In the following  years after the Edicts collapse, sailors and merchant vessels started disappearing in the deep east Ozmit. The Empire under the Sea was suspected at first, but denied any involvement after several states demanded the return of their boats. A coalition between Dragons Folk and The Grey Empire was convened and a joint navy was dispatched escorted by the Andromeda to the region.

To my own amazement a huge uncharted landmass obstructed my ships path – I isle of unquestionable beauty, that of Bashni Arada.
Andromedian Admiral Axpal
King Juan XLI, Queen Shao XIII

Polical Structure

Bashni Arada has an extremely high concentration of Anduwin crystals, including a cloud reaching mountain containing huge deposits at the summit. – It is believed that this was the creation place of the Edict, and as such the whole island was consumed and placed in a space that was neither accessible from the outside universe, nor accessible from within. The culture here has been unaffected by all of Menosophia for the same period that Menosophia has been hidden and unaffected by the culture and affairs of the wider universe.

The Grande Provinces of Juan Shu & Shao Ming have a deep history of division. Once formed from many dynasties, Bashni Arada is now in a period of relative peace known as the ‘period of the black lotus’. The two dynasties rule each half independently but with the recent discover of the rest of the world, a struggle is beginning to brew.

Common Races: Human, Elves, Tieflings, Genasi, Dragonborn


Sickness: Those that do not inhabit the island will be overwhelmed by the intensity of the magics of the island, and will suffer Lifeblood sickness which will slowly degrade the victims constitution. It can be tamed by the consumption of the White Lotus, found on the island.

Dependency: The inhabitants of Bashni Arada gain their innate abilities due to their proximity to the magics of the Isle of Bashni Arada. As such, any they must regularly revisit the island to recharge their energy or risk an early death. They must visit the island frequently, or begin to lose their abilities and slowly wilt away.


Bashni Arada is controlled by two kingdoms, each very different in its structure and ruling, they are detailed below.

Juan Shu 胡娟舒

In the days following the wider world landing on Bashni Arada, Juan Shu has not responded hospitably. Seeing the arrival of the people of Menosophia as a threat, they have begun a large regime of wall building and fortification.


King Juan XLI

King Juan is a Bashni who rules over the province of Juan Shu, he is the 41st of his name, and rules in his ancestors footsteps as a courageous warrior. He sits on no administrative throne, leaving the running of his lands to a trusted privy council. Instead he is at the forefront of war, during the period known as the Jade Serpent he was on every frontline leading his people into battle with the magic weavers of Shao Ming, their historical enemy for thousands of years.

The naval superiority that Juan commands led to his eventual control of the Bay of Juan, fortifying and settling towns and fishing villages within the many spires of the jagged maze of rock.

King Juan rules his government using a strict code of social collaboration. The citizens are expected to share what they produce with their local baron, city or authority, which will then distribute said produce to the lands in they way they deem fit. Speaking out against this system is not a matter taken lightly.



Chengdu is the capital of the Kingdom, it is the center of commerce in the region, and has huge expanses of warehousing and storage for the kingdoms suppied and produce – ready for distribution into the bay. Chengdu is a heavily militant city, with skilled craftsman mastering the augmentation of weapons like no other nation. The city attaches itself to the main mountains strewn across the Bay of Juan via many small bridges and ferries. Taking into account the many boroughs of the city that link to the city, “Greater Chengdu” is one of the largest connected cities in the world.

The Bay of Juan

The bay of Juan is the large expanse of mountains that poke out of the shallow seas of the western regions of Bashni Arada. it has large fishing communities built into the many rock faces in the bay, with some civilizations and communities never stepping onto dry land. This is where they people of Juan Shu have mastered fishing, sailing and ship building.

The Temple of the Ocean Wave

The Temple of the Ocean Wave is an ancient structure built with the mountains far out to the north west of the bay. it can only be reached by sea, and can only be found by the worthy. The temple is said to have been build many years ago, to worship the great god of the sea.

Ababem’s Rock

Ababem’s Rock is a military position currently held by the Grey Empire. It was chosen for its position far from the reaches of the mainland, as an interim base and potential trade point for the wider world and Bashni Arada. Unfortunately, King Juan has not taking this fortification well, and is hostile towards any person who encroaches from it.

Zhou Chang

Zhou Chang is the original more humble and natural capital of the province. It was moved as it was not strategically close to the water. But much of the long line of 40 kings ruled here, and the heritage is to be seen here. The Juan Shu were meticulous at keeping records, and many of these such records are kept under lock and key here.


The border town of the province, the crossroads sits at an important intersection, with arable farmlands surrounding, the majority of food that is not fish is produced here. Just to the east is the border with the much larger lands of Shao Ming, and until recent years there stood great fortifications along the walls of the fields protecting the lands from the outsiders.

