Level 8

Tabaxi Warlock (Celestial Patron, Pact of the Blade)

An archeologist from the south, who is seeking their own future with a long time companion. Patch has introduced himself as Patrick to the party, as he intends to keep up his disguise, until he feels safe and that he can trust them.


Born in Serenmyre, to the tabaxi people of the Five Timbers Clan, Patch showed an aptitude for hidden things. He expressed an interest in the age of the world, and the sheer power of the Anduwin. He came of age and was trained as a warrior. A proud day for him and the tribe, and he decided that if he is to be a warrior, the best way to win the fight is to outlive your opponent. He grew fascinated and fixated on the Anduwins’ power, particularly Vollabukke, who had been rumoured to have achieved immortality. Taking his pack, he set out to explore the world, and started small. He stumbled upon a tomb, or temple of some sort to the Anduwin, and in that tomb his life was changed. The dust was unsettled and in his research and excavation foes rose to challenge him. Dark and unnatural foes. His warrior training kicked in, and he fought, with sword, and with claw, but he was soon outnumbered. A light shone around him, and the shine he had been backed into, and the foes were held back. A calming voice rang through the chamber, and a figure showed themselves. Bathed in a soothing light, and great wings softly beating, keeping the figure off the ground.

“Defeat these evils with my help. Protect this realm” it half said, half thought into Patch’s mind. The light pulsed and helped give Patch a combat advantage to take the enemy down one by one. It was tiresome work, and in the end Patch fell into unconsciousness. There, in his dream like state, the figure reappeared and introduced themselves as Azazel. The light retreated slightly, and the figure was beautiful, and powerful, with golden white wings out stretched but not beating this time. The figure spoke without moving its mouth, and offered Patch that which he had been seeking all this time. Power. Divine and righteous power. Patch thought of his own goals, to keep living, and that this would be the first step to achieve it. He left the tomb that day changed, and found he had gained magical abilities he never had before, and he rarely used them, fearing they would run out, like a waterskin drained in the desert. Over the next few months though his power didn’t run out, and he found it was growing. He started taking to living in a constant magical disguise, so to be less recognisable as a tabaxi in regions where he would be seen as unusual. Hiding in plain sight.

The years passed by and he continued his search for other tombs, other indications of the Anduwins’ true abilities. On one dig, he felt his own powers and blade skills may not be enough, so he took on some mercenary hirelings. Abraxos, Deveros Drape, Sean Be’an, Wheeton and Domnm. The site was dangerous, and a rival scholar, had wanted to see Patch’s archaeology fail, and sabotaged the rigging of the dig, trapping the team in the tomb. After all, archaeology is all about digging things back up, so whats a few more weeks if it guaranteed Patch dying. In their buried alive tomb, more evil set upon the group, and over the next few nights picked off Deveros, Sean and Domnm, until just the three were left. In that final moment, Patch feared he would never outlive his enemies, then he saw them. Bright wings, made of light. Azazel had come for him again. But wait. This was different. The wings were grown from Abraxos’ back. The trio fought hard, but in the end only two survived, after Sean had had his limbs torn from him he fell fighting, but using the wings, and the full might of Azazel’s power now, Patch and Abraxos found their freedom.

The pair continued to travel together after that. Sharing stories of wings. Abraxos told Patch of his time in the army, and the times his wings came to him, and Patch revealed his true form, as a tabaxi, and shared he had met some form of angelic who gifted him with powers. Over the next four years the pair grew close on various digs, with them watching each other’s backs, and frequently conversing in a shared secret language – celestial. Patch swore never to reveal Abraxos true form or nature, and in turn the solider swore to protect Patch’s secret to allow him to continue to hide in plain sight under an illusion. There were a few more scrapes, and some scuffles with rival groups, and once or twice with Greyborn scouts, but the pair were confident to rely on each other.

Hearing rumours of some unexplored ruins in Bukka Mortaine, the began travel to Moutainsfoot, with hopes to use the Neverwalk to reach the cold northern country. After being in the city of Vespard a week, news of the end of the ceasefire took place, and the world was once again at war, with Patch and Abraxos for the time being stuck in the city, and the cat itching for a fight to blow off some frustration and steam.


Abraxos – Patch and Abraxos have been travelling together for many years, with the pair watching each other’s backs and looking out for themselves as a duo. They are seeking a common goal, and due to its nature, and their shared experiences, they have developed ways to secretly communicate between themselves. Utilising a Celestial language, they can utter short phrases and know what the other is thinking, without giving the game away. Patch would do almost anything for Abraxos and hopes that this goes both way, but that level of trust wasn’t borne overnight.
In recent weeks, Abraxos seems to have turned slightly against his previously noble ways and is starting down a path of self destruction. Patch worries about this, but can’t help his friend until he comes to terms with his own horrific actions and the innocent lives he himself has taken.

Brant Goldust – Brant hasn’t spoken to Patch much since the halfling met him. However, Patch has been impressed by the bars knowledge of corruption, and his bravery in fighting undead. Patch’s respect for Brant grows. The bard wants to save everyone and seems bound by a code of trying to do the most amount of good to everyone he meets. In a sense this is opposite to Patch and his ambition to become immortal has been a selfish one. Patch has been able to approach Brant for council and assistance as Brant is older and more worldly wise having lived two full lives in different times.

Farandril Za’schwak – Ther has been little interaction between Patch and 5e Templar so far. However, Patch has shifted his views from respect, to fear in an instant as the righteous templar placed himself as judge jury and executioner in one. This kind of totalitarian rule doesn’t sit with Patch too well. But he won’t respond just yet, out of that combination of respect and fear.

Granuaile – The Lady of the Manor and a potential employer of course demands respect, but in his short time so far, he has seen her not just demand, but earn it, but leading the charge into the investigation on the corruption on her grounds, as well as showing formidable physical prowess, even for her race. What was once a deep respect for his powerful employer is shifting. He feels able to challenge the lady now she has shed herself of the darkness which corrupted her. He wants to help her recover her light in the same way Azazel helped him.

Karl Frankfurt – Patch is aware that as a new person joining this team, some individuals may be suspicious of him and Abraxos, and so feels confident is using a supposedly hidden language to communicate ideas. He is unaware Karl also speaks this language. What was initial respect for a holy solider of Vollabuke, changed when Patch saw him magically command undead. It troubles him somewhat, but Karl seems to have moved away from this path. He had an awakening in The Zoo and The Paladin now seems to reclaim his honour and return to his previous oath of light. Patch hasn’t had much interaction with the knight but from a distance has seen him overcome his alcoholism.

A’den Kavan – The mercenary and solider of fortune joined the party under unusual circumstances. But since then there have been sever times when Kavan has turned his dark magic to save Patch. Whether it be saving him from drowning in a ritual pool, teathering him when the whole group was falling into the ocean, or supporting him psychologically when Patch was at a loss and just spending time studying together over history’s and magic. Patch feels a sort of kinship to the party’s other warlock in similarities and opposites. Light and Dark, Shadow and Divine. He would protect Kavan as he feels he owes this man a debt.