This week in the Anduwin Chronicles…

In the aftermath of our battle, and in the cave situated on the outskirts of Kantra, our party, our rescuers and Stenton in the body of the High Elf the conversation dies down, we begin to address our wounds, with Abraxos leading the way through use of his medicine kit. The healing done, we settle to sleep. Our saviours leave the cave, as the woman waves her hands, and a blue shimmer coats the entrance, keeping the warmth within. The night passes with a strange sensation, of complete peace of mind. Several of our magically gifted team can sense a protective enchantment over the cave, but a stronger spell over the area to where Kantra is.

As we wake, we feel a sense of additional vitality and magical energy empowering us. All of h party who can use magic feel stronger, and a deeper bond with their various magical items. Patch goes to check on Karl, who is also feeling the benefits of the rest. The paladin is fully recovered. After a simple breakfast, Granuelle tries the barrier and passes through the shimmer. The icy wind immediately strikes her, and she draws back into the warm within the cave and the shield. We discuss what our options are, and if we should head to the village. Granuelle warns that we were told we wouldn’t be allowed within. She practices with her new blade and Patch reacts to this, not realising she has cleansed its evil. A discussion happens between Patch and Brant, and the halfling leaves the cave, and begins to examine the world for illusions which may be cast over this place. The blade wades through the snow which isn’t nearly as deep as he is tall, but does accidentally trip over stone steps. A wave of near drunken dizziness overcomes him, and forces him to stumble. He pushes and walks through an invisible barrier which seems to be as thick as treacle.

Back in the cave we agree to wait half an hour for our rescuers to return. Time passes, but they don’t show up. We set off, and Abraxos, Granuelle and Kavan begin to search for Brant’s route. Through the blizzard, it’s near impossible, but Kavan seems to spot something no one else did. We follow the possible route, until it stops suddenly, with Kavan almost tripping over something low and invisible. He looks through his arcane eye, and detects there is a large illusion over the place. Knowing this is an illusion the Image falters and Kavan steps through. The rest of us just see the shadow mage stepping seemingly into solid stone. Collectively we walk through, and down the now visible stone stairs. Karl is knocked by a wave of nausea, and vomits nearly immediately. Kavan and Patch feels pounding headaches, but the other make it through without difficulty.

After a short while, the sickness passes, and we turn to blizzard wildly crashing against the invisible barrier, but not passing through. At the crest of the mountain, we come across an arch with a magical sign carved into it. The sign is written in no discernible language, but is somehow readable by all of us.

“The Holy City of Kantra” is clearly spelled out to us. Beyond the sign, what was described as a small village, is actually a large and thriving city with temples and commerce evident. When we reach the peak, and the gate, Brant is waiting for us, aware that we are not allowed to enter the city. We reunited the party of The Outsiders, now can see the shimmering barrier cast through the gateway into the city.

Seeing no other way forward, and the mountain beyond, Lady Granuelle steps through, hoping this barrier doesn’t make her ill again. She clings onto a hope for finding a way through to the mountain. As soon as she steps across the gate way, she vanishes from sight. Seeing his employer vanish, Kavan steps through, searching for Granuelle. Karl steps forth and crosses as Granuelle’s bodyguard. The other two also vanish.

Back at the gate, Brant spots an old, and rusted bronze bell, and rings this for a few seconds and waits with Abraxos and Patch. We stand waiting. A minute passes by and a mirror flies through the shimmering gate. The mirror is beautifully decorated, and turns to face Brant. On the mirror is the face of a generic looking elf, with no identifiable or discerning features.

