Croxium (deceased)

Earth Genasi Fighter – Martial Expert

Croxium accompanied Brant of some of his earlier adventures before they split up at the start of the 2nd Maurdórnie war, where he encountered and was felled by the Emperor or Maurdórne. He was resurrected and subsequently controlled by the Emperor and made one of his highest henchmen. However, when Brant and the party of heroes caught up with Croxium again, Brant was able to bring free his mind, although this did result in his death.

Rhogar Sandlewood

Bugbear Artificer- Gunsmith

Rhogar accidently opened a portal to the astral plane, by placing one bag of holding inside another as a means to save Brant Goldust from an explosion. He is thought to have suffocated in the void.

Journee Touride

Dwarf Sorcerer/Warlock- PhoenixSoul/Fiend Patron Pact of the Chain

Journeé found it too much stress to travel with the group and after alot of thought, he decided to pursue his destiny elsewhere.


Gith Monk – Path of Tranquility

Du’Reth acquired a Mascal blade which began to pull on his mind and soul each time he used it. Whilst fighting 428 who had gone feral, Du’Reth used the sword and allowed whatever consciousness the sword had to fully takeover his body as a party of Du’Reth’s soul was forced into the blade itself. Seeing the trouble and trying to help, Brant Goldust kicked the sword from Du’Reth’s hand, and in that moment the gith’s soul fully transferred into the blade and he died. His body is currently within a void urn which 428 carries- held in stasis in case he can be revived.

Ebeneezer Goode

Human Artificer Alchemist

Fled the group after coming under fire from several parties and allies as being involved in illicit activities. Attempted to cover his tracks by killing the Templar who travels with the group, as well as the scientist that had sussed him out.


Elf Sorcerer / Hex Warlock – Wanderer Mercenary

A’den Kavan was twisted by a dark entity and abandoned the group to sabotage their attempts to destroy the Andromeda. Unfortunately for both parties, the Andromeda was a decoy, and the Orion was used to cause the Cataclysm of Nezhar.