The Council of Narmú, Prime Minister Hugótaire Stratholme

Political Structure

Naramiá being far south has a high population of orcs, half orcs and goliaths as well as a concentration of dwarfs in Sokrotius. The remaining populous is made up of elves and humans, with the many of them presiding in Quince.

Politically, Naramiá tends to stay neutral in conflicts, and uses it wealth of knowledge to provide aid and support to its neighbouring states.

The city of Al’Hanral is a trade city with racial connections with the protectorate state of Derimyre in Oskiliath, with many families sharing relatives in each. Tanerius is a capital in the orcish world that accepts trade and bitter resentment with the north of Naramiá.

Common Races: Elves, Humans, Orcs, Goliaths, Dwarfs, Ents

The Ministerium

Otherwise known as the Central Naramián Authority on Magical Practices and Procedures is the consulate of international magical development and research. It is a state run organisation that is helmed by Hugótaire Strathholme, which is the international collective of everything magical, and they give out ‘seals of the ministry’ to certify magical peoples in there profession.

The Council of Narmú

Made up of a council of electorate, it is the closest to a living day democracy. The populous will elect up to 100 representatives of parliament, who in turn will then elect a head of state, who will preside over the Ministerium.

Current leadership comprises of Hugótaire Strathholme as Head of State since his courageous victory during the second maurdornie war, Mek’lor Von Fonf as Head of the Chamber, Gregory Barncastle as Chancellor & Rudi Benefobé as Leader of the Opposition


The capital city of Naramiá, a wealthy capital that specialises in research. It the people here are vein and intelligent, and generally a bit snobbish with the southern settlements of half orcs and dwarfs.


The Parliamentary Quarter

The Ministerium

The Ministerium campus contains the watchtower which is a large towering structure in the heart of the quarter that can be seen across the city. It acts as a reception building primarily used for meetings and tutoring.

The Ministerium Delegation surrounds the tower and is the primary parliamentary building, it is where the council or narmu sit, and deliberate as well as where all the political high offices are located.

The Embassy of Ents

The world’s only true connection to the Ent, it is on Naramiá that the Ent’s came to discuss terms on the halt of deforestation in the country. The civilized nature of the Ent’s approach reduced the Council of Narmú to apparent tears, over the crimes they had essential committed against the Ent race. Sanctions were put in place, and now an Embassy has been established and is a place of nature and druidic study.

Magical Schools

Exiled Schools

The Faith Quarter

The Grandé Library of Kaine

The Grandé Library of Kaine is the world’s main focal point for any books or knowledge on magic. It is here that the ancient scrolls of the oldest magiks are kept, and the finest research chambers are housed and the snottiest of staff can be found. Access to the library is by way of recommendation from a recognized school or institution, or by permission of the council of Narmú.

Sects and Religious Groups

The Merchantile Quarter

The Merchantile Quarter is a haven for mechants selling all mannor of items from strange herbs from Mexlor Le Grain’s Herborium, to magical armors from weapons Ludavica’s Emporium of Armaments.

The merchantile quarter is heavily influenced from the infamous international crime family known as the Bellepónt, whom in recent years have been reported to be practicing some kind of blood magic in the under city, in an attempt the awaken somethign they call, “The Unspeakable”.

The People’s Quarter

The Arena of Arcana

The Arena of Arcana is a magical ampitheatre of magical dualing and festivals. It is run by Marty Shore Jr. and eccentric “Gnome” who enjoys the finer things. Many magical shows are put on to entertain but it is most commonly used to settle disagreements between high ranking official, who will conduct magical duals of huge magnitude.


Farmers Sanctum

The island to the east of Naramiá know as the farmer’s sanctum is home to the school of horticulture. It is here that the study of magics that improve or speed up the growth of foods and the purification of water supplies is studied and researched.


Al’Hanral sticks out like a saw thumb in relation to the rest of the nation of Naramiá. Al’Hanral sits of the isle to the far east and has a much warmer climate, and houses the embassy for Oskiliath, as well as boasting an excellent fishing trade, which is partially due to its proximity to the Farmers Sanctum.


Sokrotius is a mountain city, built deep within, it is home to the southern dwarfs, primarily mountain dwarfs. There are many riches to be found in the mines here, but it is mainly minerals for construction i.e. iron, tin, and copper. Sokrotius have a shaky trade agreement with the orc city of Tanerius, and thus half orcs tend to live with Sokrotius to escape their pureblood ancestry.


Othanzia, also known as ‘the river city’ is the pure human city of Naramiá and has some of the worst poverty levels in the state. It is here that most half orcs are conceived, due to its proximity to the south. The city is ‘run’ by a group known as the Bellapônt, and they hold very little regard for human safety. The city primarily produces metalwork from the imports from Sokrotius.

The Temple of Kaine

The Temple of Kaine is the source of the magical research in the world, with the focus of Kaine’s teachings surrounding intellect in magical abilities, anyone who wants to be anyone magical will aspired to seek acceptance here, and by acceptance, this is not a school, the person will have to have learnt and achieved to gain approval here.

This is also the head of the Kaine order, and most who align themselves with Kaine will be expected to travel here for communion.

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