“Yes?” The face starts in an irritated voice.
“Erm, hello…” Brant begins but is interrupted.
“We have not had someone use the old way in a long time. We apologise for taking a while to get to you.”
“What’s the new way?” The bard enquires.
“Your heart, valour and qualities. Everything about you will be assessed. We will then decide if you are worthy or not.”
Brant waits, processing this warning before asking, “can I go around without being judged? I need to get over to that mountain”
“You wish to pass through Kantra?” The elf asks.
“Is there another way around?”
“By sea yes, but by land no” is the only response.
Past her timidly steps up, and the mirror shifts now to face the cat, close to his personal space.
“Oh right, yes, hello” Patch stutters, “you mentioned we would be judged?”
“Indeed” replies the elf.
“A smart security measure I’m sure”. It is at this moment that we realise the mirror isn’t speaking any particular language, but can be unstood by all. “What would be the outcome of the judgement?” The archeologist continues.
“Entrance” says the mirror, “or exit. We can take you to where you desire to go. Or we can let you in”
A brief pause as the wind blows through. “I see” Patch whispers, thinking.
The mirror continues to explain, “if you turn out to not have heart, or positive qualities, will lead just move you somewhere else”
Having had an idea, Patch seeks to clarify one thing. “If we have heart and wish to enter the city, we would potentially be able to. If we don’t have heart but we’d wish to get elsewhere, we will be exited elsewhere?”
“Yes, as I said in my first statement” the mirror curtly replies.
“I did just like to clarify, one moment” Patch says to the mirror as he turns to Abraxos and Brant, “I believe that this is probably the best way through if we just walk through. Then either way we will gt to where we need to go” he turns back to the mirror, “that’s correct yes?”
Increasingly annoyed the mirror repeats itself, “yes, as I said in my first statement”
Hearing this, Brant rejoins the dialogue. “Is there a limit on the range?”
“There is no limit”
“So I could just go home?”
“That depends on where you truly want to be”.
The bard pauses as he weighs up his options, allowing the archeologist to step up once more.
“The magic around your waystones, or gate markers, I’m afraid I’m unfamiliar with the correct terms. But erm, well, does it just locate people on either side o than your city? Or well, erm. What does it do?”
“You’re curious” the elf starts but is interrupted by Patch nearly agreeing with his academic and curious nature. “Access is granted first before you learn” warns the elf.
“Right, erm, ok well. Given what you’ve mentioned, in you first statement, I will be with you in a moment” before Patch risks it, and walks through the shimmering shield. Patch is not actually trying to enter Kantra, but after his learnings is trying to use the gate system as a loophole to be deposited on the other side of the city, nearer the mountain.

Brant thinks to his knowledge of the resting place of Y’sair, and if he can visualise this. He hold his hand, through the cloth on the Ice Stone. He holds the stone and thinks of its owner, and his intentions to return the heart to the Anduwin, before stepping through the shimmer.

Abraxos takes a swig of rum, and steps through the shield, with thoughts of being where he needs to be to end this war as soon as possible.

After the shimmering shield is passed, magic influences us. But rather than stepping into the city, we are swept forward at an impossible speed, in darkness, before being ejected on the other side of the city into a snow covered wooden area. The trees are huge and grand, but all are dead and devoid of any life, and leaves. Granuelle appears first, followed by Kavan and Karl, and Patch shortly after. Slightly further away, Brant is outlined by a huge doorway. Stone and brick extending upwards, and a swath of skeletons spread about. Abraxos is not there. Brant steps to one side, and a bone near him crumples into dust and waste. There is a small opening in the door, large enough for a person. As Brant looks down he finds he is still holding the ice stone, but no longer in a protective cloth. The heart is glowing brighter and brighter as it nears its true destination, almost pulling itself further forward.

