A Prisoner of the Templars

Below is the transcript between an interrogating Templar and accused deserter, the man has been held captive by the Templar’s and left to rot, only now it is time for his final interrogation, and sentencing.

Portrait: The Prisoner.

The Afflicted Village of Steinfeldt

Two Templars head to far north of the peaks of the Anduwin to investigate a village that has been overcome by a sinister affliction.

Both are experienced men of war, but will be tested this time around, for the affliction is said to have an Anduwin origin, which challenges their beliefs of the Anduwin’s greatness to the core…

Portrait: Isaahk.

A City Falls

A account of the final moments in the closing hours of the siege upon a great city.

Helpless friends go boldly into that good night, rage, rage, rage in the coming of the light.

Portrait: The Enemy.

A Signal from Afar

A high ranking dawnikan solider takes news of a unusual signal to his ruler, but is not prepared for the significance of the report.

A long planned upon vengeance, can finally be carried out.

Portrait: Scholar Visari.