Level 8

Half-Orc Fighter (Eldritch Knight)

Granuaille was born to two half-orcs but never knew her father as he was lost to the war. She grew up on a turnip farm with her mother who taught her the ways to defend herself and use her strength to its maximum. Intelligent for her kind there was always a slight difference to Granuaille and this difference manifested when she joined the army and her magic came out during training. She was enlisted into the Bladed-Magi, a division of the army that mixed magic and physical combat. She served loyally and was there at the battle of Bosney Bay. Her time in the army came to an end shortly after the ceasefire started and she started picking up mercenary work, keeping her magical gifts a secret where possible. She was enlisted to help a resistance to the Greyborn and has remained with this group ever since earning a title and land along the way.

Full Backstory

Being a half-orc is never easy. A life between two cultures, between two people makes most beings angry at the world and these scions make great soldiers. Granuaille had it harder than most. A rare offspring of two other half-orcs she was told she had the best of both her heritage from a young age but didn’t know what that meant.

Her parents hailed from Othanzia and stumbled upon each other as they both served a greedy lord in his guard. Liasons between the guard were banned but Granuaille’s parents couldn’t fight their feelings and left their employment under strained conditions working for a merchant caravan.

They travelled for only a few months before making their love real in the eyes of the Anduwin and marrying. War affected life in the caravan as it did most of the world during the Second Máurdórnie War. Her parents did their best to serve the caravan but years into the fighting strained trade in Naramiá and so Granuaille’s parents had to say goodbye to the only home they knew, in a caravan that would be their last payment for years on service.

With little skills beyond a sword arm couple struggled to eek out a living on the roads before finding work on a turnip farm in the fields south of Al’Hanral and replaced their blades for plough shares. They lived the farmer’s life for short time before they wanted more. Knowing either could earn a better wage in the war it was decided that Granuaille’s father, Granumm, would offer himself as a mercenary. The night he left was when their daughter was conceived.

Granumm would never see his daughter for he died in the conflict but his wife, Buraile, would often tell stories of the man to their daughter. Granuaille chased her mother’s sadness away with her own brand of joy. Not only had she inherited her parents strength but she had a keen intellect beguiling her heritage. She grew up on the farm, away from the shadow of war, but her mother taught her the blade as well as the land.

War continued to affect all lives and made men grow desperate. The farm they made home was attacked one night by bandits, men who fled the war due to injury or cowardice. Buraile and Granuaille both drew their weapons and went to defend their home. They matched the broken men with their strength until sheer numbers started to wear them down. Buraile took a nasty dagger to her arm and stumbled back. Granuaille saw this in the corner of eye and saw a bandit raise a heavy club over her mother. Granuaille screeched in horror and raised her hand as if to stop the attack. A light flickered in her fingers and a blast of magical energy caught her mother’s attack unaware and blasted him away. The bandits, scared by the magical attack, fled the farmstead.

Their home defended the two women returned to the caravan and rested. The extend of the dagger wound would make itself known weeks later as Buraile took ill and grew slowly worse. A healer was summoned too late and it was revealed Buraile had contract tetnus from the rusty dagger. Upon her death bed Buraile wanted more for her daughter and demanded she see the world beyond the farm.

Granuaile finished the season with the farm then left promising to maybe return one day. Taking her mother’s weapons  and armour as her own she left the caravan to the farmer’s son and wife and wished them happiness within.

Despite know what happened to her father Granuaile joined the war herself. Upon being brought into war effort she was signalled out by an old captain, and follower of Kaine, when he sensed something remiss about the half-orc.

She knew nothing special about her and the man knew differently. His duty was to find those gifted in magic and trained them for war. Granuaile was stunned that she was skilled with magic and she agreed to work with the captain (Vickers) to learn the mystic arts. She learned quickly as the captain put her through vicious training for her skill was needed on the battlefield.

She received the call to arms towards the end of the war as things seemed to be getting worse and she served with skill and valour cutting and blast down many an enemy.

When the end came Granuaile was a bag of mixed emotions. Happy for the end of the war but suddenly lost in life. Work was still available in the army as war was not a smooth end and so Granuaile continued to serve. It wasn’t hard work for the pay she received and so she spent more time drinking and enjoying her soldiers than anything else. She woke one morning after a night of drinking and saw another soldier sharing her bed. It wasn’t uncommon for her to wake with a stranger but it was the first for it to be a half-orc. Her memories turned to her mother and the request to explore the world.

She left the army in the next round of dismissals taking a last wage and exploring the world. She travelled around for number of months using her last wage before arriving in Majorai spending the last of her earned coin on an old horse to get her there. The beast barely made the journey and sold it to the knackers yard for enough money for board and food for a few days. She found work as a guard for a slave master but the work sits poorly with the half-orc and she looks for a chance to get away…