Far away, Abraxos is on a small island in a stormy sea with a single lighthouse. The structure is out of operation, and starting to fall into the sea. The light structure at the top is caving in, and the waves bite the jaggered shore. He seas ships and weaponary in the distance. What looks to be similar to the Greyborn Gatling guns standing out. A n active emberous area glows and billows out a black soot and smog into the sky from a distant land mass. Black smog billows out of chimneys a ways away. The samurai moves up to the lighthouse, and tries to step through the smog and tar on the ground. He cleans his face and eyes of the smog, and begins making a way to protect himself from the very environment itself. As soon as he steps into he lighthouse, he is greeted with a whispering voice in his mind. He can pinpoint the voice to one corner, and senses a type of curiosity coming through the whispers. As he walks in that direction, he thinks to the voice, that it may be his only way out. Floor boards break and snap, through drying and age. He pulls the floorboards away, and reveals a wrap covering something whispering. The mental voices getting louder and louder. The item is a beautiful and, seemingly made of marble wand. As soon as he sets his eyes on this, the whispering voices stop. Abraxos feels as though he is being assessed, and judged.
“So are you the same as the others? Or are you different?” The samurai says half to itself, and half to the wand. “The others are a lot more chatty”
No answer.
“What are you?”
No answer.
“I need to get back somewhere. There’s a lot that needs to be done. Are you going to help me?”
Stood over the item, Abraxos waits, and is about to leave when the wand moves. Just enough that it may have been the wind, or the uneven floor, or just may be the wand moved itself, rolling very slightly to turn the handle towards Abraxos.

Abraxos gingerly reaches out, and picks up the wand. As his fingers wrap, he sees a dark throne room with larva pools being fed by dripping larva on either side. A Metallic throne sits in the shadow of an enormous dragons skulls sits high above the throne. A series of Greyborn soldiers are facing the throne, and a large dragonoid figure. Dark skinned, with purple external veins, appearing to be corrupted and twisted. The emperor of Mordaune. The emperor turns his vision onto the samurai, and sees him through the vision. His vision faces, and Abraxos finds himself in a darkened long dead wood, with fresh track leaving upwards. He turns his gaze upon the tracks and sees the backs of his allies, not too far away. Still holding the wand, he stows it in his pack out of side, and makes his way to catch up with the party with a feeling of immediate dread, and knows somehow that the emperor had really seen Abraxos and now knows he has the Wand.

Brant still stands before the door, holding the ice stone, which is not hurting him, or leaking anymore. The stone isn’t glowing brilliantly, and Brant thinks about trying to weaponise the stone, as a radiant blast, by refracting the light and intensifying it. He wants to protect himself from the shades and shadow monsters he fought just yesterday. Brant tinkers with an alchemist vial, and a red eye pearl he has, to focus the light, it has little to no success. When the party join him, he asks us if anyone has any gems which could be used to refracted the radiant light. No one does, but Patch does offer his spyglass or magnifying glass. Brant declines, and insists a gem is needed. Patch remembers the glowing orange stone he found recently, and offers up his Dawnstar. Brant recognises the item and that it would be a bad idea to use this. Abraxos walks straight past and says, “the emperor knows we are here” and keeps moving.
“We know about that Abraxos,” someone starts.
“The grey one” he interrupts as he walks through the hole in the door. He draws his blade, and casts a light spell onto it as he steps into the dark.
“How does he know we are here? Ask Brant”
Granuelle, Kavan and Karl follow the samurai into the dark. Patch takes out the vibrant and also casts light on his blade.

The door is a few meters thick, but on the other side, we find ourselves in a vast dark room, with no natural light sources at all. Patch glances around and realises it is a burial tomb, and starts to feel somewhat on edge and uneasy. This whole place was designed for a single inhabitant, and appears to have been build a long time ago. Predating the oldest records of the Anduwin. The architecture is no even in an Andoth style. There are a number of statues eroded by time. They are grand but to be carved in a way that somehow shows sorrow and mourning. The individuals shown in the statues seem to indicate that the tombs owner was lost before their time. Patch inspects various statues for any indication of who may be interred here, and after around twenty minutes, is able to see some text. Some is missing, but the vague message is
Here lies the great leader of Dawnkia, Tarn Lesoto

Lesoto does ring some bells, in terms of myth and legends. Children’s stories and faerie tales about the Anduwin. In all history the Anduwin never fought any great battles, but were said to have fought against evil. Lesoto is the name of one of the evils the Anduwin are supposed to have fought.

