The Nether to the far north west of the central universe is a collection of nebula’s and fluxes of magic and power – which has given the area a powerful hold on all things magical. To the east and south of the center, lies the Void – an empty darkness that has proven to consume those that dare venture into it.

The Superpowers

The universe is controlled by four infighting superpowers, each with their own unique take of rule and order, magic and science.

The Netheraán

The Netheraán rule over the lost nether regions to the edge of the expanse into the nether. The capital world of the Netheraán is Druidia. It is ruled over by a mysterious figurehead known as “the exalted”, and is the least traversed sector of the universe.

The Gith Empire

The Gith or Githyanki Empire is an ancient race of Gith originating from the realm of Twin-Moons. A system that has no bright star or central planet, but rather two moons orbiting each other in close proximity, warmed perfectly by a magical flux that passes through the area.…

The Free Republics

The Free Republics is a intergalactic organisation of republics and peoples from across the universe. They form one of the Universes main powers, and are aligned with many smaller factions and banners.

The Dawnikan Empire

The Dawnikan Empire is a aggressive and militaristic empire formed out of the remnants of the Dawnikan refugees from Menosophia. Their bitter ruler established the empire in the outer reaches of the void, before conquering many planets that were once free worlds.


The four great powers all have there own figure head, with varying degrees of control and influence

Leader of the Free Republics


Iroquois Pliskin, a battle hardened, and now bureaucratically adept leader of the Free Republics. He is the chair of the Grande Conference which is the overall democratic ruling body, and as such he will oversee the running of the conference, and break any deadlocks in the session.

Pliskin is a well respected veteran of war, and as such he brings his expertise but also his yearning for peace to the table of the conference. He has pushed for peace with the Gith for some time, causing outcry with the war wounded and those that suffered at the Giths hands.

It is rumored Iroquois fell in love with a Netheraánian called Alaris,  and that he is blessed with a long life because of this, however he will never publicly talk of his encounter. Altaris is said to have gone mad, and he was forced to kill her by his own hand.

Recently, Iroquois has been tasked with the reentry of Menosophia into the republics. He is yet to make his first visit there, and has kept quiet about when he plans to do so. It is after all, where his ancestors came from.

Empress of the Dawnikan Empire

Queen Isabella V

Her origins lay dormant for centuries, but it is believed that she was born on Menosophia during the age of the Anduwin.

As such, she claims sovereignty over the planet, a call that in recent years the Free Republics has vehemently denied her. Previously, the planet had vanished, over 18,000 years ago.

Although she is the first and only ruler of Dawnika as its reformed empire, in that she is its founder and one supreme ruler – she insists that she is actually the fifth ruler, by right and that the dynasty long precedes her on Menosophia.

She has overseen many technological enhancements including the construction of over 100 Dreadnaughts, large astral jumping vessels that patrol the universe. He technology is far superior to the Gith vessels, and the Free Republics do not possess that kind of strength at all. The Netheraán however, destroyed a Dreadnaught some one hundred years ago with relative ease, although no one survived to account as to how.

Leader of the Netheraán


The Exalted, perhaps one of the most mysterious of all the universe, the ruler of the Netheraán seems to take many forms, and as such no one knows what their true appearance is.

They control that which belongs to the nether, and all beyond it. Their realms are beyond normal comprehension, and most who venture to the Netheraán, do not return because “they see reason”. The Netheraán ascend above the universes ‘petty conflicts’ in order to strike balance with the universe.

They are the keepers of magic, and the nether from whence it came. The nether creates a flux of magic that to the normal human, would melt their very essence within minutes. The Exalted is said to have tamed this bestial magic, and now harnesses it to build world gates between the ley lines that connect the planets of the universe.

The Exalted has been known to in the past to stick rigorously to the laws of balance, a form of understanding that would leader them to ignore suffering in places where there is also prosperity. This has lead to many debates in the Free Republics as to whether they should intervene, or allow their peoples to take the course that has been decided for them.

High Priestess of the Gith Empire


Priestess Vlaakith is a Vyrewitch Githyanki whom rules over the Gith Empire.
She controls great swaths of the void using her “void skimmers”, large beastly vessels that skim the outer most stretches of the void.

Vlaakith is currently at war with the Dawnikans, and as such she has many refugees dispatched to the Free Republics, an age old enemy. It is rumored that she knows something that could “turn the tide forever”, and as such – she does not seem to fear for her people.

Vlaakith rose to power during the age of darkness. As such, not much is known about how she managed to tame the Githyanki. She is fierce and has clung onto power through many failed rebellions which has solidified her position on Scoros.

As a Vyrewytch, she is winged, and requires regular blood tithes from her people, a task that requires her to maintain blood farms of Githzerai, the lesser race.

Neutral Zones

The Neutral Zones are areas in the universe that are too difficult to control completely, or to inhabit. These zones are typically made up of many small planetoids and asteroids, but a power generally controls the area, or all the sector around them, so claim them for themselves.



The Nether worlds are deep within the nether, which is bordered by the void. These planets are such in flux that they cannot be inhabited. The nether was sent into chaos and oblivion during an event in the closing days of the “Great war”. The nether worlds used to make up the Terran Empire.

Dawnikan Empire


The Shale worlds once were controlled by the Free Republics, they are dangerously uninhabitable as they have no atmosphere, but are full of rare minerals and metals.

They were taken from the Free Republics grasp around 1,000 years ago.

Dawnikan Empire


The planets still burning from the very first day of the universe, they are the central manufacturers of Dawnika’s great armies and dreadnaughts.  The smoke and mog from this planet make it impossible to breathe, and can only be accessed via the void, which is exceptionally dangerous, or from the Fire Plane of Galt. There are 9 planets in total, each hotter than the last. They have been referred to before as the Nine Hells.