Level 12

Goliath Barbarian (Path of the Storm Herald)

428, Little of his past is known to even him as he was taken as a young child by the Greyborn. Horrific experiments, lead by them, have altered him both physically and mentally.


His rage manifests itself as an aura of lightning as well as being able to shrug off attacks deadly to most. After escaping his captors with the help of an ally he now seeks revenge on the Greyborn and the Anduwin whom the experiments were done in the name of. Travelling with his allies he hopes to discover more about himself but most of all, to complete the mission he was given. The only question is, will it save him or damn him…

Standing at 8feet falls and with blue orbs for eyes, pale grey skin, no hair and being heavily built. He always has an intimidating look on his face. Bone shards protrude from his skin the more notable ones near joints like on his knuckles. Wears an animal pelt around his waist and a shoulder guard on one shoulder. A Great axe is strapped across his back made of a dark metal and has a jagged edge.

Full Backstory

The fledgling Goliath was born in the cusp of the The Second Máurdórnie War to a pair of slaves whose name and faces he no longer remembers nor the name they gave him. He was raised by them until the age of 5 when the slavemaster now deemed him valuable enough to sell.

Many slaves were conscripted for the war whether to do menial tasks or to fight on the front lines but the people who purchased him had a different purpose for him. Not knowing how much time had passed his new masters took him to a mountain thats caverns delved far deeper than his young mind could comprehend. It was here that his life of torture, pain and madness would begin.

There were others there like him, young children, who were left in the care of groups of men and women of various races in stange robes and assortd clothing. It was rare that he would see any of the others like him unless it was on the killing floor or as a corpse dragged past his cell.

The people began their tests barely a day after he arrived which each being more painful and more elaborate than the last. Some involved him being taken apart and put back together with strange sharp instruments. Other days he was forced to take strange concoctions with some being injected in to him or forced down his throat. Then there were the rituals drenched in magic with a variety of symbols adorning the room in which it happened. This would happen almost everyday with no real patterns except for the words “The Anduwin will thank us for your and our sacrifices” which were spoken by the people running the experiments.

The experiments not only altered his body through the years but also his mind. What once were memories became blurry fragments or were replaced by nightmares and emotions were drowned by rage. He could no longer remember who he once was before the experiments.

When he was placed on the killing floor with the other experiments and beasts he no longer hesitated because the longer he stayed fighting on the floor the longer he could have away from the torment. His newfound strengths would leave him being the only one standing most days unless the exhaustian took him.

There was little in the way of solace in this place except for the killing floor, his cell and the voice that whispered to him in his dreams. At first he thought it was another figment of his
mind come to torture him once more. It told him things, secret things of those who were causing his pain that were confirmed the moment he spoke them to those they were about. The people became frightened and angry. Some would lash out at him which brought so much amusement that his laughter would echo around the many halls of the caverns.
Soon he began to tell the whispering voice in his dreams about how he no longer remembers his name, race or even age due to the tests and that whatever he was meant to be suffering for had to do with something called the Anduwin. He cursed them for the pain they caused him and the other tests here and wished for nothing more than to return the pain tenfold. It began to whisper promises to him soon after.

The voice would give him freedom and power if he would do but one thing. The Anduwin had champions in the world outside who helped delude people in to believing that the Anduwin were good and just. He wanted him to smah these delusions so that he could finally have the strength to undo the wrongs of the Anduwin in this world.
The goliath agreed to the deal as he had no reason to refuse such an offer. The shadow whispered that the chance would come the next time he was on the killing floor. For the first time in along time he was afraid. Afraid that it would never work, that this was all in his head but the shadow reassured him that he would guide him and provide him the strength for the escape and the tasks to follow after.

Not soon enough the day he was on the killing floor came and so he stood in the center waiting for his salvation. Just when he thought it wasn’t meant to be the shadows cast by the lights coalesced and formed in to creatures that attacked everyone around him while a familiar voice beckoned for him to follow its directions.
Through twisting hallways he was led and he began to notice he was being led higher and higher. Each hallway he took seemed unnaturally clear but he could hear the sounds of fighting from other areas around him. Bursting through a set of doors he was met with sunlight and it made him pause as he had not felt it in such a long time its touch felt unnatural. He could not savor the moment for long as he was blasted off the mountain top by some force. He only caught a glimpse of the source which seemed to be a man shaped person surrounded in light as he fell.

His escape seemed short lived at that moment until shadows encompassed him blocking his vision. When they cleared he lay on grass that seemed soft as feathers to him. He was finally free and the whispering voice had saved him once more. It was time to pay it back for everything.
For the next couple of years he took to mercenary work and blood sports to earn money and
information on the Anduwin champions and any survivors of the hell he was able to escape. Eventually he was offered a job as muscle for moving a person of interest. At first he was going to turn it down but a whisper reached his ear telling him this would be a big step towards his revenge against the Anduwin.

Retirement & Death

428 has often gone for a walk by himself, and this has resulted in various things happening or going wildly wrong. This will no doubt be no exception. He left the party, and he was’t alone, with the dark whispering influences of the yuan ti to further corrupt him, he found his master commanded him to defend the person he originally sort to kill, the Emperor himself. During a lengthy fight, he was dispatched by Granuaile.