Slightly shaken by his discovery, Patch speaks up, “erm, well, erm, guys”
“Yes Patch” the lady of Mountainsfoot replies.
“This is erm, well, I think that this is Lesoto’s Tomb”
“Does it say where abouts the body itselfs?” She asks.
“Ah, erm, well no. But erm. These statues are depicted mourning him. This one is well, it’s eroded actually” as he gestures to various statues in the chamber, “I imagine this is supposed to be mor ceremonial attire, and look, his name is mentioned here and and and they’re mourning the Great Leader. So erm. Yes”

Granuelle takes this on board and begins to look for a path through this area. She sees a very grand staircase leading downwards into the darkness. On either side of the stairs is a gap or drop into a dark void, and it is unclear how deep it goes. She calls out to Brant who is still outside of the tomb entrance, and calls him inside. She looks at the stairs and notices that everything is incredibly old, and not the strongest. She spots ominous gaps in the walls which could house something which could swing, and far ahead is a faded rune or sigil. She picks up a stone, and throws it rattling down the stairs. As the stone passes the slits in the walls, two inverted halberd blades being to swing, massive and pendulous. As they swing they begin to spark and ignite with an orange glow, almost burning to the touch. Ems that proximity to the blades triggered them. They continue to swing, with no sign of momentum being lost. There doesn’t seem to be any obvious pattern of movement of these blades.

The bard remains outside and is still thinking about how to implement his tinkering to the ice stone. Having searched through everything he has, he gives up and comes inside. The stone is indicating that he should head down the stairs. Brant begins to search for alternative routes down, or secret passageways. Abraxos approaches the stairs, and is about to step out when Granuelle warns him.
“The stone looks to be brittle” she says.
“It probably is,” adds Patch, “this predates Anduwin architecture”
“So what the hell is it then?” Asks a surprised Karl, “I didn’t realise there was a time before that”.
Abraxos ignores this, but heeds the warning, and using his sword to tap the stone, he makes his way down the stairs. Tapping for loose stone as he goes. He makes it close to a blade, within 10feet. Click. A series of darts and bolts fly across the stair, and through a stroke of luck they skim past just in front and just behind him. The darts shatter on the opposite wall, and a dark liquid oozes out. Abraxos experiments and counts and works out there is a 30 second reset time on the darts. He comes back and warns us of the reset time. When he is away, Granuelle casts a firebolt at the swinging blades. The spell connects and then is rebounded directly back at her.

Kavan closes his eyes, when he opens them again, he is detecting and sensing magic. There is a mixture of protective, enchantment and destructive magic, all with an Old Magic feeling. Kavan then misty steps and teleports beyond the first blade, and is now in the middle of the two swinging weapons. As soon as he appears, click, four darts strike him, as other fly past. The liquid of the darts seeps into him, and he falls to his knees, still on stairwell. He is unable to move, and in his fall, he begins to roll towards the next swinging blade. Near panic, Kavan is able to still speak, and so utters the incantation for his teleport, to avoid the blade and reappear beyond it. He vanishes and finds himself on the floor beyond the blades. More darts fire, being triggered again by someone existing in the firing zone. They collide and Kavan is now blinded, and unable to move, as the poison starts to cause him to froth at the mouth.

Granuelle suggests to Karl to send his magical ox to fly through the gap above the blades. The ox moves and is struck with three complete torrents of darts before Ollie is killed and vanishes in a swirl of golden powdery magic.

Brant continues his investigation of the area, and finds more unreadable text. Brant calls Patch to translate.
“Can you read this please?” The bard asks.
“Yes, of course,” Patch replies, “What is it?”
“I don’t know, that’s why I need you to translate”
“Ah, Yes. Right”.
It’s more scripture, roughly intact, and reaffirms something about Tarn Lesoto, but there is more warning, which reads May Marr Scorn In Hell.
Patch informs Brant of this, and that there are some hateful terms about Marr. “Whoever built this place for Lesoto, is no friend to the Anduwins. There may be a verbal trigger in disarming it. Perhaps is someone proclaimed non-allegiance”

We all pause, unable to think of a way forward.
Quietly, Abraxos whispers to the wand, “I don’t suppose you know do you?”
There isn’t no reply, but Abraxos gets an image and feeling that he should wave the wand about a bit. He does so, taking the wand, with a swish and a flick, and instantly, the blades stop and bend away. Abraxos and Karl rush over to Kavan who is still drowning in his own spittle. Our paladin lays his healing hands onto Kavan, and heals him of diseases with divine light. This has some impact, so he then does it again, to heal him of poisons, which is more effective. Kavan’s vision begins to come back, but it is reduced to 20ft for a time whilst he regains his senses.

