A group of privateers have been awarded contracts to collect a package from the wreckage of a crashed Nether Skimmer. The group has been hired by The Soulant Company- the ruling party of Dastria, under Dawnikan control. Their business encroaching on Netheranian territories for some time. 

The package they are to collect is said to be contained in “one small suitcase” and may potentially be “leaking”. The job is straight forward with the contractors allowed to keep anything else they find, and a further payment of 20, 000 gold pieces each upon their successful return. 


Agent Toot-Toot of the Autumn Court; a fairy roguish spell caster, with orange sunset skin, and a green ponytail

Gregorio Creed; a half elf, half orc is a firearms specialist, with a scarred face and a grudge to settle.

Skorons; a yuan-ti artificer, who specialised in magical devices and alchemical solutions.

Thurmund Spearbreaker; a dwarven abjuration wizard, with a no nonsense attitude, having been kicked off his magical police force.

You Will Be Avenged; a kenku bounty hunter who swore an oath of vengeance against the beast who stole his clutch. 

The Adventure Begins…

The party have been loaned the HMS Hammer’s End by the Soulant company. We join the party en route to the HMS Lancer, were the packages is stored within the hold. The Captain, Hans Christian Anderson, of the Lancer had logged a route and showed to ship to have traversed the universe including a plan to perform the Dante Boomerang, before slingshotting back towards its main destination. Before the party set off, the were played two messages; the first from Captain Anderson arriving in the Dante system. The second again from the captain suspecting something has “got out” as well as a clawing and scratching before the message cuts out. The party are told their primary goal is to retrieve the package, with secondary objectives to rescue senior crew, and kill junior crew. The Hammer’s End ship is fully automated and after a month of travel through space, the party wake, take their food and hear a beep. The ship is due to land within the next thirty minutes. Each of the group preps their equipment and readies for the landing. 

Suddenly, the lights turn red, and flash. Warning sirens sound. “Impact Imminent”. Toot-Toot takes the the sky, to float and avoid any impact, seeing this, You Will Be Avenged takes position on his flying broom to also avoid the impact. A scratching like teeth claws the side of the ship, and spins it, inverting it to the wrong angle. Creed runs in the turn to the bulkhead, and straps himself into the harnessed seats. Skorons hides themselves under the nearest bed, and pads bedding and duvets around, to safeguard the various potions about their person. The ship rolls for a time, but each of the party is steady, and eventually the rolling comes to a stop. As it does, several vials of liquids and drinks have pooled together. The droplets of fluid begin to rise upwards slowly. Collected in a peculiar way on what was the floor, but now appears as the roof. Agent Toot-Toot floats towards the liquid and peers at it through his magnifying glass. In his investigation, he sees the fluid is water, or urine, and all drinks from onboard. It ripples slightly, as though bouncing on a speaker, and the liquid begins to heat up. He warns the group to keep their distance, due to the increasing temperature. Toot Toot backs up, leaving Creed in the buckled in seat alone at one end of the vessel, upside down. He punches the release, jumps down and asks if anyone knows how to pilot the ship manually. The wall of the ship around him is heating up, and eventually a small bubble of orange red fizzles into the ships side, before it pops and red, orange and black lava slow spills into the ship. The lava spills further into the ship as Creed activate his boots of flying, and moves down into the end of the vessel. At the end of the ship, Skorons and Creed try to force the door open, whilst Thurmund and You Will Be Avenged (who they now refer to as Youba) stack beds and furniture as a wall to slow the tide of lava. Creed takes out a crowbar, but is unable to get any purchase on the ship airlock doors to open them. Seeing this failure, Skorons takes out a set of tinkers tools, and begins to try to figure out the mechanism. He spies a small red button, and is able to activate it, and the door release triggers. On the other side it is dim, smoggy. Before moving into the clearer area, Thurmund rushes for a packet or crisps – a tube of prongles. 

