This time on the Anduwin Chronicles….

Immediately after the assault at the penthouse, a swath of Greyborn burst into the apartment, shouting orders in Dornish to secure the VIPs in the building. A large scared Greyborn walks in behind, and finishes the orders. Several group members recognise this individual as Aspal, who has been charged with yeilderon security, as well as protection of the ambassador. He pushes his was towards Abraxos. When he reaches the samurai, he grabs the warrior by the shoulders, pulls him in to a brotherly embrace, and places their foreheads together, pleased to learn of he samurais survival. He profusely apologises for the intruders getting past him. Abraxos requests healing for Cato, and a Greyborn with a large healing satchel approaches. This individual is called Taigon. He applies herbs and crystal before holding a hand over Cato’s wounds. When he hand is lifted, the wound sinfully closed. The healer shyly withdraws after his healing. Orryon thanks this man for assisting his new ally. 

Aspals eyes look over his long time friends, granuaile, brant, abraxos and orryon. He focuses his attention on Brant and greets him with some surprise. He is pleased to see Brant and his associates again. He thanks Brant and his friends for the part they played in building a better people. Aspal declares these individuals to be friends of the Greyborn, and warns that others in the homeland may not be so welcoming. Learning that non of the intruders yet live, Aspal approaches a body, and tears its armour off, revealing a large black hand and fist, tattooed into scales. He confirms they are from the clan of the Iron Fist. They have some cells and agents within the city. Aspal wonders if they knew the group was returning to the city, while Brant suspects that the intrusion may have been opportune to await the return. 

The group deliberates whether they should pursue the iron fist to a known hide out, or if this would be too dangerous. Aspal gives information about a club, known as the Smoking Rat where these agents are strongly rumoured to be using as a base. Aspal also warns of a single long humanoid rat that rose up out of district four, but that nothing has come out of district four for a long time. Abraxos tells that the districts, one, two, three and four are the walled off sections of the ground zero battle zone in front of the monolith. 

The group discusses which course of action would be best. Brant and Orryon are keen to avoid the iron fist, as non Greyborn vigilantes tackling the problem would not be well received. They both vote towards the monolith, Pliskin task, and this new rumour of a rat man in district four. Eventually, the agree to continue the mission towards the monolith. Brant suggests the blue vials might offer some protection against the dark forces that pour out of the ancient tomb. 

Night falls, and the city comes to Life. The search lights fade and buildings begins to sparkle with nocturnal activity. Aspal tells Cato he can recognise the mage is being hunted, before he takes his leave, wishing the wizard to stay safe and be careful. Aspal leaves, and the party settles to take a rest for the night. In his own room, Cato detects magic over the lashings of blood he has lost, hoping to learn of a magical trail of his being hunted. However, he senses nothing specific. He turns to his arcane books, and learn of be romantic and sanguinistic powers to trace individuals through a single drop of blood. Learning this, he spends his evening practicing illusions to replicate the tracking sense, and adding it into his illusions. He starts to cast his usual evening illusions over himself, hiding under his magic. 

In her own room, Siala returns to spending time with the leaf she found in the park earlier that day. The solid silver leaf has a weight, and is almost singing a quiet tune when she listens in. She feels this item has a strong connection to the wild, and the realms beyond. 

Abraxos takes the blue vial, on Brant’s suggestion, and drinks it before his own rest. Following it up with a non alcoholic chaser. In his room, he is visited by a dream. The rushing of planets and elements, eventually faced with a beautiful figure of blue light. She gives the impression of honesty and willingness to answer a question. Abraxos asks to be told he tale of everything about his parents, leading up to him. The Exalted pauses, pondering, before an answer is given. She seems to be wandering through the samurai’s memories, to learn and be able to give some help to Abraxos. At first, he sees a well adorned solider. A male templar. High ranking. Holding a torch and moving down long dark steps. He continues, until the steps open out into a metal chamber. Above him is a massive central and mechanical column. The ceiling is broken, with shards of metal falling in. The man turns and speaks to someone, unseen, asking what is this place. The vision changes, swirled away. Next that same man is in a room, arguing with six other men of his rank of templar. Long golden plumbs of material billow to the floor. He accuses the. Of heresy, and then tears of a symbol, throws it to the ground and tells the others he will go to fight, as he expects they should be. The dream ends, and Abraxos wakes briefly, before he settles in again. 

Dawn comes, and the party wakes. The Empress has sent a breakfast delegation to Abraxos and his guests. A selection of meats and honeyed vegetables are brought and prepared. The dine communally. Orryon asks Krint for suggestion of markets, or tourist attractions. He suggests Gorgant’s Emporium. Granuaile moves her ring of Finding to Abraxos, as he needs to stay and wait for the ratman delegate. The rest head down a layer to the Emporium. 

Stoven arranges travel to the mid layer via dreadbat. Most buildings at this level look to be metallic tree shapes, with large pointed canopies. They soon reach the place known as the Emporium of Dank Fortune. Stoven bids them farewell, as he has been barred. Within, the department store sign indicates four floors, Bloodsport, Non Bloodsport, Squeamish, Jingle. An attendant explains these may be fights, to wound, or to the death, or more arcade entertainment. Granuaile finds she can bed, or volunteer a champion. The attendant even volunteers information that the party can compete as a whole team, under one banner. The party choose Jingle, as the safest option to start with, and are lead upstairs. 

Cato and Orryon sit at a table, ready to gamble cards. After betting a gold piece each, they are slide two stone tablet cards. Cato doesn’t seem to get the game as quick as Orryon, who wins a hand. They keep playing, and Orryon wins a much larger hand. However, frustrated with the loss, one Greyborn opponent upturns the table, sending coin everywhere. Cato takes some money, and Orryon claims some in the scramble for coin. They leave and Orryon explains the game to the mage. Meanwhile, Granuaile attends a table to an arm wrestle. The current winner is very offensive again half-orcs. Cato joins the table, and arranges for Granuaile to wrestle at a cost of 50 gold, at 4:1 odds. She takes position, and grips his hand. A weakening effect pulls on her, but she resists whatever magical effect it was. Her opponent spots Brant in the crowd and is distracted at the moment that they struggle with physical might. The half orc tenses her shoulder and manages to beat back the Greyborn wrestler with ease. Siala finds a booth where hand axes are being thrown. She approaches and agrees to try this test of strength in battle. She is allowed to use her bow in this strength of arm, spirit and honour. She fires and misses the centre of the large log brought as her target. A moderate damaging chunk cut out by her shot, but not enough to win. She fires again with double or nothing odds, and lands a critical hit at her centre of the target. As her arrow connects, it withers and then erupts in a green leafy flash. The log bursting in an arcane shatter. All the winnings are paid out and as they settle up, a message is brought to the party that Abraxos is ready to meet with the ratman, known as Ofrid city gates. 

And that’s where we left off…