The traps seemingly off, Patch asks if someone found a switch to end the tomb traps, but Granuelle says she saw Abraxos wave a stick. This doesn’t sound like something Abraxos would do, or has done before in their travels.
“Abraxos,” Patch begins, “Granuelle said you waved some sort of stick and the traps stopped”.
“Did I?” He replies.
“He did,” adds Granuelle, “I saw it”.
“Oh right, well. Erm. That’s could be useful. I suppose. Erm. Hold on it it”
“I don’t plan on letting it go” the samurai says as he continues his journey down the stairwell. Cautiously, we all continue, following Abraxos and the wand.

Eventually, after forty minutes of walking down, we reach a chamber. In the centre, is a sarcophagus. The lid is open slightly, and a body is laid against it. Within the sarcophagus also contains a skeleton. This one is adorned with rings and jewellery. Abraxos continues to wave the wand around the room, to deactivate any further traps that may exist in this chamber. As he approaches the back wall with the wand, it pulses. A door begins to form, and grow out of the stone, becoming more iron. A hole forms in the centre, and Brant steps forward, placing the ice stone into the hole. The stone fits, and the door begins to open, and Brant retrieves the ice bard joins the other at the sarcophagus and finds and inscription which Patch then reads as
Here lies Tarn Lesoto. Supreme Leader.
The tomb appears to have been recently disturbed, within the last year. An ageing skeleton rests within, but the material existing is worn by time and exposure without a lid. There are rings on all fingers, save for one’ll. and on this finger, the bone is discoloured, as though a ring was once upon it.
“We’ve had grave robbers here. Recently, I’d say” Patch starts up as he continues with his archeological investigation. “The inscription does indeed identify this man, erm,man, is body as Tarn Lesoto. I am concerned, that whoever was able to get through all those traps undeterred and then out again, with whatever it is, that this ring was”

Granuelle looks down and recognises the style of ring, as matching the dark ring warn by Sivaras Maarvolas. She asks Kavan to look at the rings, and sense if they are magic. He can sense Old Magic on all the rings. They’re very powerfully enchanted. He shares his findings, and warns they are an unnatural magic.

Brant suggests we take off the rings, as he is worried about waking Lesoto now we wake Y’sari, now had been warned waking her, now he is him.
“We should take all his stuff off him, so he doesn’t ha havenit use when he does wake” Brant suggests.
Abraxos is the first to reply, “What I fi disturbing the body is what wakes him?”
“Waking her wakes him up, and we haven’t woken her yet” Brant counters.
“If it was as easy as disturbing the body, this one would have woken him already” adds Kavan, gesturing to the ruined man on the floor.
Granuelle doesn’t think it will harm to remove the rings, and so Kavan begins to attempt to remove them, using his Tree arm, but he is not strong enough to even shift the finger. Granuelle and Abraxos both attempt to shift the hands, to remove the rings, but again, both are unable. Abraxos is able to lift the hand slightly, may be an inch, but then the magic resists him, and pulls back into the sarcophagus. Unmoved.
“I really don’t think we should be messing with this” Patch says, finding his voice again.
Abraxos suggests we destroy the rings as we can’t use them use them. Again Patch speaks up.
“This man, this place, it’s from legend. We, we, well, we, erm. This is the find of all time. This this proves that the Anduwin had, erm, had physical enemies, and not just sort of the boogie man. And errr, erm” he looks to Granuelle, “my lady please. someone as been here recently, and er, has taken something. Someone knows how to get these rings off”
“Sadly, we might have met her” Granuelle contributes.
“Oh, right. Well, actually, if she is able to use them, or to, erm, to, erm, to get them off the remains, then there doesn’t have to be destruction. This is quite significant”
“We wake her, he wakes up” come from Brant still stood around the sarcophagus. “He’s a threat to us, and to her”. He places the ice stone down to the hands, and frost begins to form on the bones. Brant methodically weaken the bones.
“Lady Granuelle” asks Kavan, “when did we decide that this Tarn Lesoto was our enemy? Everything we were told by the emperor under the sea suggested that Y’sai and Lesoto were not enemies. So why are we so concerned about him waking?”
The half orc thinks for a moment.
“Myth and legend would say that he is the erm, villain, but but”
“Beyond what the trolls said to us” Kavan adds.
Abraxos lifts his head and joins the discussion, “we have also met someone claiming to be Lesoto. It didn’t go well”
“Perhaps, but erm, well, I, i I think Kavan has a point. We don’t know that Lesoto is going to be villainous. W-w-What we do know is that he is here, and that, according to our friends underwater, that there was some sort of connection between our quarry here and Lesoto” Patch stutters his way through the conversation.

