The Empty Throne & The Provincial Council

Political Structure

Ruled by the provincial council, made up of representatives from the noble houses of Vespard, Arkanon, Agmar & The Coven Vale. The now empty seat of Grandé Amir has yet to be appointed due to ongoing infighting between the rest of the continent.

The peoples of Oskiliath have become some of the most resilient and hardy in the world, seeing as their lands have gone through all kinds of tortures beyond a normal persons comprehension, as such, the nation finds itself split with large factions of isolationist views threatening further fractures in what was once a proud and great nation.

Common Races: Mixed

Empty Throne

The Vale

The Vale is the hub of one of the oldest dynasties ever known, the city is a trade capital with low taxes and high culture and arts. It is home to the school of the huntsman, as well as the school of shadows, both specialising in the training of different skills related to ranging and espionage.

The Whisperwood

The Vale is a huge mighty city within the center of the whisperwood, a vast autumnal forest full of blossoming trees of magic. It is a sanctuary that is protected by powers beyond the mortal comprehension. As such, it has never succumbed to war or violence, refusing to burn, be torn down or scorched, this land will remain as it has done for eons beyond mortal extinction.

Simerin Del Rij


Liberated from the Máurdórne, the original ruler having survived the war, Simerin Del Rij, has been returned to the seat of power and rules well. He focuses heavily on ship building and defense against the new world.


Once again a great arable land, the highly vegetated land of Seabart Pictorius has been vital in restoring the flow of food and trade to the region. The city of Arkanon shines as a beacon of trade and commerce, restoring the treasury and economy to the lands. Arkanon is a great port city, and is seeing merchants returning  there now due to the end of conflict.

Septimius Karne

Pikenham Weald

A tricky group of cities and towns centered on the woodland city of Agmar. In generally a selfish realm for con artists and charlatans to thrive on the relatively relaxed laws and authorities.


A city suspended in the trees of the vast jungle that is Pikenum Weald, you will never find another place so stuffed with thievery, conning and trickery. Trust no one, and sleep with one eye open.

Pikenham Pass

A large gate that spans the gap between two mountains, it is said to have been an attempt of recreating the Pass of the ancients in an engineering experiment. It is permanently closed, and provides a strong border control between that and Mountains foot.

Amelie Quinn


A humble nation of simple folk, they fight for freedom and honor, and respect their leadership. The Death of Jaxel Quinn led to a worldwide search for his next of kin which culminated in the return of his daughter, Amelie. She now rules over Vespard and the surrounding lands with kindness and strength.


The capital city of Mountains Foot, Vespárd focuses on the production of food for its people, and generally as a nation they have kept themselves to themselves. You’ll not find many riches here, but the people are said to be very good at handling there drinks.

The Temple of Paz

The Temple has been converted into more of a monastery, in which the trainings of a monk is profoundly taught by the high master, Martó Carlos. It is said that the monks regularly ‘fly’ through the mountain and jump incomprehensible distances. It’s a relatively closed place, with entrance only granted by the Mountains Foot Osterreich.

Other Menosophian Nations

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Kingdom of Scált

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The Provinces of Oskil

The remnants of its predecessor, the united protectorate of oskiliath, this new state maintains control over the Vale, Mountains Foot, Pikenum Weald & Seabart Pictorius.

Bashni Arada

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