The Pirate Band of Nezpit, The Bellépónt

Political Structure

Anarchy based isles in the South Ozmit Sea, A power struggle between the Pirates and Vanguard, however Vanguard does connect internationally to the rest of the world, although it seems to only operate colonies for the wealth it brings back to the capital.

With any larger state months away from intervention, the area suffers constant power struggles between the two main powers in the land.

The Pirate Band: Lead by the infamous Captain Jackie O’Spade the Hustlebucket, is the primary seafaring power of the Nezpit region, deploying its many vessels of many sizes and shapes, to rule over the vacant sea.

Vanguard: An inward looking and generally selfish collective of humans, gnomes & halflings, who oppress the poorer classes in the lower city, it is a place wholly controlled by the Bellépont

Common Races: Mixed


Kingston Upon Bow

The heart of the pirate band, this is the true center of scum and villainy. The pirates here follow no code of honor and are generally perceived as the most unorganized and infighting group of pirates. They have little in the way of social code, control or order – which is the main difference between them and the Pirate Ring.

Port Dread

On the “Isle of the Great Hole” an disused port resides that was abandoned by the Band of pirates after the descent opened. It is an eerie ghost town, with souls left to wander it.

The Descent

The descent is a large sinkhole that opened on the isle just off the coast of mainland Nezpit. Named “Isle of the Great Hole” by the pirates, it is so deep, that no one has yet made a rope long enough to scale to the bottom. It is used sometimes by Vanguard to ‘exile’ their most hated enemies.

The Temple of Heracy

The Temple of Heracy is a temple of hatred, anguish & pain that predates any anduwin temple. It is currently at risk of collapsing into the descent, which gives it its local name of “The Wonky Temple”.

The Barrakas

The Barrakas is a swampland that spans as far as the eye can see. It is home to many tribes of troll, and Yuan-Ti – who regularly clash and fight within it. The waters here are tainted and poisoned by the witch doctor magics that occur in this region, as well as the “spillage” that comes from Morytania.

Deathwind Pass

Deathwind pass is a dangerous, high path over the mountains and through the abandoned mines at the crest towards Stone Fist. It his home to furbolgs, who guard this passage strictly, as they have an agreement with the trolls of Stone Fist in place.

Stone Fist

A large collective of multiple tribes of troll, stone fist is a multi-cultural center for the troll peoples of Nezpit. they allie themselves to the Furbolgs of the pass, and carry out rituals and witch doctor magic here. They trade in high volumes of slate and clay, building materials for the human world.

Tombeau de Vérité

Deep in the mountain fold, sits an ancient tomb to a forgotten deity. A runic inscription was recently unearthed here by Patch in the Forest, an esteemed Archaeologist.

The Netheráan claims the soulless, devoured & flayed as penance to the crimes of Lesoto


The city of Vampyres, this eerie and destitute city is home to the vampyre known as Drakon. His subjects are that of Vampyres, Werewolfs, Lycanfolk and the untamed – a sub-human race of ghoulish beings. All manor of evil occurs there, which plights the rivers with a green hue, and poisons the local landscape. A very frail agreement of passage is in place for trade and travel via the main route across nezpit, but most traders will not stop here for a nights rest.


Home to the most selfish of hateful of all humans, gnomes and halflings, Vanguard is a highly cultured isolationist realm of peoples, who conquered the lands south of the Baltic Rise in which the main city stands. There is a complicated class system in place here, where the lower classes are divided into three lower, three middle and three upper tiers. The Bellépont family rules the final and highest class, which is wealthy from riches provided by their overseas riches.

Vanguard Farmlands

Vanguards heavily controlled farmlands ensure a manufactured food shortage is available at a moments notice to control dissidents in the ranks of the main city of the realm.


Known locally as “the colony” this is where those that refuse to accept the rule of the realm via Vanguard will end up. It is a put of squalor unlike any other, where the inhabitants are systematically killed by infighting over the deliberately inadequate supply chain of food.

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