So this week in the Anduwin Chronicles…

Commander Wigstrum, and Farandril, having arrived and magically rebuked the emperor using this powerful kiteshield adorned in golden regalia and armour. The shield continues to radiate a bright vibrant energy, and Abraxos continues to fly, with his wings beating. Most of alpha team have left the palace chamber, leaving most of the party, Wigstrum, and named solider who joined the fray. Abraxos grabs Patch and the pair decent to the floor, in time before the knights wings fade.

Just outside the palace, Granuelle, Amelie and Emily have noticed the glowing white crystalline structure of the barrier from the shield. They turn around and rejoin Brant, as they make their way to rejoin everyone else.

Wigstrum slams the shield into the ground, and it shrinks to its usual size, leaving the Templar tremendously exhausted from the magic just used. He clicks the shield onto a holster on his arm to keep it close, and begins to catch his breath. Wigstrum states he feels he is lucky to have gotten here in time to save us. He speaks to Grant Boldlust and thanks him for his input in saving us. He suspects that without Grant, the situation could have been a lot worse. Wigstrum asks to be introduced to Grant’s troupe. In a corner, Abraxos holds a hand on Patch, and expends his natural divine healing, to help his friend, whilst Patch reinstates his illusionary mask of many faces, as a disguise. Farandril begins a pret of healing for Abraxos, Patch and Karl, the most wounded individuals.

Karl thanks Grant for his aid, and asks if he is related to Brant Goldust. Grant says that he sees Brant as a bit of a copy cat, but it is truly Alpha team who were the real Heroes of Vespard. Farandril introduces Wigstrum as his superior officer within the Templar Order. Karl then speaks to the solider and asks his name. He introduces himself as Kavan, and shares this fight was more than a match for the common guard, but is glad he was able to assist the ladies present. Karl then makes his way over to the Greyborn, Korh, to inspect the sword, and joins Wigstrum who is already here. It is confirmed that it was th solider, Kavan, who felled Korh. He shares he is a mercenary. Wigstrum explains that Korh is an Ortagh, and that his position in the Greyborn is prestigious. Wigstrum tells that an Ortagh is a leader of one of the ten tribes of Greyborn. By killing him, Kavan now carries a mark, which means the Greyborn who kills Kavan will then be title of he new Ortagh. Wigstrum warns some Greyborn will respect Kavan, and some may fear him, and want him dead. Whilst this interaction happens, Karl looks at the greyborn’s sword, and is unable to tell if there is anything special about this. He casts the new blade aside, before making his way over to the beheaded body of Bodrick.

It is at this time that Brant, Granuelle, Emily, and Amelie return to the Hall. Seeing Brant arrive, Abraxos notices grant feeling uneasy and keen to depart. He states there is a lot of clerical work to address after such a fight and the damages to property. Noticing this, Brant casts detect thoughts on everyone, but pushes deeper into Grant’s mind. He hears Grant’s unease and keenness to leave, but isn’t able to push deeper due to his own mental resistance. However, as a result of resisting the spell, Grant lets out a loud high pitched giggle, embarrassing himself somewhat, before farting with and echo, as Brant tried to pry into his mind once more. Grant then excuses himself and leaves.

Kavan inspects Korh’s weapon, and notes it is a symitar, but appears to have been enlarged to match Korh’s large form. It is modest and simple. His innate powers feels there is an enchantment on the weapon which is an abjuration spell- some sort of protective magic, which is protecting the sword, not the user/wielded. He looks over the body, and sees more evocation- explosive and destructive- magic in orbs across the greyborn’s body. Kavan takes the blade, and heads back to the group. He is stopped by Wigstrum who states that obviously, the order need to look at the blade. Wigstrum cuts himself slightly, and deliberately, before taking the symitar from Kavan. Magic swirls, and Kavan senses a range of different types of magic flowing in and around the sword. Wigstrum resheaves the blade, and states the templars have claimed this item for the protection of public. He plans to give this to the order to investigate en deactivate. He suspects that Korh had several illicit items on his person. Wigstrum approaches the body, after Kavan tells of the other magic on his body. He unceremoniously disrobes the Greyborn and we see four containers with a volatile orange Anduwin crystal in each. Farandril confirms these are the same as the crystals we found in the mines beneath Dreselden Manor. The templars on site there will begin to cleanse the corruption, but will also need to confiscate the crystals. Wigstrum tells he need to retire to the Templar barracks, and invites the group, due to the damage to the Manor. As he leaves, he gives Abraxos a powerful and almost threatening stare.

