The Pirate Ring, The Human Council of Djin, The High Elves of Sh’ren Ri’la, The Guardians of Lesoto

Political Structure

Anarchy based isles in the North Ozmit Sea, they answer to no call, and govern themselves entirely without a formal government.

With any larger state months away from intervention, the area suffers constant power struggles between the three main powers in the land, and one hidden force that secretly usurps the prior three.

The Pirate Ring: Lead by the infamous Captain Captainé, is the primary seafaring power of the Onkonos region, deploying its many vessels of many sizes and shapes, to rule over the vacant sea.

The High Elves of Sh’ren Ri’la: An ancient collective of elves, said to have settled at some point during the age of shadow, they are fabled to weave some kind of old magik that is yielded by something called ‘the source’.

The Human Council of Djin: An authoritarian theocracy, they control the majority of the mainland in Onkonos wielding divine righteousness as their main form of validation in the world.

The Guardians of Lesoto: The rulers of Kantra, a veiled city hidden in the mountain, secretly watch over most of Onkonos – to protect their own interests. The High elves are the only group to be aware of the city, and have struck and accord.

Common Races: Mixed


Booty Bay

The largest and most notorious city of pirates, made out of many different ships all bound together, a large portion of the city floats on stilts out in the water.

The Tomb of Lesoto

A place of great terror and decay. It is said to be the final resting place of an ancient king – and is guarded by a secretive group from Kantra.

Sh’ren Ri’la

The High Elves of Sh’ren Ri’la, a reclusive bunch of high elves who have been said to have found ‘The Source’, their isle is littered with crystals of unending energy.


Primary port led by The Human Council of Djin. The area is ruled over by predominantly humans, as they believe they were the craft of the gods to which most other races are seen as inferior.

The Veiled City of Kantra

Some who have lived on the isle for all their lives will have no idea of the existence of this city, for it can only be found if you are not looking for it. In the year 18440, Brant Goldust stumbled across the entrance to Kantra after insistently looking for a path away from it, over the mountain. It is home to many races, but is looked after by the Bright-tusk tribe of trolls, who have received their orders from the very sun itself, they form part of the Guardians of Lesoto.


Pryor is the only settlement out on Forfeit cove. The Cove itself is notoriously difficult to navigate and get too, and some of the most skilled sailors are born here. It recently managed to vanquish a daemon known as ‘Shaka’ – and is slowly rebuilding itself with the help of those from Dale, Peaks of the Anduwin.

The Steadings

A strangely fertile patch of land surrounded by the flats – a icy wasteland of frozen trees and ancient skeletons. a human lead group known as “The New Haven” operate a strict set of laws around obedience and loyalty in exchange for the gift of a long life.

Other Menosophian Nations

Kingdom of Scált

The once independent state of Scált once again claimed its independence from the protectorate. This is a mining and crafting hub in the central world.

The Peaks of Anduwin

The Peaks of Anduwin is easily the oldest point of civilization in the known world, the land is scattered with far more frequent temples, shrines…


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The Últrek Federation

The Últrek federation is small federation of people, cities and land that form an independent state. The Últren seek no wild fantasies other than glee,…

The Provinces of Oskil

The remnants of its predecessor, the united protectorate of oskiliath, this new state maintains control over the Vale, Mountains Foot, Pikenum Weald & Seabart Pictorius.


The collective isles of Nezpit are home to some of the most washed up and fowl mouthed of people. People of all races and kinds…

Bashni Arada

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A breakaway of Derimyre from the protectorate, which was routed in sentiment against central rule for some time before the events of the war, this…