The Edict was capable of stopping the traversal in and out of the protected zone (Menosophia) from any being. It stopped the intervention from gods of the universe, and it also prevented any god on the ground from leaving. It is believed it was built sometime after the death of Y’shaj, and required all five of the remaining anduwin, along with their most powerful instruments, to forge.

Once in place, no god could fully penetrate its wall. Although, with the right strength a powerful being was proven to be able to penetrate layers of the Edict in order to send an avatar of themselves into the world. Depending on strength, the avatar would be fairly limited in what it could do. For example, a sighting of an Avatar from the lost journal of Magnus Marché stated:

It could not speak, nor did it seem to react to the drawing of a blade. A simple yet beautiful astral Jackal, that gave the sense of presence, but not of completion.

The Edict also affected the moons of the outer rim. The principle four planes of the elements. Whether this was an oversight, or an intention is unknown. People were able to break through into the planes, but with great difficulty. once in the plane, they would be safe from any further harm unless they wished to return. As such, the presence of entities even within Menosophian confines appeared to have a stronger and less repressed grasp here.


The Edict was destroyed during the final hours of the Second Maurdornie War by the Emperor. It was done using a combination of vast deposits of Anduwin Crystals, and 3 incredibly powerful artifacts of Anduwin descent being boarded onto a large vessel, and then crashed into the monolith, the entrance to the “Anduwin Framework”. Destroying the Framework broke the Edict, and it collapsed like huge shards of glass falling to earth. The framework had already been damaged by an unknown source before its destruction entirely.


The immediate aftermath of the destruction of the Edict was the Cataclysm of Nezhar. Other issues that arose quickly was the large shards of iridescent glass that lay strewn across the world, however some major changes to the world and indeed universe as the world had known it came into affect.

The Recession

A huge failure of the economy occurred in the months following the collapse of the Edict after the world of Valmora proved to have huge prices for items of simple nature. the huge swath of supply overwhelmed traders and the economy was brought into line with the rest of the worlds. However, stability was short lived as the approach of the Free Republics loomed, it opened up intergalactic markets of traders and commerce that had never been seen before. Due to the influx of uncontrolled trade and migration, the Menosophian Alliance was formed, in order to add customs and control to some of the wealthier states in the world.

The Free Republics

The Free Republics entered Menosophia about 6 months after the Cataclysm – they are an intergalactic union of republics and nations that form one of the wider universes main powers. They accepted Menosophia into the union based on ancient historical pretext, in the sense that Menosophia, unbeknownst to the occupants was a founder of the Free Republics, over 20,000 years ago.

As part of the Republics, the Menosophian alliance was able to stabilize the economies across the world, but remains a bitterly hated concept for many.

The Dawnikan Claim

One other issue raised by the joining of the Free Republics, is an age old claim on the world by the Dawnikan Empire, the empire forms one of the 4 main forces in the universe, and is radical in its approach. In 18447, an emissary of Dawnika arrived on Menosophia, to make the Empire’s claim formally.

The Discovery of Bashni Arada

In the following  years after the Edicts collapse, sailors and merchant vessels started disappearing in the deep east Ozmit. The Empire under the Sea was suspected at first, but denied any involvement after several states demanded the return of their boats. A coalition between Dragons Folk and The Grey Empire was convened and a joint navy was dispatched escorted by the Andromeda to the region.

To the amazement of Andromedian Admiral Axpal, a huge, uncharted landmass obstructed their path – The isle of Bashni Arada.

Bashni Arada has an extremely high concentration of Anduwin crystals, including a cloud reaching mountain containing huge deposits at the summit. – It is believed that this was the creation place of the Edict, and as such the whole island was consumed and placed in a space that was neither accessible from the outside universe, nor accessible from within. The culture here has been unaffected by all of Menosophia for the same period that Menosophia has been hidden and unaffected by the culture and affairs of the wider universe