So this week on the Anduwin Chronicles…

The group decide to all accompany Patch on his impending tour of Johna’s collected items from the shores – He hopes that Johna may possess something of use for Granuaile.

They make there way to the back of booty bay, which rests up upon the mountain. Built into the side of the mountain is a large ship, huge in construct, half poking out of the mountainside. Above, you can just about see a large cave entrance – I looks to be that this boat has been fitted over a once ancient site. Two huge rope riggings attach to it from the floor, and the group has a try nightmare attempting to climb it.

Once at the top, they are greeted by a group of rowdy pirates, some dressed more accomplished, and some in dirty clothing. They insist there is a toll to access the facilities beyond, and eventually bargain the price of 50 gold. It is soon realized that they have been scammed. They enter into the large cave network, which opens out into a large open space, full of booths which team with pirates, chests and scrolls. Kvarn explains that he feels that this is where the wisest of the pirates operate.

They are met by Johna, who is excited to show off his “room” – they are taken to a small room, which he takes them round and shows off his many stories and artifacts. It is not long before Kvarn uses his magic to detect any magical items in the room, and his is drawn to a corner of the room. There are two boxes with something magical in, which he tells Brant. Brant then successfully steals on of the boxes, but only to later have a change of heart, and place it back there.

Under a small piece of cloth, Brant sees a pair of scales. cautiously he attempts to touch it – resulting in him take a huge burst of damage, and  recoiling to the floor. Naturally, this alarms Johna, and he tells them not to touch it again – explaining that he found it on the beach, surrounded by some dead children. He has not managed to destroy it, but wishes too.

Kvarn, intrigued by the item, attempts to touch it himself. To the same result. This infuriates Johna, who tells them all to leave. Kvarn, frustrated, attempts one more time to channel his energy from his patron through to him, and then touch the Scales a final time.

This time, he inadvertently connects his patron to the power behind the scales, and two separate entites manifest in his mind. they look on at each other before one of them states “Hello Sis.” Kvarn breaks out of his vision, and is badly impaired for the rest of the day.

The group,  hastily being kicked out of the pirates dwelling, head for the door. before hearing 3 loud bangs. Patch looks back to see three rifle wounds in Kvarn. The group forgetting that he has some kind of mark on him which brings the Greyborn running.

An ambush ensues, where three highly trained greyborn attack the group, including a rare Snowmaine clan greyborn trapper, who consistently disorientates the groups with his chemical vials of nausea.

Kvarn narrowly escapes death whilst the pirates begin to join in with the fight once the group gain the upper hand, and the greyborn are defeated. The group settle to recoup themselves, as they hear more greyborn on the approach from below.