Stepping beyond the vessel, each feels a strange tingling down their spine, as though someone was stepping on their grave. As Thurmund steps through the doorway, the group is shifted to a dark, rocky place. With a faint orange glow, the tingle returns to the group. Thurmund spots a small baby’s cradle 25ft before him. A huge worm screeches as three beasts crawl out of the cradle and writhe around. Youba rushes in, and strikes the nearest worm with his morningstar, whilst Creed flies into the sky, and unleashes a barrage of gunshots from his blaster. Creed’s first shot destroys a worm. As the worm dies, all of the bones in the area rise to life. About half of them appear to be loyal to Creed, the others, not so much. Seeing this, Thurmund moves and conjures a fireboat at the nearest worm. His spell flies wide and in the chaos, Thurmund feels his remaining magical power weaken, but his magical skills improve. Agent Toot-Toot joins Creed 30ft up and directs his crossbow at a worm, sinking a bolt into the beast, and at the same time, Skorons takes out a stone from his pack. He empowers the stone with the magical oder of a larger worm, preparing to throw it, to lure the foes away. When his spell is cast, another cradle appear, and three more worms roar and begin to crawl outward. A worm slithers towards Thurmund and strikes with critical ferocity, but thanks to the dwarfs armour, the damage from the strike isn’t as fatal as it might have been. Other worm begins to maul one of the skeleton mobs, whilst another skeleton cries out “for Creed” aiming to hurt anything that threatens its master. It hurls a firebolt a worm, and the magic around him fizzles, as the skeleton is granted a wish that Creed wasn’t being attacked. The wish effects the worms, and all enemy skeletons as they are removed from existence. Another pulse of chaos shrinks a skeleton to one tenth its original size. The battle is over.

The allied skeletons approach Creed as he descends from the sky, and warn that the group should get out of the cold of their magic will not be much use. As he talks, his voice changes access and dialects multiple times. Creed asks if the skeleton knows of the HMS Lancer. It is reported something crashed long long ago, and barely anything is left on the surface now. Several years past. The skeletons offer to lead the party forward towards the crash site. 

As the travel forward, they approach a ravine with lava flowing at its base. A rickety bridge or slatted wood spans the expanse, and near to the bridge is a body. Thurmund approaches it, and rolls it over. The body is wide eyed, and has a charred face. The man – not dead – lets out a maniacal laugh. “He can see you” he repeats, “in the corner” and warning the group not to move any further in this place. Thurmund drops the man, deciding he is too unhinged and of no further use to the group. As Thurmund goes to leave, the man draws a small wand, staying “don’t go to him”. Creed and Thurmund spot this happening, and are both able to react before the wand is cast. Creed turns and fires, trying to shoot the mans hand off. He manages this, and a spray of crimson fills the sky, before the hand and wand roll off to the side. The man bleeds out from his wound and quickly passes from his life. Whilst Thurmund walks towards the wand, Agent Toot-Toot conjures his invisible mage hand, and takes possession of the wand. As the magical hand is cast, chaos waves over the area, and in that moment, a travelling trader known as Johan Garbunkle appears. He seems unsure how he got here, and creed, in suspicion aims a gun at the trader. Thurmund asks if everyone simple pops into existence here, but the trader replied he was called to offer a trade and then he can return to wherever he came from. Thurmund trades for a Hill Giant Strength potion, and in exchange for this potion, a piece of Thurmunds soul is drawn into Johan. In retaliation, Thurmund strikes Johan with his warhammer, whilst the trader raises his arms and begins to vanish from this plane. 

Meanwhile, Skorons and Toot-Toot fly across the bridge. Youba joins them crossing the ravine. Seeing this, Creed also flies across, and by now, four of the group can see a strange deer creature on the other side, standing and staring towards the group, batting lovely eyelashes forwards. Seeing his compatriots far ahead, Thurmund walks the ravine, as do two of the skeletons. Extending his divine senses, Youba sense the presence of a fiend before the group, at the location of the deer. “Theres a snake in my boot” he explains whilst pointing at the deer. Creed interprets this as Youba sensing something and towards the deer, and warns Thurmund. The dwarf doesn’t know where else to go, and so the elf/orc suggest use of rope. Thurmund appears to have forgotten he possess any rope, but by being reminded, he beings to make use of this, to avoid the deer.