We think about what we have been told, and what we know. Lesoto is said to rise for a short time when Y’sai rises. Kavan next know if this is a physical resurrection or something else.
Brant argues, “he may be here to defend her. To stop her from being reanimated”
“Well, if that’s the case then” starts Patch, but Brant continues talking.
“Otherwise why would he be buried with all these things?”
“Perhaps. But if he were to defend her and prevent her reanimating then he would n-n-need to rise before she did”

Abraxos lifts the lid for Patch to read, Brant continues to weaken the bones with the ice stone. Kavan and Granuelle begin to move to the newly opened chamber. Karl sends his divine senses out, in case of undead presence and is reassured there is none. On the inside of the sarcophagus, Patch discovers more words, saying I Trust In My Son. The lid is replaced as Brant completes his skeletal desecration.

We then walk through into the new room, to join Kavan and Granuelle. It is a bare room. Octagonal room with pillars and a significantly different construction style. In the centre stands a solitary obsidian font. The font itself is carved but in a rudimentary style, and contains a very thin layer of water.

Brant steps forward and places the heart, the ice stone into the font. Granuelle draws her sword, and Abraxos steps up nearer to Brant. Kavan pulls on the connection he has to his warlock patron.

The heart lifts up, and glows brightly, and shakes. The surface begins to crack, and buzz as the form starts to melt slightly into the water. The font itself begins to bubble and boil as the room heats up. The walls and ceiling begin to shake, as seismic activity rumbles and stone and dust begin to fall from where they’ve stood for thousands of years. The stone glows brighter, until it’s too blinding to look at. Patch begins to panic as the dust falls, and becomes very aware of how deep he is, and that this tomb may become his own. Kavan notices this, and places a reassuring hand on Patch’s shoulder.

A mechanical sound whirls up, as though a huge machine is starting. Some sort of engine, humming to life from below us. As this happens we see several recesses in the octagonal room, in archway or possibly window shapes. There are orange sparks of energy forming in these windows. Sparking, and suddenly images begin to appear. Graphs, flicker, and fizz before becoming more stable and static. Charts and graphs with statistical information and flashing blurred language. Only Patch could possible read these symbols, but in his panic he isn’t even paying attention. Kavan’s arcane eye is overwhelmed by Old Magic and Anduomancy in an old mix of powers. Abraxos moves towards Patch and blocks some rubble from falling on him, and keeps an eye out.

As the screens stabilise, we watch as the font begins to release a spark of energy. It begins to glow white, and form into a bird like shape. An Owl, known to be the symbol of Y’sai. As this happens, and with Abraxos’ reassurance as well as Kavan’s, Patch is able to translate some symbols, and gathers the meanings at there are messages here about there not being enough power, then shields are down. The energy is running out. The spectral owl flies upwards and looks down at us, and then regards the screens. The owl looks confused. Abraxos steps forward and protects Patch with his shield out. In his pack, the samurai can feel a magical heat coming from the wand.

Patch conjures his pact weapon from his own patron, Azazel, and whispers into this to calm himself.

