King Duran Romelle

Political Structure

The only state that objected aggressively against the aggression of the past with Máurdórne, this is a dwarven state, and they currently function in neutrality, turning a blind eye to the plight of neighboring states.

After the events of the last few wars with the greyborn, the state has once again declared its independence, and is ruled over by the King. In most circles and communities, he is known to be a good and honorable king.

Common Races: Dwarves



The royal city of the dwarves, it is the largest dwarven city built into a volcanically active mountain. It is home to the ‘Grande Forge’ and most professional smiths and craftsman will train here. The city operates heavy amounts of mining through the region, which has turned the land into a rather bleak wasteland.

Baran Moden

The northern stronghold of dwarves, this city is built against the mountain, with riches deep within the cold mountain which stands in solitude in the snow.

Dun Moria

The most hospitable city of the dwarves, which will take trade from outside the borders. It is here that you may find other races, who have come to trade and sample the craftsmanship of the realm.

Dray Mines

A mine operated by the deep dwarves, a close ancestor to the duergar. These mines do not bring up your conventional rare metals and jewels however, but a more controversial substance know as ‘dream’.

Duran’s Gate

Constructed during the crisis of the fracture of Oskiliath as it had been known for hundreds of years, Duran built this wall to ensure his peoples safety, at the cost of their total freedom. Some have branded him a coward, some have branded it an Iron Curtain.

Misty Steps

A curiously misty plateau of rocks that jut out into the sea. The waves and ocean is cold and brings a strange fog that cannot be lifted, even by magical means. Strange phenomena are known to occur there.


The woodland of dead trees, scorched by the last great eruption of Mt. Barad Dur. The trees are cinders, and the forest floor lay littered with grave markers of the lost.


A place of great vines and thorns that swallow the land into a maze of low hanging sharp vines and thorn. A collective of half-boars roam this area and control it with their geomancy.


A lone statue of a forgotten king, it has stood for longer than anyone can remember.

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The Provinces of Oskil

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