Sovereign Bonaparte Jeroux

Political Structure

Once a Protectorate State of Oskiliath; Jeroux’s father Loui Jeroux seceded from the Protectorate after the sundering. An Alliance exists between the two nations and no hard feelings. Bukka was the hardest hit nation during the First Máurdórnie war, due to proximity, it suffered heavy defeats from aerial attacks on its shores. The state 350 years on still has quite visible reminders of this throughout.

The Isle is home to the Obelisk, which is another point of strong dimensional magic on the isle, which seems to have an effect on the Deadmyres.

L’íle de Glace, (translates literally to the isle of ice) is home to the vast majority of the worlds tiefling population. A shunned community, the Tielfings operate the Shamans Tower, a source of arcane magics which specialise in the use of interdimensional mechanics.

There is a mixture of deep gnomes & dwarfs in the mountain city of Morton, and Elves and hardy humans in the main cities of Vukaron & the capital.

Common Races: Human, Elves, Dwarfs, Deep Gnomes, Tieflings, Half Orcs


Quel Cé Lá Mon

The capital city of Bukká Mortainé is one of jewels and silk trades, selling fabrics and furs as a great export. The Jeroux family have ruled as sovereign leaders for hundreds of years, and although the lands are bleak and cold, the people here are humble, kind and tough. Situated on a large estuary, Quel Cé Lá Mon is a natural harbour and ship building port, which provides the area with a strong economy. The area attacks metal craftsman, carvers and wood working which has led to the isle deforestation.


A smaller port which concentrates on the production of small vessels and fishing, this city is famous for its iron working craft from the forges of Morton. The Armor smiths here run a guild which is exclusive to those approved in the trade.


A city of Dwarfs and Deep gnomes, built into the mountainside, this mining city specialises in the production of vast arrays of metals, used for the crafting of armours in Vukaron. It is considered to be one of the less accommodating of the dwarven colonies, it being in one of the least desirable lands in the world. As such, the acceptance of non-dwarfs and gnomes does not go very far.

The Deadmyres

A large expanse of land that has been tainted by a ‘sickness’, all the trees are dead or moulding, and large fungus deposits grow out of the soil. There is virtually no life, and a town know to the locals as Ame Perdué sits empty in the middle of the woodland. The lands corruption has been theorised to be linked to the proximity of the Obelisk.

The Temple of Vollabuke

The Temple of Vollabuke is a temple of healing. It Is the world’s only effective ‘hospital’ and clerical centre, where most clerical studies are practiced. It is also the resting place of the Law of Vollabuke, an ancient tome setting out the guidelines of war crimes and humanitarian rights.

The Shamans Tower

A sanctuary of Tieflings, repurposing this old school as a place for study of dimensional magics, this is a relatively secretive organisation which has intake from the surrounding Tiefling settlements on the isle of ice.

The Novak Expedition

The Novak Expedition is a settlement of Tiefling based exiles from Naramiá, they came here long ago under the leadership of a descendant of Kaine’s Wanders. It has descended into a place of cut throat thieves and scandalous types.

The Ruins of Aldaron

These ruins are of the city of Aldaron that was sacked by Máurdórnie insurgents during the First Máurdórnie War. It has since been taken up by bands of cultists and orcs from the north.

Grandé Limoux, Lé Marseilles, Lá Rochelle

Three smaller towns of note in Bukka, put on the map by their impressive economy in Wine, Fish & Woods respectively.

The Darkmoore Institution for the Criminally Insane

A dark and distasteful place, full of the worlds most dangerous villains, operated by the state, this prison is used by the Templars, and other world authorities alike, to house all kinds of evil. The current contract of this facilities operation is under the control of Imperious, and the fallen Aaracokran.

Other Menosophian Nations

Kingdom of Scált

The once independent state of Scált once again claimed its independence from the protectorate. This is a mining and crafting hub in the central world.


Naramiá is a country which is proud of its magical heritage. The capital city of Quince is the home of many famous intellects, philosophers and…


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The Últrek Federation

The Últrek federation is small federation of people, cities and land that form an independent state. The Últren seek no wild fantasies other than glee,…


The collective isles of Nezpit are home to some of the most washed up and fowl mouthed of people. People of all races and kinds…

Bashni Arada

The recently discovered lands of Bashni Arada were covered by the Edict for thousands of years. As such, two dynasties have risen and controlled the…

The Provinces of Oskil

The remnants of its predecessor, the united protectorate of oskiliath, this new state maintains control over the Vale, Mountains Foot, Pikenum Weald & Seabart Pictorius.

The Peaks of Anduwin

The Peaks of Anduwin is easily the oldest point of civilization in the known world, the land is scattered with far more frequent temples, shrines…