Abu Sol’Ankarel Solodius Abanarbu Nuzheir

Political Structure

Previously known as “Derimyre” it was by far the most unique of all the states of Oskiliath being a state made up of some fairly well-defined territories, boasting its own language of J’mal. However, for many years, the lands had wanted independence and spoke of this through the term ‘Sovereign State of Derimyre’.

Derimyre’s history dates back thousands of years, and people of Derimyre are said to have settled during the Anduwin period. The peoples of Derimyre traversed the seas and settled in neighbouring lands of what is now Naramia & Últrek. making them of Derimyrian descent. There is a large sense of pride associated with being Derimyrian, and many areas of these now formed countries long for their own identity, a Sovereign State of Derimyre. A new country made out of the areas of old that were once Derimyrian. The idea has sparked much conflict, but after the events of the the Fall of the United Empire of Maurdorne, The Sultan decided to form his new great nation modeled closely to the dream of the new Sovereign state. He revealed his dragon decent to his people, before calling the new nation DragonsFolk, and welcomed the dragonborn from beyond and the greyborn to settle here.

Tends to be quite strict on dress, this state prohibits the use of widespread open arcane magic, as well as strictly banning all forms of shapeshifting, transmutation, & illusionary magics

Common Races: Humans, Halflings, Tieflings, Dragonborn, Greyborn

The Sultan


The desert regions of dragonsfolk, and what was originally a protectorate of Oskiliath. The region has enjoyed some large expansions and civilization building in the last seven years, having gained much land from the trollic territories after the sultan granted them control of borodos. Further to this, the recapturing and return of lands from the Grey Empire following the conflict there has further seen their borders grow.


A hub of granite and marble, this city is built entirely of rich materials on an oasis, the city boasts record levels of water in the state, and has a water tax. All forms of magic here are generally disliked, as the Sultan decreed it was ‘chaotic’. The city is surrounded by a gigantic favela, and is one of the largest cities in the world.


The second largest populated city on the river Zadeh, it is constantly a contested city being taken over again and again by the various warlords of the Badlands.


A small but strategically important port town, providing most of the shipping and logistics to Al’Zieharia situated within a luscious delta with wild vegetation, lions, tigers, zebras.

Harn Greymaine


Bejórne is the lost land of the slave world. During the wars with Maurdorne most of this once grande mountainous region was destroyed. The region now forms part of DragonsFolk, and the peoples once part of the lands are returning. The land was given to Harn Greymaine, leader of the Unhorned.


The once well known slave capital of the world is slowly rebuilding its reputation. BeJórne is the most jaggedly mountainous place on the planet, with much of the civilizations of the land living in the mountains or upon them. Majorai is a huge city that spans for miles across the mountain tops by way of huge bridges held aloft by the most gargantuan of chains. Deep below on the mountain floor, industry is returning with the slave fuelled production of armaments and weaponry. Smuggling in and out of the state is still operated by a group known as the ‘Rosen Kroitz’, with their prominence across DragonsFolk growing.

The Watchers Tower

A prison, that delves deep into the mountain. Run by the Kenku race of crow like creatures, this prison was said to have held some of the world’s most terrible of scum, now it has been razed, after the findings here after the war proved to be too much for the weak-hearted to take.

High Chieftain Soldrann


Once a land of enchanters, these lands are vastly unpopulated, after the destruction of the Capital, Emmalrost – the area has become a wasteland. Dragonsfolk now rule over this land, hoping to conjure magic to restore the city one day. The land was exchanged for the trollic territories to the north of derimyre with the trolls there. The region is now being guarded by the various troll tribes, lead by Soldrann

Ruins of Emmalrost

The capital of the Bordosian people, this city was one of the only major places of civilisation in borodos and was the heart of magical teaching in Oskiliath. It is said that some students were able to forge a river from the sands under the teachings of the leader, Bastel Procter. The city was destroyed in 18440 by the Maurdorne.

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