Amelie approaches Emily and tells her off for using her magic, as she doesn’t understand her power. Abraxos listens in, and can read their lips. Emily says nothing else happened, and she didn’t revealed her wings, but no one else seems to have noticed it. Amelie looks up at the palace, and sees the holes in the side, and shattered roof and the blimp half hanging down. Surveying the scene, she is pleased that thought it was messy, she has returned home, and removed Bodrick from false power and leadership. She makes her way through the rubble, and sits casually on the throne and asks the room, but mainly Granuelle, “what next?”. Karl steps forth and warns that further turncoats could be within their ranks. Abraxos does not feel we have the time to deal with this, as the emperor has just shown up, and so a large target has been painted on the groups collective back.

Lexter makes his way down from the roof with assistance from the magical ox, and then takes out some chalk, and begins drawing around the area where the portal was. It is unclear if he is trying to reopen the portal, or prevent it from, being opened once more. Kavan and Granuelle approach Lexter and ask him directly, what he is doing. He is trying to trace the portal, as he believes this to be a short range portal. Lexter is sure that the emperor and the foes are somewhere within the city. He states that he can conjure a magical smoke entity which can track people, but it would likely need bribing with sweets. Granuelle reminds this is Amelie’s palace and that she should give the orders. Amelie is keen to track them, and find out where they are based. He is sure the Greyborn won’t be able to sense if he is using magic, because they will need to be very clever to see this. Farandril keeps an eye on the professor whilst he traces his chalk markings. Whilst the chalk is drawn, we being to rest, after a rather brutal battle. Karl starts to inspect Bodrick’s body, but finds dried and stale blood in the pockets, with some severed fingers. He leans himself against some steps and begins to rest.

Kavan approaches Abraxos and Patch who are resting leant on the stairs of the Dias. Introductions are made. Abraxos shares his views about the Ortagh and the emperor showing up almost together. Kavan shares he is a mercenary and finds himself recently in need of employ, after his former patron, Bodrick, has just been felled. Kavan asks if Granuelle is bring anymore swords and if Abraxos could put in a good word for him, having seen his skills. The discuss mercenary costs, and that Abraxos and Patch are being paid 25gold pieces for the first five weeks, when Kavan asks the going rate for being in Granuelle’s employ. Abraxos and Patch begin to communicate quietly in their shared divine language. Abraxos warns of their hands being shown too early. Patch worries that having the wings and cat for, revealed on the same day, as well as well as the emperor and Azazel making themselves known, then this is more than just a coincidence. They agree to be wary. Abraxos warns Wigstrum has The Sheild, but he will not part with it, and will want Abraxos’s life. Patch will stand with him always.

Meanwhile, Karl and Brant begin their search for a bedroom, and a cosier place to rest. Karl asks Brant where he found the healer, Solomon. Brant tells him, and Karl expresses interest in this man, and wonders of Solomon’s name and reputation. Karl then thanks Brant for his information, and plans to visit Solomon to show him appreciation of his own. From getting this informationation, Karl returns to his resting place on the stairs. It is at this time a small child approaches Farandril with a bag of sweets and sugar, which is presented to Lexter for his smoke entity.

Granuelle makes her way down to the guard barracks, to investigate why they didn’t get involved in the fight. She sees a throng of people sharpening swords, and donning armour hurriedly. Granuelle asks shouldn’t they be on duty. She introduces herself, and there are whispers of her name along the line of solider, before they call her in, not recognising her title. When Granuelle gets inside, one general is shouting he does not recognise Amelie or her authority. The other two generals claim they must defend Amelie because she is blood. Granuelle informs that she and her forces have taken the palace, by force, as needed. Granuelle tells of the Ortagh and the Greyborn attack. The general tells of Bodrick’s input, and funding which enabled the guard to be trained in the use of wands. Granuelle warns this money came from Greyborn. The guards summon Grant, and ask him to confirm Lady Granuelle’s story. He appears, and then begins to tell the guards he has no idea who Granuelle is. She says she obviously knows him, and reminds him of meeting him with Wigstrum, the Templar. She threatens to summon the templar, and ask Grant to lie in front of a templar. He tells of how he heroically defeated the emperor, and killed the Ortagh with Granuelle’s help. She takes his hand in thanks, and squeezes tightly, causing the bard some subtle pain. He introduces Granuelle as a fearsome ally and powerful friend, and that Bodrick has indeed betrayed the city, in colluding with the Greyborn foe. Granuelle confirms Amelie has returned to lead the city and rule as the protectorate. The first general remains unconvinced, and turns to leave, taking his troops with him. Granuelle asks if they could arrest him, or court marshal his men. The other two generals share they will act on the sheild and respite the city has. They will craft, and repair to defend the city and palace. The two generals swear fealty to Amelie and Granuelle. Orders are given to secure the city, and barr the palace. A general and Granuelle set off from the barracks, back to the palace, riding their respective steeds.

