There was once a boundless empire in the sky, but then came the spark that ignited fury, and the empire came crashing down.
Then came the second spark which sores across the sky, and birthed the isle of life.
Then the dreams of the living outgrew what was meant to be given, and in turn they day was surrendered to darkness.
Now we lay in wait for the third and final spark, which will rupture that which we made, and bring The Darkness to a close.
The Final Moments of the Emperor, as the Anduwin avatars arrive to pay their respects


The campaign focuses on  the explorations of the party as they navigate the mysteries of the Anduwin, and fight the evil that has spread in their absence. The first act, takes place on Menosophia exclusively, whereas the second and third acts  take place in Menosophia and the surrounding universe.


Below are the current players in the campaign

Level 8

Aasimar samurai

A sellsword with a long history. He travelled with his trusted compainion Patch until the end of the conflict with the greyborn, discovering his heritage as a halfborn, born of a greyborn mother, Venraka. He now traverse the world of menosophia as the Ambassador for Maurdorne or the grey empire trying to heal and mend those bridges burnt and broken by the conflict that laid before it.

Level 8

Half-Orc Fighter (Eldritch Knight)

Granuaille was born to two half-orcs but never knew her father as he was lost to the war. She grew up on a turnip farm with her mother who taught her the ways to defend herself and use her strength to its maximum. Intelligent for her kind there was always a slight difference to Granuaille and this difference manifested when she joined the army and her magic came out during training. She was enlisted into the Bladed-Magi, a division of the army that mixed magic and physical combat. She served loyally and was there at the battle of Bosney Bay. Her time in the army came to an end shortly after the ceasefire started and she started picking up mercenary work, keeping her magical gifts a secret where possible. She was enlisted to help a resistance to the Greyborn and has remained with this group ever since earning a title and land along the way.

Level 8

Protector Aasimar Sorcerer (Divine Soul)

Orryon is the oldest child of Darlenma Talli, a notable physician within Bukka Mortaine. Although he appears elven in nature, recent events suggest this may not be the case. From an early age, Orryon and his twin sister Oriyanna showed skills in magic and an aptitude for healing. They spent years training within the Temple of Vollabuke to further their magical skills, but Orryon always preferred healing using natural means- potions, poultices, dressings and wraps.

When the war came, Darlenma and his children (then 18 years old) were stationed to provide medical aid to the soldiers. Orryon saw true horrors the day the Orion opened fire. He spent much of the war moving between various camps, and offering what aid he could, and his skills increased by necessity rather than anything else.

Act I

The Maurdornie Invasion

Act II

A Tale of Two Empires