Mathias Burkaburkaman

Mathias Burkaburkaman is a human fisherman who hails from Grubbingmyre on the Westerfold of Últrek that inadvertently found himself in the company of the party in Valmora.


He arrived in Valmora after falling into the water of Seren lake having seen what he perceived to be a gold coin floating to the bottom of the lake. Upon gripping this golden object by the hand, he was thrown up into the air before arriving in a unknown city of marble. Later finding this to be Sanctuary of Eden, of Valmora the physical incarnation of the Plane of Air. It is not long before through his lack of knowledge of magic and the like, he is duped by a trickster named Betríl, and trapped inside a urn, for sale on the black market.

It is here that the party intercepts Betríl and accidentally release Mathias. He is most thankful to the party, and pleads with them that he must return home to his son, and that all he has ever longed for is a new boat. The party decide to take him with them, and before long they are ambushed by a group of local rough types, to which it is revealed that Mathias has been trained in a obscure martial art form known as BoatFu.

Mathias critically injures and dispatches a number of assailants before they eventually find a way home via the mysterious ‘Beth’, who teleports the group back to Menosophia, and Mathias to his home Grubbingmyre, where he reunites with his now much older son, and his new wife to be.