin Structure. There are tribes of Jungle troll as well as Yuan-Ti to contend with here.

Autumn Forest

The Autumn Forest is a magical woodland filled with pixies and fairies. It is said this forest has once of the weakest boundries with the Feywild, allowing its occupants to filter in with ease. The forest is always within an Autumn season, and never do the leaves turn green or fall.

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