So this week on the Anduwin Chronicles…

After returning to the camp, Patch inspects what he finds to discover it is a incredibly powerful part of a once fallen meteor, called the dawn star. Knowing that this is of significance, he informs the group of his finding.

The group inspect and deconstruct the camp they found, in order to find any useful materials, and managed to scavenge some camping materials to take with them before travelling northward towards what they believe to be Kantra, a smoke rising from the other side of the mountains in the distance.

On their trek, the weather begins to become perilous, a blizzard starts to hit the group hard, and visibility is reduced to only a few feet. Karl decides to head off in front by using his stead ollie as a snow battering ram. As he travels forward, Abraxos begins to notice something dark fly above them, and perhaps another behind them. He believes that they are about to be ambushed, and gives the group the signal to ready up.

Karl sees a figure in the blizzard approach him, and too his horror it is a entity similar to what they encountered in the caves under granuielles house. This one seems different, as it slowly begins to form into a more humanoid shadowy figure, and brandishes a dark blade, and tarnished silver crown. It slashes at Karls throat but makes no incision, however Karl find his soul begins to grow weak, and a strangle semi corporeal liquid begins to leak out of his neck.

Two further shades, neither taking a form ambush the group, and a fight ensues. The group try to focus their energy on killing a single shade, and succeed, but a second shade seems hungry for Brant, who is unsuccessful in hitting it with his guiding bolt. Brant recalls that the creatures seemed weak to Radiance, so keeps trying to hit the fiend, but continues to fail. Frustrated, he hides.

Karl sees three more figures in the blizzard, but this time, there is a Elf, and two trolls. A female troll grabs karl and tells him to stay still so she can heal him – but Karl ignores her and runs into battle with the now disinterested leader of the pack of shades. The elf summons an giant snow beast, and a ice elemental, to target the second shade whilst the group dispatches the first – but this is to Brants detriment, as he was hiding nearby. The beast manages to kill the shade, but also pummel Brant heavily, whilst the groups attention turns to the larger, more humanoid shade. Abraxos hits the shade hard, and it seeing he seems to care for patch, deals another devastating soul draining blow to Patch.

Seeing patch nearing death, Abraxos combined with Granuielle managed to fight back – and Kvarne intercepts and attempts to disarm the blade from the creature, and uses all of his prowess and might to attempt to call upon his patron, to cleanse the blade which he does successfully. With the shade now weakened, the second troll – manages to banish the shade.

The group is lead to small cave, without any introductions, and left to heal.