Skorons flies just a bit higher than the bridge and reaches level with the ledge, a few feet higher than this. He takes a magical stone from his pack, and presses the stone. “This is a distraction” rings out from the stone, speaking within 10ft of the pebble. Pressing the stone, and drawing on this magic, chaos sweeps over again, this time a pack of 8 small cats appear in the air around Skorons swearing fealty to him. As they appear, the cats get too close to the deer. The deer rears up and says “swim with us”. Saying this, the deer and all beings within 10ft of it teleport to the lava and float within in. The fire burns Skorons and the felines, as the deer laughs. In the laughter, each of the cats burns away, sinking as a judgement day moment occurs. 

Agent Toot-Toot spies a dwarf sleeping in a cave, lower then the bridge. The fairy stealthily flies down to the man. On closer inspection, this man has been here for a long time, as his overalls are dirty, and his face is smeared with green paste, but beyond knowing the paste is a moss, Toot-Toot is unsure what it is. Toot-Toot takes the man’s gas mask and see the initials H.Christian Anderson, realising this man must be the captain of the ship. He pokes the man with his conjured mage hand, and the metal within 500ft of this spell rusts away aggressively. As the metal flakes away, Creed rescues his tinkers tools, with a mending spell, but all his other items daily. Youba’s armour and weapons rust away, as does his shield. Skorons checks his items and is mostly alright, though his arcane focus has faltered. From Creed’s mending spell, chaos ripples and a beam of light splits the sky like a lightning bolt. He attempts to move away, but cannot avoid it. He is accidentally struck by a photon laser, empowering his dexterity, innate strength, intelligence, and all his other abilities. 

Following the multiple waves of chaos, the now identified Captain Hans Christian Anderson speaks to Toot-Toot, and begs the fairy to save the men, who are huddled further into the ruined ship. He has little to offer the fairy to help, as all his possessions have now rested. All except a vial of honey liquid, brewed in Istria, close to the heart of the Dawnikan Empire. The elixir can grant a level of invulnerability to whoever drinks it, for a time. Toot-Toot learns that some of the ship’s cargo is safe. The ores, minerals and magical materials. But the “something else” got out. Toot-Toot thanks the captain for the potion, and begins to fly away, but the captain points into the cave, begging again that the men should be saved. Toot-Toot calls to the others, and alerts that the cave is the way forward. Thurmund ties on his rope, but the tackle and hooks are rusted. He belays himself down to the ledge and the captain. Beneath the ledge, the deer continues to swim in the lava urging anyone to swim with it. Creed flies down to the level and Toot-Toot, Thurmund and Creed are united. Skorons and Youba continuing northward, in the direction that the ship is rumoured to be. 

Creed tries to interpret the captain’s motives for getting the group underground, but senses nothing malicious in him. Creed asks the captain why he has green moss over his face, and the captain says it helps protect against the radiation, which is leaking from the ship’s engine. As the captain says this the deer repeats its “come swim with us” and then like a chameleon fires its tongue out at the captain, sticking him, and dragging him into the lava. Melting the green mad dwarf nearly instantly. Learning about the radiation, Creed warns its a poison. Toot-Toot drinks a vial of protection from toxin to safeguard against the radiation, whilst Thurmund casts a protection from energy spell over himself. The chaos around them heats up again, as Thurmund’s protective spell and his warding barrier take hold. In his mind, he learns of ancient arcane knowledge, to bend reality once to whatever he wishes. 

