This week on the Anduwin Chronicles…

As the group enter the lair of the Supreme Leader, they are met with a stone slab, with a human chained to it, being covered in oil from an cauldron suspended above them. The ceiling is pitch black but otherwise very tall, and a small door sits to one side of the room. The room is surrounded by stone columns, one of which at the back has collapsed and has broken away some of the ancient wall. it reveals a tunnel, that has caved in.

The group enter the room, and are quickly taunted by a dark voice that reeks havoc upon them. Slowly, a small normal sized parrot emerges from the ceiling, and lands on the stone slab. “This is my dominion” it claims, and the group charge for him in unison. Shaka is extremely dexterious and no one managed to land a blow on him. Kavan recalls from his memory that the story goes that he could only be vanquished by the “unyielding perch”. Granuaile and Abraxos go into melee with Shaka, and a few blows are struck, be to seemingly little effect. Shaka returns fire and administers “The peck of DEATH” on Karl, causing immediate and huge damage. Granuaile casts fire bolt at the oil cauldron, which bursts into flames.

Karl, convinced that the Unyielding Perch must be literal, and also here, approaches the door in the chamber, which is bolted from the outside. Thinking nothing of this, he unlocks it, and is hears scuttling inside. He is immediately attacked by a group of savage feral children, who bite and rip at his flesh. He uses one child as an improvised weapon and bludgeons another to death with it. Kavan runs over, steps inside the room, and grows huge bone wings out of his back, which terrifies the children into running back in the room, and closes the door behind him.

Meanwhile, Brant attempts to lure Shaka towards him and catch him in his bag of insmallment, in an attempt to shrink the bird down to a smaller size, but Abraxos keeps Shaka busy in combat. Shaka then shoots a feather into Abraxo’s shoulder, which then crawls through his skin and into his brain, Abraxos, is turned. Brant runs towards the collapsed column and discovers that the debree blocking the tunnel after that is an illusion. he also notices 6 sigils along the walls thereafter. he throws a stone through the tunnel, which activates 6 laser like blasts, which turn the rock to ash. Brant braves the run and tumbles through missing each laser shot by a fraction of a millimeter. Abraxos, who engages Granuaile in combat, quickly loses interest and goes after Brant, as does Shaka himself.

Kavan summons all of his magical might from his patron and exerts all of his energy to cast the largest sleep spell he has ever conjured, and succeeds in putting most of the children to sleep. He falls to his knees whilst witnessing a vision of the Sword of Marr and Karl breaks through the door, and rushes past him and again gets further mauled by the children. Weakened by the peck of death, he frantically begins to try and kill that last few children, mistaking the sleeping corpses as all dead. Kavan intervenes, hitting Karl and knocking him down. he then attempts to fight of the remaining feral children, injecting necrotic damage into one, which only seems to make it stronger.

Brant, having discovered Shaka’s secret room, notes a small room with a large nesting area and perch, with all kinds of treasures laying about. He notices across the way, an old lectern holding a suspiciously clean book entitled “The Book Ov Powwar” he slides across the room and takes it, succeeding on an intellect challenge to pick it up, Shaka screams to give it to him, offering anything and everything in exchange. The Book also speaks to Brant, offering him “ultimate powar” in exchange for his soul. Granuaile catches up as the mind controlled Abraxos takes arrow shots at Brant, wounding him. Brant opens the book, and stabs it with a knife which sucks him into the book.  He watches a memory of another begin to fade as a fleet of boats filled with pirates fire volleys of fire and arrows towards a stormy center with Shaka in the middle. The captain of the ship he stands on approaches and whispers to him in an unknown language filling his mind with a spell that he didn’t know before. As the memory fades, he seems a banner flying the ship – “Unyielding Perch”.

Brant jump back out of the book, which smolders and smokes, Shaka screeches a howl of shear anger and proclaims that they will all die for this. Brant, having had the final words whispered into his ears “Don’t Miss” positions him self in front of Shaka, and casts the mysterious spell, which plumes out of his arms erupting Chaos magic into the room, Shaka attempt to block the energy, but it is too much, and his disintegrates howling in anguish, “I’ll be back for you all.”

Abraxos pukes up a feather returning to his normal self, the darkened ceilings are reviewed to be the darkness spell, and reveal a sun lit exit way up high through the mountain. All 29 of the children reduce to piles of ash, which leaves Kavan despairing in agony as he failed at his promise made to Ruben. The damage caused to the temple walls from the blast destabilizes the temple, and it begins to collapse. A shadowy form of a parrot forms where Shaka last flew and erupts into a screeching wail as it flies away up the now sun lit column. hitting the temple walls side to side, causing a total collapse of the temple structure.

Karl wakes up, and is assisted by Kavan , the rest of the group meet in the first chamber, where the cauldron of oil a lit in flame has collapsed and blocked their escape. Granuaile casts gust of wind to move the oil to one side, as they run through. The temple walls cave in, and all escape except Granuaile and Kavan , who each get a leg stuck under a boulder. Granuaile reuses her gust of wind to push the Boulder away with the help of Kavan , and all escape wounded as the cavern collapses entirely behind them.

The group is greeted by a angry mob of towns folk, who point at the group calling them outsiders. “One of them must of done it to us” – one shouts. The mob is interrupted by Septre Drass, who rubs her head and asks whether they defeated him. then, Patch and Farandril emerge with Ruben and his family, and they vouch for the group. Drass thanks the group for saving their town, and offers them safe passage to Booty bay, along with a guide to help keep them out of trouble.

Later on, Farandril tends to the wounds of the group, healing Brant’s burst ear drums from the phantom Shaka’s howl, and the two broken legs of Granuaile and Kavan . Drass comes to speak with the group, with good news, as she has located where Shaka had hidden the towns seafaring ships. Brant grows suspicious of Drass, and proceeds to question her, as he recalls her name as a governor of the City of Dale in the Peaks of the Anduwin. He asks why she would come try spread democracy here, when she already had a noble position elsewhere. The group initially takes her side, before she begins to slip out more errors and mistakes with her original story. Seeing she has been found out, she confesses to the group that she was sent to Pryre by Supreme Inquisitor Vandrex, the Supreme of Shren’Rila to make an alliance with Shaka. She admitted that when she got here, she knew almost immediately that Shaka would not be reasoned with, and was happy when the group arrived as she hoped they would kill him after what he was doing to all the children. When asked why, she admitted that Vandrex must not be trusted, and that he had her whole family. She warned of the coming invasion, but was vague about who would be invading, covering herself by claiming she was talking about the Greyborn. Brant reveals to the group that he herd a rumor about Vandrex, that he is unlike the rest of Shren’Rila, an elf.

The group let Drass go, imploring her to stay a while and help the people rebuild. and head for the boats to Booty Bay. They are introduced to their navigator and guide, Jhallas Stenton who grins in a familiar way to the group before proclaiming “Quickly now, you never know who is watching.”