Level 12

Yuan Ti Wizard/Druid (School of Necromancy/Circle of the Moon)

Like most of her kind, Sivaras hails from the Sunken Shores. After a childhood encounter, her own magical abilities manifested and she was taken to the Sanctum in N’Vantis to learn arcane ways. When she tried an unusual approach to gain an advantage of her home was ever attacked, her mentor “banished” her. She made her way on the surface and learnt the Druidic and shamistic ways, and is now seeking a way to defend and redeem her people. She has met some new allies and joined up with the Order of Dawnika, but will these new allies approve of her methods…

Full Backstory

I was born in N’Jilo and soon realised I had some innate magical talent. I was spotted using some magic in the street and was quickly brought into the magical teachings in N’Vantis. I learned. Slowly at first but when topics took my interest I rushed through them. I began to question the world and how we are shut off from the outside, and largely alone, without allies. My tutor was a cold man, but practical. He saw my talent and had me on a path to influence the world. I agreed with his plan, but not the methods. I started to explore conjuration and necromancy. I had a theory that if my people embraced these types of magics, then we could survive. They are not inherently dark. And if we are already cursed then what is there to lose. On a battle field (ceasefire or otherwise) we will always be alone and outnumbered. I theorised that by summoning creatures, dominating them, or even turning the dead (theirs and ours) to our side. Calling on fallen fighters to rise again under our control and our banner, then we might survive. This seemed to be the most logical thing. The dead are dead, and their bodies aren’t being used. I am to respect that? If I have a choice between respecting a dead body and risking my life OR raising it and having a chance to survive then you can bet I’ll raise them every single damn time. Anyway, my mentor discovered my thoughts, and that they had started to become more than thoughts. I had started to experiment and learn necromantic powers. He knew me well and knew the fate that would fall upon someone dabbling in dark arts. He banished me and swore I would never learn enough or gain power enough to achieve my goal. He did this as a type of kindness. To prevent my permanent exile form my people. This way at least I can still swim. I have few joys in the world.

I left N’Vantis and was still convinced I was right and spend the following years in a self imposed banishment. I practiced my magic and started to experiment with natural magic as well as the arcane. I met a mage who could become other animals. This was truly magnificent and I studied with her for some time, trying to learn the art for myself. If I was banished and forbidden to swim as me, then I felt I could twist the laws and swim in another form. I soon learned that the natural order of things is in a cycle, including death. So my initial beliefs of bringing the dead back seems refuted slightly. I learned from him that I could achieve the same results by summoning animals to fight for me. If the dead were so bad then surely summoning or controlling beasts would be a more acceptable alternative.

I found myself alone for a long time. I grew to keeping myself company with summoned creatures, or raised dead if I needed more protection or to scare off threats. But my isolation was a boon. In in I made a discovery one that I feel will change the fate of the world. It was almost accidental but there it is. Something to prove me right, undo wrongs and potentially put me, and my people at our rightful place.


Wizard Cantrips
Chill Touch, Dancing Lights, 
Sword burst, Toll the Dead
Druid Cantrips
Shape Water, Primal Savagery
Innate Spells
Poison Spray, Animal Friendship, 
First Order of Power
Cause Fear (Necromancy) V, C
Chromatic Orb (Evocation) V, S, M
Detect Magic (Divination) V, S, C, R
Disguise Self (Illusion) V, S
Find Familiar (Conjuration) V, S, M, R
Shield (Abjuration) V, S
Sleep (Enchantment) V, S, M
Tenser's Floating Disk (Conjuration) V, S, M, R
Second Order of Power
Gentle Repose (Necromancy) V, S, M, R
Levitate (Transmutation) V, S, M, C
Mirror Image (Illusion) V, S
Third Order of Power
Frostball (Evocation) V, S, M


Sivaras travelled with the party for a short while, and in that time met a goliath touched by the storm who she was told was destined to help her people. When the party arrived in Vespard, and the Goliath declared his mission over, and he planned to leave, Sivaras couldn’t let this warrior out of her sight. She swore to protect him so he would be able to fulfil he own destiny. She and the goliath began to walk away. She later appeared during the final battle with the Emperor, and switched sides once the Edicts had been destroyed. the group gave a cautious goodbye to her, as she seemed have been using them from the beginning.