The owl looks at us again and we hear a single word, confused and curious, but somehow both irritated and comforting.
“We have released you from… you were… we came from. With, this item to wake you up” says Brant.
“18440” He says

The wand becomes hotter for Abraxos causing him to drop his shield. He tries to hold onto it, but the item flies from his hand and directly to the wing of the owl. The spectral owl form shrinks down slightly, as a primal screech of redemption is let out of the glowing character. As the screech ends a beautiful woman with white bright skin, and fair blonde hair stands on top of the font, perched. She has slightly pointed ears, and stands around seven feet tall. She looks to be in her mid 20s but we suspect and know she’s know she is likely much much older.

She adopts a face of regality but struggles with this, and so cannot hide the obvious confusion at the situation. Kavan pulls again on the ethereal thread connecting him to his patron, as Brant Goldust begins to talk.
“We were sent by the emperor under the sea, he told us of this place, and saw that I had the stone, or your heart I suppose. He told us to bring this back to you, next would kill us. So here we are”.
“Eighteen thousand four hundred and forty? This is the year?”
Brant confirms this, and the woman looks shocked. She tells us that she has been gone along time, and that’s it was never meant to be so long. She asks to be brought up to speed on recent events, and most eyes fall on the history person, as Kavan lightly encourages Patch forward. The woman reaches and places a hand near the cats head, telling him to open his mind to her. She makes her way through his mind. Patch gets a familiar reassuring feeling from Azazel who seems to encourage Patch to let this happen.

When this is over, she stand again, and warns that things are worse than she feared, and that she does not have much time. She offers us each one question, but to be quick. Brant makes his way to the door, doesn’t does not open.
“Is there any chance of getting out?” Brant asks immediately.
“Will you let me out?”
“Where would you like to go?”
She pauses before saying, “I don’t think your home is there anymore”
“I’ve done enough. This is not going the way it’s supposed to. I can not do this anymore” he says in a defiant but defeted tone. “I cannot be part of so much death, destruction and bloodshed, as my compatriots have done. I wanted to save people. I wanted to save the world. That’s not happening. It too far gone.”
She waits, but seeing he has nothing more to add, she ask, “So you would turn your back on them. Your race. And declare their case pointless”
“If these people want to carry on” he retorts gesturing at the party, “and continue their journey, and try to do what I cannot then so be it.”
“You May leave of your own volition. Nothing hold you. But there is one person, one last person I feel you should save before this finishes”.

Feeling that conversation ended, she turns to the next person. Lady Granuelle who simply asks “where can I go next? Where will I be most useful?”
The Anduwin looks around at the room, and takes in the data on the screens. She warns there is so little time left before the world as we know it will change. The power was never meant to last this long and soon there will be a complete shutdown of the Editchs. When that happens, anything can get into the world, but so to can anything get out. “There is purpose for anyone who wishes their planet to remain in the same nature as it is now, then come with me, we have to make sure our resident remains a resident”. Granuelle steps up to her and joins the anduwin.

“As you’ve said, something could get out, and other things are trying to ascend. And at the same time, both get what they want. How do we stop both these things from happening?” The samurai asks as Granuelle is walking. Y’sai turns her attention to Abraxos. “What exactly do we have to do?”
“I fear events are almost inevitable. Pieces have been moving for a long time, moving and in play. I know not the plans of the Greyborn, but they are in allegiance with my daughter, and that is not a good thing”
“She has definitely been manipulating the emperor since the beginning”
“She has twisted him. You have one or two allies who cannot come to reach you. Your best chance is to free them. I’m afraid I must ask you to sacrifice something. All of it really. For this to end. For us to even stand a chance, must bring down the Edict”.
“What’s the edict?”
“It is the shield which protects this world from everywhere else. It is designed to keep evil out, but to also keep evil in. However, it’s wanned. Pulling it down will allow my brethren to return and allies to join us. This may help to quell this war. If we leave it up, and indeed my daughter gets out, she will wreak havoc on this place.”
“I know I’m asking more than I should, but then, but ascension. Can it be ended all together. So no more drakes are made. No more immortality.”
“I created the ascension. I could stop it” she starts to say.
“I’m with you if you end it” the samurai interrupts with, and he walks forward.

