Level 8

Elven Cleric (War Domain)

Farandril is a war cleric devoted to Y’Shaj the goddess of Wisdom. He was snatched up from his parents at a very young age and taken to the Peaks of Anduwin where he was trained as a cleric by the Templars of the Anduwin for a special task force focusing on fighting the ‘darkness’. He has recently been dispatched to seek out the current group of party members after rumors that they are carrying an incredibly powerful artifact.


Farandril was born on the  Island of Naramiá and when he was only few months old the Order of the Templars came and took him under their custody. He doesn’t know what happened to his parents, and only when he was 12 years old Templars revealed part of his past. The war was raging, and the insecurity of the diplomacy meant that it was too dangerous for them, with a child, to move safely and survive. Despite all, their only child was a blessing, so they decided that the only place where Farandril could be safe was with the Templars.

From there he spent his whole life with the Templars. He grew up listening to them, learning from them and living shoulder to shoulder with them. After all those years he is grateful for them to have accepted him, and he promised himself that his parent’s sacrifice won’t be wasted. His convictions reflects those of the Templars, and he truly believes that the goals set by the Templars are the ones that could help bring peace again in the world. He blindly believes about the story of his parents (and he has no other reasons to think otherwise), to the point that he can’t distinguish anymore the half truths the Templars have told him for years.

When he celebrated his 23rd birthday, he decided it was the time for him to fully commit his own life and soul to the cause. He decide to join a new elité military unit the Templars were creating to change the faith of this war. He has spent the last 7 years training as a field medic for this elité unit, praying to the Anduwins and training to take an active role into this war. It didn’t take long for him to realise the he was indeed different from the rest of the common units and scholars, and now that he is an elité he could finally have revealed his importance and his uniqueness in this world. There weren’t many like him. He has now been sent out to complete his training, and at the same time to confirm the rumors that a group of adventurers have unearthed one of the Anduwin’s lost artifacts.


Farandril found the challeneges of his faith and the darker deities overwhelming, and chose to return to the order for retraining. Now, after the events that transpired during the Cataclysm of Nezhar, he is ready once again to fight for what is good.