Above ground, Youba and Skorons come across what appears to be an exhaust port which lost to the be ship, and be buried over the course of years. The port gives way towards the interior of the ship. The unlikely duo. “Its quiet up town” says Youba. Skorons doesn’t reply, but is very very quietly mumbling to himself. He seems slightly unhinged. The two move upwards, advancing slowly. The corridors around them are rusted, and ever so often smeared with blood. The rust is thinner in places, and feet and boots rarely, but sometimes push through the metal plated floor. The duo move stealthily along the rusted routes, keen to avoid whatever caused the blood smears. 

On the other side of the ship, Thurmund volunteers to enter the ship first, as he feels he is now protected from radiation. Creed encouraged the group to move quickly, to not prolong their exposure to radiation. There are red flashing lights all around the vessel. Creed knows this ship is of Dawnikan origin, and that if the crew were alive, they would be in the living pools – water places where they would be more comfortable. The lighting level within this ship appears normal for how Dawnkians prefer it to be. Toot-Toot hovers 5ft above the floor to avoid putting pressure on the rusted ground. 

Each of the two teams think to try and recall the layout of the vessel, thinking back to maps they saw before their mission started. Toot-Toot and Creed struggle to recall too much, but the others have a strong recollection of the layout. Skorons in fact knows the cargo bay is located to the south, with the crew holds. Each team moves, with at least one person in each failing to be suitably stealthy. Feet crunch rust, or push through the floor and connect with pipes, causing a ringing to resonate throughout the ship. A roar and skittering is heard in response. Similar, if not the same as what was heard on the recording. 

Creed’s team continue to press southwards, still accompanied by a number of loyal skeletons. Creed and Thurmund spot one of the skeletons be caught and pulled into the vents to one side, crushed and its unlife snuffed out. Around the same time, at a corridor intersection between where Creed’s group is, and Skoron’s current location the ceiling bends, as pipes and metalwork give way to a large creature. Its scorpion like in nature with fang and a stinging tail. It has glaring yellow eyes, staring outward. The skittering continues as more beasts are thought to be present. This is a guardian class Umberhulk, which Toot-Toot and Thurmund suspect indicate there will be more about, and even a larger threat. It howls but Creed unleashes two shots directly at the beast. Having punctured it, he side steps to avoid a potential charge. Toot-Toot takes steady aim with his crossbow, and fires the bolt deadly aim rings true. The beast steps forward into the light, revealing its darkened carapace to be leaking a purple ooze. Thurmund ignites his tinderbox, warns his allies to shield their eyes, and prepares to cast fireworks at the beast. Youba hears the beast but cannot see, so fires his laser pistol into the dark twice, missing both times, calling out “do you fear death”. Skorons conjures a protective spell over himself. The chaos grows. It ripples and looks to be about to pull the atmosphere away for a full day, but Youba’s ring pulses and changes the chaos. A swath of silvery vines erupt before the umberhulk, and the area around it, creating a zone which is difficult to traverse. Skorons continues to advance, upwards floating and with intention to punch his way through the metal walls. The ceiling buckles as a second hulk falls through, and unleashes a barrage into Youba. The first hulk attempts to strike Thurmund, but the wizard finishes his fireworks spell to blind the beast. The beast claws into Thurmund’s protective ward, and so the mage takes no damage. One of Creed’s skeletons casts a fireball to burn off the vines, and the hulk – the explosion breaks away the flooring, and immolates the vines. The skeleton’s spines vibrate as the chaos sweeps again, feeding off the magic being cast, as the skeleton grows a pair of skeletal wings flying for a time, rather than just levitating. Creed looks down the barrel of his gun, closing one eye to improve his aim, as he fires a shot into he hulk’s mouth. the shot comes out the other side, and the beast slumps down, defeated. The radiation of the beast continues to leak out, and splatter over Thurmund, with him stood so close to it. The liquid is a purple tar like glue. Thrumund begins to feel his mind loosen, and become more unhinged. Creed continues to press his attack, floating forward, and witching to his light carbine. He takes aim and pulls the trigger, striking directly into the jugular vein of the foe. Ichor from the hulk sprays around it. Toot-Toot moves forward, flying, his fairy wings beating like a humming bird, as he avoids incoming attacks and continues to try to reach the objective. Thurmund considers his options and decides against casting spells, realising that magic seems to draw that chaos feeling. The wizard dashes across the weakened floor, as he does so, Youba utters a Vow of Enmity at the beast harassing him, and tries to fire his only remaining weapon at the beast, missing twice. Youba flees from this hulk, and claws into the kenku, but as he claws, the wizard extends his protective ward over the paladin, preventing the damage. 

