Emperor of Maurdorne

His origin is unknown… he appeared to rise to prominence in the broken kingdom of Maurdórne after about 300 years of anarchy. Somehow, he managed to unify the 10 clans of greyborn under his leadership, and returned Maurdórne to a totalitarian and absolutist dictatorship.

It is also to his strength that he seems to have been able to hugely advance the technological development of his country, with the Khernoguasian engineers producing firearms and above all, two fully fledged dreadnought ships.

Recently it has been discovered that he is protected by a very powerful spell that allegedly can only be broken by using several extremely powerful artifacts.

The emperor has personally attacked the party a number of times, although in most instances he has been cut short of killing them by intervening allies.


The Emperor was revealed to be Venarinn, whose mind was so twisted by Nezhar, that he had come to believe that he was both Venarinn & V’saries. In the form of V’saries, he masqueraded as the false emperor, unbeknownst to his other side – where he called himself the Seer. The Party of Heroes defeated the Emperor during the Cataclysm of Nezhar.