The Grove of Arada

An ancient grove of trees, enchanted by magic, this is the center of the nervous system that connects all trees and life, and was twinned with the grove on Galt until the Edict severed the connection for good. Their is said that a tree at its heart grows the Ley Acorn – a very powerful seed that can be misused easily in the wrong hands.

Shao Ming邵明

In the days following the wider world landing on Bashni Arada, Shao Ming has welcomed the outside world. The nation has also seemed keen on visiting the main lands, in particular the sight of the Sundering.


Queen Shao XIII

Queen Shao is an Aradian who rules over the province of Shao Ming, she is the 13th of her name, and rules in her ancestors footsteps as a powerful spell weaver and ranger. She has only recently come to the throne, and brings modern and positive ideals to the nation.

During the period known as the Jade Serpent, she ruled in place of her aging father, King Shao XII after he was wounded badly during his defeat of the Necromancer of Dark Astar, and died of his wounds in the years that followed.

Queen Shao XIII used her unusually strong magics to weave a barrier round the Dark Astar, which she maintains to this day to keep the fiends at bay there. She struck an accord with King Juan of the province of Juan Shu to end the bloodshed between their respective peoples, although it is said, that she used some of her powers to convince him of the deal.

Queen Shao governs openly, with people being able to come and see her to ask of her many favors and requests. she allows a free roaming people, governed by a council of elders who many make decisions on her behalf for the kingdom.



The capital city of the Kingdom, Bohai is a magnificently large city that is built into, around and on top of the mountains in the east. It is a center of mining, crafting and spell weaving, from extracted minerals of magical essence taken from the Caverns of Ming beneath it. The city is magical, but humble and simple – the people here are cultured, free and naturally talented with magic. The race of Aradians outnumber most other races, but all are welcome.

The Old Tower

An old watchtower that once defended the realm from evil, has been left to grow old and forgotten – it was re purposed in recent years to fight against the Necromancer of Dark Astar, but once again has been abandoned to ruin.

Spire of Bashni

The Great clout top mountain from which the island gains its name, it is the tallest mountain in the world standing just shy of 40,000ft. The mountain is adorned with raw anduwin crystals and large floating mountains orbit it in a strange gravitational phenomena. The mountain wall is so thick that it is almost impossible to mine, nor would you mine it, as it is sacred to both the Juan Shu and the Shao Ming. It gives the Lifeblood to the island, and without it they would be lost.

Cloudtop Karakas

The Shao have built a sanctuary on top of one of the largest orbiting mountains called the Karakas. The city gains its title of Cloudtop as it just breaks the cloudlines most of the time. It is a holy place, of magical significance to the Shao, and only a select few may go there, with special permission from the Queen.

The Moonglade

The moonglade is a sacred forest of the aradian, its ground is and plants give off a strange blue hue which enchants the landscape. It is truly a paradise untouched, at the center of the moonglade their is a small lake, known as the dreamwell. Staring into it has driven many a person insane.

Forlorn Straits

A beautifully tranquil beach land, with a fine gray sand, is a untouched area with only the odd small fisherman wading into the depths and catching the finest of fish.


Shandong is the industrial heartland of the province, with its mining and crafting of magical vellum and reagents, it supplies the whole nation with its magical well-being. Shandong is riddle with corruption and poverty, something Queen Shao XIII has pledged to fix.

Shandong Mines

The Shandong Mines are a large set of coastal mines that were under const threat from the Juan Shu. The mines go deep into the mountain, and deeper still under the earth, to such extent that some parts were resealed and access limited after miners discovered things that their minds could not comprehend.

Xi Laos

The major port town to the north east, this jewel among an arid wasteland. The desert between Shandong and Xi Laos is difficult to traverse but the main supply line has been improved in recent years. Recently, since the discovery of the wider world, this has become the single key port that sail boats between Wallace in Naramiá, Dale in the Peaks of the Anduwin and Vanguard in Nezpit.

Meng Huo Expedition

The Meng Huo Expedition is a science and magical studies group that ventured to study at the ice flats some time ago. It has since become a permanent installation, and many of the intellects of the land flock here to study the harsh lessons of the ice elementals and giants that reside here.

Shao Ice Flats

The Snowy and frozen lakes of the Shao Ice Flats are home to Ice giants that were being raised from the dead by the Necromancer of Dark Astar, sicne his disposal, the land has once again returned to an enriched ice land full of towering giants and elementals that spawn out of the flux created by Bashni.

Dark Astar

Dark Astar was the home to a necromancer whom was defeated by King Shao XII before his death from the wounds sustain during the battle. The keep has been locked and sealed, and a small contingent of skilled weavers has been installed to keep watch over the dark and insidious hold.

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