Skorons drinks of his potent potion of invisibility and continues with his plan to reach “the package”. as he drinks this, an entity has been called forth from the aether – Discussion Man. Skorons strikes the wall, but it is far from a quiet assault. In the rusted state, the wall begins to crumble. The hulk pursues Youba, and strikes twice into the paladin, easily hitting him, now that his armour has rusted away. The winged skeleton flies forward and begins to cast a fireball to incinerate the hulk, and Discussion Man, avoiding Youba. The fire burns but both foes remain burned but alive. Creed fires his lighter weapon again cutting bullet wounds into the hulk. As he does so, another wave of chaos washes through the skeleton warrior. A small mouthy child appears, mouthing off against all of the group. The child’s appearance is so startling that each party member immediately attacks it. Creed rounds his aim on the child, and fires – knocking the boy out, obliterating him and removing him of all possible life. As the child’s life is snuffed out, Creed senses he has somehow ended the plot and fabric of reality, which changes how Creed answers questions. He can now only answer a question with the answer to the previous question. Toot-Toot flies over to Youba and offers him a dagger, as he has no weapon. The kenku thanks (in his own way) “I have a particular set of skills”. 

Thurmund continues to rush across the rusted floor and encounters a drider, who threatens Thurmund thinking the wizard is here to steal from the Terrans. It clacks its arachnid legs on the floor and readies its attack. Youba mounts his broom, and flies to be between Toot-Toot and Thurmund, trying to keep these allies who protected him, and armed him, within his own divine aura. Skorons advances as another umberhulk approaches Thurmund. The Drider slams her staff into the rusted ground shouting “embarrass chaos”, and the magic waves across her, stripping her of her highest magical powers. The skeleton floats forward, and reaches at the drider to try to electrocute the foe, unleashing more magic. The spell misses its target, but the chaos magic causes the skeleton’s hands to double in size for a time. Creed flies forward, the mercurial wings on his boots flapping to hold him aloft above the rusted floor. He fires again, and again and again into the newest threat; the drider. Agent Toot-Toot pops the cap on his elixir of invulnerability, and drinks it, he is surrounded by a divine chorus briefly before he flies closer to the drider. Thurmund also drinks a potion, to imbue him with heroism to aid his battle. As the magic of the potion takes hold, a part of his soul is drawn from him, and forms into a strange energy around him. This energy becomes a humanoid – Dank Man; sworn to protect Thurmund. The wizard then extends his magic to a thunderous shatter of magic at the drider, trying to use force of thunderous might to break the floor, and cause the spidery threat to fall. The drider falls a single foot through the rusted gaps. In the explosion, Thurmund spots straps of leather, and a buckle, like those of a suitcase. In the debris, is a weird black crystal which floats for a moment, then falls through the hole, leaving a hole in the floor where it fell. Dank Man dashes forward and attempt to seize the drider’s legs. Youba drinks his potent potion of haste to help his final assault. The kenku is sped up, and a portion of his soul pulled form him, forming into an amorphous beast of multiple characters. The form shifts from a white furred feline, a blue serpentine being, and a golden skinned elf- Characterton appears in service to Youba. The bounty hunter slices three times into the drider, each time imbuing the dagger with divine magic, and on his final strike, forcing the blade into a critical point, funnelling more and more radiant power to burn the drider’s body. Chaos sweeps through, forcing Youba to only speak using Yes or No, then forcing Thurmund to take the effects of a chaos wave, the floor turns to lava, melting more of the floor away, before Youba is gifted a mote of chaos magic which floats about his feathers, waiting to be used later. He then command Characterton to deal with the remaining umberhulk. The white furred feline is nervous about attacking, but the blue skinned woman is aggressive, hissing to just fight and follow orders, whilst the golden skinned man urges the rest of Characterton to take action and save as many lies as possible. 

