Incomparable powers and gifts were bestowed upon them. The Anduwin saw the mortals as children of the planet, quickly indoctrinating them and teaching them to be civil, to be kind and to respect one another.

The universe in which the Anduwin dwelled was vast, but they prospered on a planet called Menosophia, a truly beautiful and mystically empowered place full of light and magics. Here they ruled over vast expanses of land, in all 6 main provinces were formed, the leading Anduwin of each province constructed enormous temples for research and worship.

But for reasons unknown to anyone, the Anduwin disappeared. 18,000 years on and the remnants of the Anduwin are visible, having left artifacts and structures, great machines and devices scattered across the world. The worship of the Anduwin have formed religions and faiths all built up around their unquestionable Wisdom, Charisma, Strength, Intellect, Constitution & Dexterity. In culture, the Anduwin are depicted as animal avatars, with light flowing from them.


A’Dal focused his efforts of the enjoyment of the world and its inhabitants. The faith of A’Dal teaches its acolytes to respect each other and go out into the world to entertain and introduce cultures and races to each other.

Although A’Dal was kind, he did not always see eye to eye with others about appropriateness. A representative of A’Dal will be light hearted and eager to help and entertain.

Alignment: Charisma, Chaotic
Artifact: The Flute of The Whispering Winds


Kaine was an intellect, he marvelled in the advancement of magic, and the discovery of new sources of energy. The faith of Kaine encourages learning and tutorage across the realm, and many representatives of Kaine have ventured out to different states and established schools.

A representative of Kaine will be adept in magic and will not be afraid to use it to smite those who oppose their position.

Alignment: Intellect, Lawful
Artifact: The Lantern of Light


Marr focused on war. The advancement of weaponry and technology and the constant thirst for control. The faith of Marr teaches strength and honour which is detailed in the Code of Marr – never leave a solider behind, and never to go quietly into the night.

A representative of Marr will be a fierce fighter or warrior, who keeps his friends close and his enemy’s closer, who will cower at nothing and fight til’ the last breath.

Alignment: Strength, Chaotic
Artifact: The Sword of Marr


Paz was the mountain climber, the flight master and is well attributed today for building his temples in high places.

The faith of Paz teaches of stamina and endurance, it focuses on training regimes and exercise to attain and become one with the beast within, attuning to nature and the surrounding elements to provide agile thinking, crafting and movement. A representative of Paz will be a go getter. A person full of energy, creative and talented with their hands.

Alignment: Dexterity, Neutral
Artifact: The Chalice of Eternity


Vollabuke is said to have mastered eternal life, and his teachings surrounded the ideal of fortitude through aid and assistance.

Vollabuke’s teaching encourage healing, resilience and defence as the best offense, and above all, mercy. The Laws of Vollabuke are widely renowned and adopted internationally as the international laws on war crimes.

Alignment: Constitution, Neutral
Artifact: Vollabuke’s Courage


Y’shaj meditated. The teachings were through dreams and premonitions, and Y’shaj would be a constant source of insight. The faith teaches patience and the path to enlightenment, the burning desire for knowledge through meditation and worship instead of the sciences of the mainland.

A representative of Y’Shaj will cast aside all the worlds material pleasures, and focus on the path to enlightenment. They will also aspire to complete the Trial of the Anduwin to prove their dedication.

Alignment: Wisdom, Lawful
Artifact: The Stone of Ice


Nezhar is one of the two daughters of Y’Shaj. Her father is unknown. Nezhar had laid dormant, locked away within the prison system of Menosophia. However, she awoke from her slumber after the sundering, and began drawing her plans to escape.

By manipulating many people arround her, she succeeded in escaping her imprisonment and is now roaming the universe free.

Alignment: Balance, Chaotic
Artifact: Scales of Semkaria


Izhar is one of the two daughters of Y’Shaj. Her father is unknown.

Nothing is known of Izhar, her whereabouts or even if she is still alive.

Alignment: Control & Fate, Chaotic
Artifact: ???


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