Dawnikan Empire


The capital world, Dawnika is said to the the landing point of the Dawnikan Exodus from Menosophia. It is said in history, that the dawnikans left the planet in very early void vessels, and landed on the molten wasteland of dawnika. The sulfurous air and choking smog made them weak. but in fact they were growing stronger. Industry sparked, and deals were made with entities unknown, and the Empire was born.

The planet has a small moon called Istria, which houses most of the cites of the empire excluding the total capital of Dawn which resides on the main planet. The planet is surrounded by a ring of rock and debree called the fracture, which has been weaponized in some way.


Capital City


The capital city of Dawn is the center of the Dawnikan empire, it being the only truly inhabitable place on the planet floor itself, the rest of the empires commerce occurs on Istria.

In order to maintain breathing levels here, the poorest are force to wear gas masks most of the time, this is a major symbol of the dawnikan’s resolve, and as such gas masks are seen as a important item.

The City of Dawn is home to the Dreadward, also named Champions rest, which is the home of the Champions of Dawnika. They are mostly responsibly for the day to day running of the empires defense, and production. It is known to be a heavily polluted city of industry and malice.

The Champions

Dawnika itself is not always home to the queen, as she frequently travels on the vessels of the empire. As such, she has a set of prized warriors that rule and do her bidding. They are said to be the most formidable foes on the battlefield, and no one has ever survived a fight with them. They roam the wastelands of Dawnika, and keep things in order in the capital city of Dawn. They are known to rarely speak, and are feared even within Dawnika’s ranks.

Champion of Pain

Quella the Voidwalker

Quella is the leader of the Champions, and is a twisted user of magics and projectiles. She uses harsh toxins and chemicals with her bow that inflict agonizingly slow deaths upon those who should be unfortunate enough to fight with her.

Quella also is capable of entering the void, where she can phase between two planes at quick succession. It is a chaotic place, which twists the fabric around you, and as such, Quella is very unstable.

Champion of War

Torag the Undying

Torag the undying is a fierce and cruel user of dual morning stars who champions warfare within the empire. He is considered to be 3rd in command of the empire behind Quella and the queen herself respectively.

Torag uses strong ties to the void to summon strength from the desolate nothingness, which grants him unprecedented strength and resolve.

Champion of Blood

Alita the Unsated

Alita the Unsated is a vampire Vyrewytch, who longs for the blood of her enemies. She is capable of fading into a blood frenzy, which will send her semi feral, ripping through her foes with harsh talons and claws.

Alita is the newest of the Champions, and seemingly the youngest. The only report of a spy who witnessed her remove her mask, states that she was nothing more than a doomed child, screaming out for her own demise.

Champion of Chaos

Charn the Breaker

Charn the Breaker is the most untrustworthy and sly of the Champions, putting his position as last in charge out of fear he could embrace chaos and cause irreparable damage.

Charn is capable of vanishing completely into the shadows and takes pride in removing the spine from his victims, all in a split second. His searingly hot blades are capable of burning through walls or metal that are hugely thick. He one weakness, is his rage.