The History of this land is the most complex. It was originally known as the The United Protectorate of Oskiliath, which was made up of seven vassal states – Derimyre, BeJórne, Seabart Pictorius, Skalt, Pikenum Weald, Mountains Foot and Borodós. An eighth Vassal state, Bukká Mortainé, seceded from the protectorate after the events of the First Máurdórnie War.

After the events of the Fall of the United Empire of Maurdorne, the protectorate was all but destroyed. with many states in ruin, a period of reorganization occurred. The result was the formation of three independent sovereign states.

The Provinces of Oskil

The remnants of its predecessor, the united protectorate of oskiliath, this new state maintains control over the Vale, Mountains Foot, Pikenum Weald & Seabart Pictorius.

Kingdom of Scált

The once independent state of Scált once again claimed its independence from the protectorate. This is a mining and crafting hub in the central world.


A breakaway of Derimyre from the protectorate, which was routed in sentiment against central rule for some time before the events of the war, this…