The Templars of the Anduwin

Political Structure

Condemns any violence against Anduwin followers or practitioners, and deploys its Templars to protect and preserve Anduwin artifacts, as well as confiscate artifacts from those not worthy to wield them. Generally, The Templars are peace keepers and will only get involved with conflicts that threaten the stability of the world.

The capital city of Frostheim is home to some of the greatest seers and prophets of recent times, as well as a sanctum for all those who worship and study the Anduwin. The Peaks are home to the Citadel of the Anduwin, The ruins of Y’Shaj and the Telescope landmarks.

The Peaks of Anduwin is home to High elves in Frostheim as well as Goliaths. There is an Orc presence in the south and high dwarf presence in the north in the deep mining city of Deep Moras, which produces gold and gems of all varieties as well as uncovering artefacts from the Anduwin era. The city of Dale belongs to the halfling race as a major branch of trade with the pirate bands of the Ozmit Sea.

Common Races: Elves, Humans, Orcs, Goliaths, Dwarfs, Deep Gnomes, Halflings

The Templars of Anduwin

The governors of peace and justice, and above all the protectors of Anduwin, the Templars are the oldest recorded organization in the world, dating back several thousand years. They are a global police force that guard and protect Anduwin relics and artefacts and don’t take kindly to disrespect towards the Anduwin or any of their ‘wonders’.

The Templars are led by an assembly known as the council of six, whose seat of power is at the Citadel of the Anduwin. They very rarely make public appearances, and in general are an extremely secretive group. Most Templars are accompanied by a representative or spokesperson who will speak ‘For the six’.

As a footnote, it’s worth mentioning that 99% of the people of the Templars of Anduwin have no sense of humor, and in general will act rashly against those who poke fun at them or insult them.

The Trials of the Anduwin

The trials of the Anduwin are the prerequisite to being able to enter the Citadel of the Anduwin, and is judged by the council of six. The trial requires the participant to travel to each respective Anduwin’s ancient temple and seek a seal of valor from the cardinal residing there. To contest the ownership of a seal of valour, the participant must be pledged by three separate bishops, before the cardinal will allow them to compete. The task will then be set and a time limit given if required. The task will not be for the faint hearted, and will have a high chance of fail and even death.



The acting capital city of The Peaks of Anduwin is Frostheim, as the true seat of power is from within the  Citadel of the Anduwin. This city is a hub of trade and other than Dale to the east, one of the only social cities in the realm. Frostheim trades in furs and pelts, leather working as well as jewels from the north. There is an odd mix of Goliaths and high elves, that work together in unison, making the city a very well defended one. The Templars police the city in only circumstances where the local authorities are struggling, or when one of the council of six wish to make a public address.


The Heart of the eastern halflings, Dale prides itself on its exports of rum to the east, and the vast influx of visitors who travel to this region to seek insight and guidance from the temple of Y’shaj. The city is well kept and acts a centre for culture and arts in this area, hosting various events and trials in its legendary halls of inspiration.

Deep Moras

Deep Moras is the world’s centre for valuable mineral mining, and many a person looking to make money fast will possibly venture here. The city is a mix of dwarfs and deep gnomes, who generally keep themselves to themselves. There is an existing tension between Deep Moras and Sokrotius, but that’s understandable, as most dwarfs hate other dwarfs.

The Loremasters Tower

The Loremasters tower is an order of holy monks and priests, who specialise in the preserving and upholding of the histories and stories of the land. Magics of the mind are taught here, and the power of meditation is used to help people recall vast and vague memories from just a flicker of an insight into the past.

The loremasters tower is where many of the seers and prophets that dwell in Frostheim and beyond are trained, it is also here that the largest library to the conservation of history sits, with its access limited to those deemed worthy.


One of the few capitals of the orc and half orc colonies across the globe, Orckheim is home to the half orc people who seek acceptance and wish to apply their skills to something other than the axe. It is at Orckheim that many will find acceptance amongst humans.


Stagheim is a town to the south of the peaks that is strictly only for druids. They find that the wisdom of druids along is all that is required to sustain a township and are known to punish those whom do not practice the druidic ways and dedicate everything they possess to Y’Shaj.

The Temple of Y’Shaj

The Temple of Y’shaj is known to be the most holy and radiant of the temples of old. It is said that upon entering the great walls of the temple not a sound can be heard, and they keepers their practice a vow of silence. The temple of Y’Shaj is an open place for people to commune with Y’Shaj and meditate. Lodgings there are few so long as you join in in the temples activities and worship. The temple is said to have extensive catacombs below it, which is the burial place for many fallen kings and queens. It is considered an extremely holy place to be laid to rest.


Mountbatton is the frosty barracks where the harshest and most aggressive of Templar training occurs. Sometimes soldiers are left for months on end with no supplied with nothing but their faith to guide them through.


An ancient castle deep within the Forest of Aging, this place is packed full of enchanted creature, fey and celestial beings and the like. it is considered a holy place, and a large conservation effort surrounds the areas so that this blissful peace is left undisturbed.

Pass of the Ancients

The Realm of The Peaks of Anduwin border the continent and state of The United Protectorate of Oskiliath, namely The Protectorate states of Skalt, Pikenium Weald and Mountains Foot. The Vashalglash Mountain range divides the two countries entirely bar one huge gate carved into the mountain side. It is known as the Pass of the Ancients, and is the only way in or out of The Peaks of Anduwin by ground.

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