The Anduwin each built at least one large structure, spread across the world which housed huge machines, their purpose and function is not necessarily understood or known.

The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse sits on a small Isle off the coast of Naramia. It has an eternal fire burning in a huge lantern housed inside the incredibly tall structure. It glows a light upon the world that rivals the sun, but if you gaze directly at it, it does not blind you, nor does it make a person squint. It can project warmth to someone in the coldest of places by simply looking at it from afar.

The Monolith

The Monolith is a large Anduwin structure that resides in the mountain ranges north of Yieldaronn. It has been sealed by old magiks for thousands of years. It is occasionally heard exerting a humming noise from below. This has been branded as the ‘Drums of Máurdórnie People’ by Máurdórne’s mysterious Emperor.

The Obelisk

The Obelisk is a large structure at the mouth of what is now the Deadmyres in Bukka Mortainé, it houses a towering obelisk, which reverberates with choral energy, pulsing every now and then. It seems to attract all manner of birds. Some have theorised that its strange pulsing has resulted in the formation of the myres.

The Pendulum

The capital city of The United Protectorate of Oskiliath is built into a mountainside, and atop this mountain is a huge palace, which was built by the Anduwin. It houses an approximately 1000ft tall pendulum, made of a material that cannot be understood or replicated. It swings in perpetual motion, and people in the temple have experienced clarity of mind after spending time watching it swing.

The Pylon

In the jungles of The Últrek Federation, A huge towering structure predominantly steals the skyline. Inside, it houses a machine that reaches far out of the roof of the building. Observers and practitioners have suggested that its seems to catch the storms that are quite frequent in this area, and the underlying energy routes down to the ground.

The Telescope

The Telescope is a structure that juts out of the northern mountains in the Peaks of Anduwin, and has a famous set of 10,000 small steps to arrive at the top entrance. Inside, is a huge astral orrery, depicting stars and lands far beyond the knowledge of the best of the Loremasters Guild. It also houses an enormous telescope, that can be used from star reading and prophesying although there are few who know how to do this. The Máurdórnie Invasion


There are several places and locations of significance to the Anduwin and all who study them, they were built by the Anduwin and some are constructed out of materials that are not fully understood.

The Citadel of Anduwin

Eternal glory, is said to be held within. Only the greatest of people, who are fully worthy and have passed the Trials of the Anduwin may enter these halls. It is strictly forbidden to discuss the experiences inside these great halls with those who are not eligible to enter. However, it is rumoured to be the location of the Throne of the Anduwin, and house a vault containing the vast array of Anduwin Artefacts. Public knowledge extends to so much as the fact that the Citadel of Anduwin is the official seat of power and true capital of the Nation of The Peaks of Anduwin, but due to its limited access to outsiders, the large city of Frostheim acts as the capital for trade and delegation purposes.

The Pass of the Ancients

The pass of the ancients is a huge monolithic gate that divides the countries of The Peaks of Anduwin & The United Protectorate of Oskiliath. It is rarely opened, as it requires an immense power to do so. The magics that are involved in its opening are not fully understood and it is a constant subject of study.

The Ruins of Y’Shaj

Once a place of worship, these ancient monastery structures were destroyed long ago, and are place of constant study by the locals. It is believed that somewhere on the ground some ancient tombs lie.

The Ruins of A’Dal

Much like The Ruins of Y’Shaj, these are ancient monastery ruins, again lost in a time long forgotten.

The Oracle

A large overflown structure in the sunken shore, once housing a great Anduwin machine, it has been lost to the depths. It is said that the structure hid something of great importance to the Anduwin, which was subsequently lost when the sinking of the isle occurred, naturally many searches have been carried out and nothing has been found.