She turns to Patch who asks her, “how much of it was true?”
After a long pause, she replies softly, “none of it”
“Then… then why?”
“I fear you won’t like the answers” she warns.
“You’re probably right,” Patch says much more calmly than he feels, “but I’ve often found not knowing can be as bad as not liking what you find”
“I am not what you think I am, nor were my brethren. We posses things and can do things that other cannot. So they looked upon us as something more. Gods they called us. But I’m afraid I must disappoint you. We are from far away. Refugees from an inherent evil”
“Are there others? Others from your home who could assist”
“No. Ardeol was destroyed long ago by the Terrans”
“I’m so sorry to hear that”
“We quelled them, but at great cost. Just six of us left”
“I-I-I don’t know what comes next” he stutters.
“There are greater things moving here. Countries and races and people are only a small part of a much greater thing”
Patch reaches for Azazel, and is still reassured by this presence so steps forward, and is taken a back by her true height.

She turns to Kavan and waits for his questions.
“Yellow and red in the darkness. What did they do to fall? Why did you seal your daughter”
“I sense her in you. You have been tainted by Her. I think confusion is also on your mind. A long time ago I was told if I ever bore a child they would be evil. I had two. Both times that prophecy turned out to be true. The first was unfortunate, as I realised now she has only turned truly evil due to what I did to her, and what Marr could not. It pained me so much I tore my heart out. My second daughter, the one I feel through you, is far away. I feel that she hasn’t also turned. But I hope the prophecy is wrong.”
“If you failed so often, how can I trust you to succeed?”
“You can’t. As I’ve said, I’m not an all powerful being with incredible wisdom. I was once party of a group, not much bigger than this. We made decisions as a group and made mistakes. We tried hard to save people, it it would always lead astray into pain. All of my party gave up, and drove themselves mad. They cast away they job, early fit just a few to deal with what’s is coming“.
“Promise me, that before we draw blades, you will try to speak to your children. You owe them that”
“One thing I have learned about my dear daughter Izold, is that if you let her speak, you’ve already lost”
Kavan looks around at the group, shakes his head and takes a step to join them, not looking too pleased.

Y’ Then turns back to Brant, “through a lol your life Brant, you haven’t believed in gods.”
“Still don’t”
“How does it feel to be right?”
“I don’t know. It was necessarily because I didn’t believe. But more why put so much stock in something we really know nothing about.”
They both pause, before the bard speaks up again.
“If everything always went astray they why continue?”
“Because it is about the ideal. No matter the strife. That wish to help should push you through. Sometimes losses are unavoidable. But it is to understand that if your intentions are right, and go about it as best you can…”
“So you and your allies killed innocent people. Women, children? Are those the thing she you would ignore? Because that’s what I would have to ignore. Those are things my compatriots have done”
“I do not think we killed through malice”
“It doesn’t have to be malice. Killing is still killing”
“We have never killed innocents because we wanted to, and have suffered great loss losses. We saved everyone we could, and put our own no lives at risk. We saved people countless times, and on countless planets which were being burned asunder.”
“I am not here to judge you. The things that i have been party to, for me, are difficult to just ignore. To continue on with people who have done that is difficult”
“I understand, and will not command you, or make that choice for you. We are moments away from the entire system failing. When that happens, all hell breaks loose”
He stays quiet.

She turns around, and surveys her new friends and allies. She tells us she has much to do, and that we need to gather allies. She can move us to them, anywhere on the planet. Each of us can list several possible allies we could recruit to directly help in our charge against the emperor. She then tells us we will need The Seer- Viscioron. We agree to try to stop the emperor, but it may not be possible. She shares that if this not possible then we need to bring down the Edict, so our off world allies could join us. If the emperor succeeds, it will be problematic, but the bigger problem is Her daughter, if she breaks out. Y’Sai tells that the emperor plans to use two Anduwin items onboard on of the Greyborn vessels, to crash open the doors of the monolith and so release Izold.

And that’s where we left off.