Emperor Zhakash Tulkal of the Yuan-Ti

Political Structure

The Yuan-Ti Empire favours no alliance with the dry world, and are generally chaotic. The only civil community in the Sunken Shores is the triton settlement of Tril’Atalas, whom have envoys in dry lands to the west.

The event that caused the isle to sink is said to be linked to The Oracle, but the land lays much forgotten, and its heritage and Anduwin alignment are claimed by many to be that of Marr, the avatar of strength, and Vollabuke, Avatar of Constitution, as it would take both of these cornerstones to stay alive in this hazardous zone.

The races found here are that of the Triton, the Water Genasi, and a water based Yuan-Ti as well as Naga. Many of the dwellings of the Yuan-Ti  are ruins of a previous civilizations cities.

Common Races: Yuan-Ti, Triton, Naga, Water Genasi, Sea Elves



The capital city of the Yuan-Ti, a water based variant of the dry Yuan-Ti, the city is a waterless domed city, allowing ‘breathers’ access to the city. It is known that the Yuan-Ti have existed for thousands of years at this seat of power, and are secretive and generally ignorant of the worlds affairs. This city doesn’t allow free access, and it is quite easy to be enslaved by the Yuan-Ti here and be made to work on ‘the expansion’.

Satellite Cities

Around the depths of the sunken shores, there are four smaller cities controlled by the Yuan-Ti. N’Mardoune, N’Vorgus, N’Kalas & N’Jilo. They are all ruins of former cities that are said to have existed before the sinking of the isle. They are mainly a cesspit of filth and evil, that will not be receptive of dry-landers.


The most civil of the chaotic world of the sunken shore, this is the home of the noble Tritons, and the only race in the sunken shores that looks to connect and build bridges with the drylanders. This city is a gold mine for rich ore veins and gems, as the isle is said to have sunk long before mining and interest in rich materials boomed, which makes the city a popular spot for the prospective miner. The Triton are not the most understanding of the dry world, and enforce strict limitations to what you can and can’t bring in or out of their home.

The Pale Tower

The Pale tower is home to a guild of water based studies that have mastered the art of breathing underwater indefinitely, a must-have for any non-gilled creature in the sunken shore. It is also said to have been built over the top of a ‘point of power’ and regular pulses of energy can be heard flowing through its base. The original purpose of the building is long lost to time. It is currently under triton control, but regularly changes hands between them and the Yuan-Ti.

The Duchess

Said to be the ship of the most infamous pirate of the time, Karkrite ‘Revolver’ Jones, that was swallowed up in a whirlpool in the mid-15,000s carrying a Anduwin Artifact cache that was since then, never seen or heard of again. It is haunted by ghostly pirate ghouls which attack and swarm anyone who goes near the wreck.

The Sunken Temple

A temple constructed of Anduwin materials, and therefore most likely once a temple of an Anduwin, has been lost and forgotten in the Sunken Shore. The temple is home to the Naga, and it is said to contain a powerful source of healing and as such, it has been theorized that it was once a temple to Vollabuke.

Other Menosophian Nations

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The Provinces of Oskil

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