Level 8

Protector Aasimar Sorcerer (Divine Soul)

Orryon is the oldest child of Darlenma Talli, a notable physician within Bukka Mortaine. Although he appears elven in nature, recent events suggest this may not be the case. From an early age, Orryon and his twin sister Oriyanna showed skills in magic and an aptitude for healing. They spent years training within the Temple of Vollabuke to further their magical skills, but Orryon always preferred healing using natural means- potions, poultices, dressings and wraps.

When the war came, Darlenma and his children (then 18 years old) were stationed to provide medical aid to the soldiers. Orryon saw true horrors the day the Orion opened fire. He spent much of the war moving between various camps, and offering what aid he could, and his skills increased by necessity rather than anything else.


One fateful day in the war, Orryon’s life changed forever, when their camp was attacked while he was away looking for survivors. He was ambushed by an Autach named Stahl, losing his friend Simeion in the process. Thankfully he got away thanks to the aid of The Kai. Rushing back to camp Orryon’s fears were realised as he found his father being crushed beneath a boulder with a greyborn bearing down on him. Instinctively, divine ethereal wings appeared on Orryon for the first time, and he unleashed arcane powers to burn his foe, having only ever used magic to heal. His father died nonetheless. The Kai asked him to deliver a letter. At the time it was unknown who the letter was for. Later he learnt that the letter was for Anton Quinn, the then Protectorate of Mountains Foot, with information about The Emperor of Maurdórne. Orryon set out to BeJorne on his task to deliver the letter and met the party of Outsiders.

A dwarven wizard and friend of his fathers invited him to the Lighthouse north of Naramiá, and it was there he fought for his life against a Shade. Barely surviving, but when the Shade fell, it has dropped a dark item. A dagger of necrotic power which compelled its weirder to kill. In Quince, his own magic became twisted and when he found he could inflict wounds magically, his mind bent too far and broke. He leapt from a window of the hotel where the party was staying, knowing he could no longer conjure his aasimar wings. He was wracked with guilt of killing with dark magic and moreover killing the innocent. Though he survived the fall, by the time other party members reached him, his body was gone.

He has shared little of what happened to him next. But glimpses have suggested he was brought to the Place Between Places inside the layers of the Edict by Paz. There he learned of Nezhar and started reaching for allies on other planets. Uniting them and when the Edict fell, Orryon brought his united people to Menosophia to battle literals darkness- Nezhar. Though she has already escaped when the world was opened. Years have passed and now Orryon is called upon again.

Orryon Figurine