At this time Skorons enters the chamber, and looking around he can see the remains of an exploded suitcase, though he remains unseen, thanks to his invisibility potion. Seeing the lava, Skorons casts a spell over himself, granting him the ability to walk over water, hoping it will protect him from the lava. A now familiar wave of chaos energy builds but doesn’t immediately take effect. The final skeleton drops his stave, but with his enlarge fists, he attempts to beat down into the umberhulk. His fists charged with magical lightning, but he misses. Magical chaos opens a wormhole and reveals a balding dwarf, who claims to know the way out, with a map from a prestigious cartography guild. As the wormhole closes, he falls directly into the lava and screams as he melts away. The hulk itself begins to suffer damaging effects from the lava but as it does, he strikes into the skeleton. The claws strike with fury, removing the necromantic anti-life from the skeleton. 

The Drider begins to sink further into the lava, and seems to know its time is limited. It reaches for Youba to try to inflict wounds, but the spell strikes an illusionary duplicate of the bounty hunter. Chaos washes through in a faster wave now, and causes the drider to grow two additional arms, but the weight of these pushes it fully into the lava, and snuffs out its life-force, leaving it unable to take anyone with it, as it dies. Creed moves forward again, and fires twice at the hulk, but only hits once this time. He continues to float above the lava, must like Toot-Toot, Youba and the invisible Skorons. The fast wave of chaos strikes again. Rumbling from above echo through the empties halls of the ship, and the sounds of lightning beat overhead. The ship rocks’ s though in a storm, and waves of different shade of purple energy pulse all around. Toot-Toot moves over at speed to the hole where there crystal fell, and looking down, sees it settled on the lava, calmly, not burning or taking damage from the intense heat. Toot-Toot cannot magically lift it, so moves through to pick it up manually. As his skin touches the crystal, he feels a voice in his mind, which says “finally, a vessel” as Toot-Toot is placed under a magical geas to follow the crystal voice’s orders. The voice compels Toot-Toot to “kill the kenku”. And as its spell takes effect, the atmosphere around the ship vanishes for the next ten minutes. Toot-Toot casts invisibility over himself, vanishing from sight, and at the same time a childhood friend of Toot-Toot appears, with an altered, and maniacal unfriendly vibe. The ogre from the Autumn Court appears, and laughing, suffocates due to not holding his breath in the lack of atmosphere. 

Thurmund surrounded by magically summoned coins burns from the conducted heat of the lava. He fails to keep the concentration on his protection from energy spell, but is able to haul himself out of the pile of melting copper pieces. He cannot spot a purple hue where he last saw the crystal. He presumes that the lava has melted the crystal and the mission is a failure, whilst mentally instructing Dank Man to deal with the umberhulk, and preparing to escape the ship. He shouts out that the mission has faired, and tells that he will save whoever get to him first. He tries to cast his wish spell, but in that moment, the chaos encapsulates the spell, altering the wording from Wish, to Wash, changing the effect of the spell. A powerful surge of magic bends reality, as Thurmund wishes the ship to be transported to the destination the group set out from, but the changed spell supersedes this. The ship lifts, away form the lava, and dirt. The party see there are windows, as it rises up. The ship moves through space to the port it was destined towards. Its inhabitants moved with it, their minds washed clean, with no memory of the experience. With Toot-Toot unable to recall the geas, he cannot take action to kill the kenku, and still being invulnerable, takes not backlash psychic damage. 

Eventually, junkers arrive at the ship, and the party are taken to the Soulant Company, their memories washed away. After a series of interrogations, the company believe each of the party members has taken the crystal for themselves, and so they are imprisoned in various places, to live out their days.

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