Level 8

Aasimar samurai

A sellsword with a long history. He travelled with his trusted compainion Patch until the end of the conflict with the greyborn, discovering his heritage as a halfborn, born of a greyborn mother, Venraka. He now traverse the world of menosophia as the Ambassador for Maurdorne or the grey empire trying to heal and mend those bridges burnt and broken by the conflict that laid before it.


He was raised in Frostheim by his father, an elderly elf by the name Arloth Tannatar, who was once a formidable warrior in battles past. Now Arloth teaches the swordsmanship to others at his home where all are welcome no matter their status.

Abraxos has two elder brothers, both half elves, the eldest named Camus and the younger named Myrin. Arloth’s wife had passed long ago and rarely saw his two sons as they had gone to join the military once they were of age.
Once Abraxos was old enough he was taught Arloths swordsmanship that had been passed down through the family for generations. Abraxos showed great potential with the sword which surprised most except for his father and brothers. As they knew something he did not.

One day Arloth confides in Abraxos that there is much of his swordstyle that he does not teach as they are only meant to be taught down the family line to preserve it. With each new generation the new master of the style adds/improves upon it so that it’s ever changing. He describes it as a swordstyle that keeps the balance. When the scales tip the warrior adapts to right it. Arloth would use the teachings of various Anduwin in his lessons to show there is always more than one path.

The sword was not the only thing taught to Abraxos as a swordsman must have a mind as sharp as his blade. Arloth had been asked to attend social gatherings of the more well to do families but had declined many times but then took up their offer in return for providing a good education for Abraxos. Though he wasn’t the most astute he had a knack for languages and he leaned the social graces/etiquette of countries from a former ambassador.

Abraxos himself was roped in to the gatherings with his father eventually. Arloth figured it would be a good way for him learn that what he see’s is not always the truth. He learned how to read people from their body language and other actions of the people there. With the combination of his insight and the multitude of languages Abraxos had learnt he was able to teach himself how to read lips. A useful skill when he was in a room full of secrets.

When he came of age Abraxos decided he would follow in his brothers footsteps and join them in the army. Arloth, though worried, respected the decision and asked that he stayed safe. Abraxos promised that he would see his father again.

He joined his brothers in their infantry unit for a number of years until they were unfortunately cut down by Greyborn gunfire. When the enemy enemy left Abraxos pulled himself out from under his two brothers who had shielded him from the gunfire. Grief took over him for sometime at the loss of his brothers and the company that had become like a family to him. He didn’t want his brothers to be picked apart by carrion birds so he jury rigged a stretcher and dragged them back to base.

The feeling of being the only survivor knawed at him so he went back to the battlefield wanting to find survivors. He found some but not all survived the trip back. Exhausted after, he collapsed not realising he was wounded himself. The adrenaline had been keeping him going.

After some time with the medics he was given leave by a superior as well as commendations for his valor on the field of battle. He used this time to return home to tell his father about the fate of his two sons. Arloth grieved for sometime and refused to meet with anyone or teach.

Eventually Arloth left his room, wanting to tell Abraxos something after coming to a decision. He reveals that he is not his father and that he had been found as a baby on the battlefield by his brothers. Arloth then reveals a sword to him stating you were found with it. Unsheathing the blade Arloth shows him the strange pattern in the metal. It moved like blue fire but a chill exuded from it though it wasn’t uncomfortable. When the sword was passed to Abraxos light erupted from him and wings sprouted from his back revealing what he was. An Aasimar.

Arloth felt ashamed for keeping it from him but Abraxos understood and that he would always be his father. Since his awakening he began to notice he aged much slower than most people.

Abraxos returned to the army and began to rise in the ranks due to his experiences on the battlefield. Another odd thing was that his sword began to talk to him. It started off as a quick warning when an enemy attempted to sneak up on him. The androgynous voice couldn’t explain either of their origins but that it seemed right for them to be wielded by Abraxos. Not wanting to just call it sword all the time he gave the blade the name Snow’s Hearth due to its appearence. The two bond over the years forming an unlikely friendship.

At one point he is assigned as a personal guard to (insert politician/noble/protectorate etc) as they had personally asked for him. With his experience from being around such people as them and the skills he acquired he became a sort of council/confidant to them. This went on for a number of years until word reached him of the passing of Arloth.

With his passing Abraxos had lost the desire to be a soldier after losing so much and decided to leave the army now that the cease fire was in affect. He joined up with some other ex soldiers as a mercenary band and traveled the word hoping to discover more about what/who he is.