This week on the Anduwin Chronicles…

Still sat in front of the Emperor of the Sea, the talk turns to logistics. How – if the group were to be selected; would the group assist the Emperor and ultimately save their own lives? The Emperor having revealed that he wanted the Ice Stone returned to the tomb on Onkonos, the group take turns to debate upon why they should be chosen for this mission, and how the Emperor of Maurdórne cannot be trusted as an ally anymore to the Fallen.

The Emperor demands to see the object which Esther had bestowed to them in order to kill him – and Karl shows it to him. He then demands to know who else was aware of the groups general goals and mission that might deceive the group. The group tell the Emperor that when first captured by their people, they conversed with a Yuan-Ti know as High Priest Tanvas. With this knowledge, the Emperor cats his hand into the air and pulls downwards, opening a small dark rift, which Tanvas falls through. He looks to the group for confirmation of Tanva’s identity, and upon the nod – extends his finger towards Tanvas, and speaks the word “Obliterate” softly. Almost immediately, Tanvas is eviscerated into a mist of red haze, which covers the group, most of which are still looking downward and have no idea what just transpired.

Most affected is Farandril, who is deadly silent throughout all the exchanges, and is visibly trembling with a mix of fear and anger. The Emperor turns his attention to how he can trust this group, and argues for some time that they must all undertake a ritual. The group debate with him for some time before it is decided that Brant and Granuaile will bear this ritual alone, as the rest of the group are under their combined employ. The Emperor sears his mark, and snakeish emblem onto their arms, Brant finding his process excruciatingly painful. The Emperor is vague about what the searing means, but it implies that that he can see through them.

Next, the Emperor asks the group whether they need anything from him. Karl asks that in exchange for his services, that he perhaps undo the magic used on him by Soloman to regain his lost health. – The emperor moves close to Karl, and appears to pluck and invisible string from his head. He explains that this “Soloman” was until a few seconds ago, still tethered to Karl,  and would have unless stopped, continued to Siphon life from him. Abraxos ask’s that he might have a word with the princess in exile, whom he believes to be his mother, The emperor grants him an audience.

The group prepare themselves for travel almost immediately within the chamber, but in passing Granuaile slips of the tongue and asks when Abraxos will be able to speak to his mother. The Emperor rises upwards and towards Abraxos, and uses some immensely powerful mind magics to read his mind. Abraxos unable to resist, releases all his memories to the emperor. The Emperor is beguiled with mistrust in Abraxos, and uses some sort of magic once more on Abraxos, this time challenging his mind and intellect, which seems to do nothing. After this, he casts them on their way, and encases them in a stone housing, which then appears to move. Kavan has a hard time standing up, and is thrown about the chamber, whilst most find their footing.

The group arrive on a shore land wrapped within a tall solitude mountain, in the distance, they can see a small town made entirely of wood. The group are approached by a fishing boat with two men inside, who insist that they simply must go to the town as the result of the ‘election’ is taking place. Kavan immediately suspects something is up, having known these parts well, He works out that they are in Forfeit Cove, and the town ahead must be Pryre. He casts doubt on the two sailors legitimacy, as an election and in general – democracy is simply not a thing in this part of the world.

The group cautiously enter the town, finding it to be very quiet and empty, moldy food scatter about the place and the prominence of a purple banner with a kind of bird head symbol strewn about the place. They also note a distinct lack of children upon the very somber populous, The group walk to the main square with a make-shift stage erected, an half-elf lady in a large blue hat walks up to the podium, and announced that she, Septre Drass has been elected representative of Pryre for the “Supreme Leader”. She makes an winning speech about how she will be the voice and will of the “Supreme Leader” and that he is very pleased with progress. There is a ominous synchronized clapping of the hands of most people, and after looking about a bit, the group start to realize a lot of the residents appear to be in some kind of trance.

The group take refugee in one of the few buildings that appear not to be teeming with enchanting magic, and find a very bleak tavern run by Ruben, and his wife. They tell the group that a few weeks ago, people started to change. and started making these banners and mine in the old caverns. The large fishing boats and other seaworthy vessels all disappeared overnight, and before long, there was an election. After doing some thinking and research, Kavan , Granuaile and Brant collectively summarize from all the clues that they suspect that this could be the work of an entity know as Shaka. The banner was in an old story book and was said to belong to “the pirates greatest enemy”, known as the infamous Shaka. Some of the more far-fetched claims are later confirmed when at night Abraxos notices a small parrot with red eyes watching the tavern from outside. Shaka – Kavan confirms, was said to be the pirates greatest enemy because he was once the thing they found most loyal, but turned on them. He was indeed – a Parrot. Some further research finds that Shaka was very vain and egotistical, and possessed very strong magics of the mind. Ruben also confirms that he has been taking the children to the cavern and the beg the group to save the children, which Kavan personally agrees to.

The group the next morning ask to meet with Septre Drass and speak to some entranced folk in the town. Also noting that they expected the newly elect to have a lavish office and style. as they approach the office, they witness a horde of entranced follows empty out the houses nearby of all their niceties and create a lavish office in no time. – This warns the group that they are dealing with Shaka – at which point, Patch and Farandril hang back, saying that if this is mind magic, they might be able to break it, but they need more time for research.

The group meet with Septre who, after some fairly weak persuasions, allows them to see the supreme leader. The are lead up the steps to the cavern system, and through a door, within which closes. There they see a fallen away wall through a newly minded tunnel, into an old temple. along the side of this temple hallway are troughs full of oil. – The group had been told that the newly entranced always appeared grubby in oil. They enter the main chamber, to their peril…