On his way to find a bed chamber, Brant hears a voice call out for help. He investigates and finds a room which has a cupboard within, and someone is locked inside the cupboard. The bed inside is bare and stripped of fancy covers, and has blood drying on the mattress, Brant knocks on the cupboard, and a voice calls back. It says he is “Sven”. A footservent who Granuelle had sent to the city to summon guards, after Mordecai’s betrayal. He says he was locked inside after following the lady’s orders. He says he was locked in here by “man on seat” referring to Bodrick. Brant unlocks the door and saves Sven. The servant asks where he garden is, having suffered and wanting to return to his duties. The bard heals Sven of his injuries. Sven refers to Lady Granuelle as the bath lady, as he previously saw he undressed. Brant tells Sven to go to the main hall to meet with Granuelle. Sven looks for an apology gift, and finds beam of wood with a nail sticking out, and feeling this is the perfect gift. Brant replaces his gift with flowers from a vase in the hall. But he drops the flowers as Brant notices at that moment, Sven is missing all of his fingers. It is at then that Brant realises the fingers from Bodrick’s robes were likely to belong to Sven. He makes his way down to the main hall. When alone, Brant opens the pouch gift Amelie gave him before the fight and the fire this morning. He finds a banjo inside which has a decorative signature of Von Spillington upon it. This is the name of a famous instrument manufacturer, and he notices the banjo is magical. He then rests, sleeping, with a plan to rest until he is disturbed.

Back in the main hall, Sven approaches Lady Granuelle with flowers in his mouth, and missing finger. Granuelle is told that Bodrick bit off Sven’s fingers. Seeing this, Granuelle tells the guards of Bodrick’s madness. Karl collects the fingers from Bodrick’s robe, and lines them up against the spaces where they should be on his hands, and attempts to use his remaining divine powers to reattach Sven’s fingers. Placing his own hands over his, a jolt of light and warmth runs through Karl, and successful reattaches the gardeners fingers. Sven then pledges his undying locality to Karl (the shiny man) and Lady Granuelle (green bath lady). Sven is instructed to return to Dreselden Manor to rest and then return to work.

Karl searches for a sheild, and spots Amelie’s grandfathers old war shield. He takes if from the wall with excellent stealth, but then noticing the family crest on it, he drops it and attempts to stamp the sygil out. But he stomps, which makes a noise, then coughs (very poorly timed) to mask this, everyone notices this, and he attempts to cover his tracks and says he found the shield on the floor. He picks it up, places it back on the wall, and heads into town to purchase a sheild rather than steal one. He makes his way to the area where Solomon’s temple is bass.

Abraxos walks up to Lady Amelie, and ask how long she has know her sister, Emily, was like her.- gifted with wings. Amelie thinks there is something different about her sister, and that Emily appears to be stronger. Abraxos asks if this could be a stronger bloodline. Amelie does not believe these powers follow a bloodline, but seem more random. She found their shared mother and learned that their mother did not have the same powers. Abraxos asks if Amelie knows what her blood contains, and what she is? Amelie does not know what she is, other than she was conceived at a time of conflict and a volatile relationship. It seems their mother knew that a combination of mother and father would likely combine to create whatever Amelie and Emily are. Amelie is convinced her mother is a powerful witch who worked Amelie over, and wiped their minds of interactions somehow. Abraxos shares that V’saries is the emperor and that he is sick, and angry, if the vision he experienced is anything to judge. Abraxos tells of his vision. Amelie shares that she too has seen this vision, but in a strange kind of way she was there to see it first hand. They explore the vision and realise the child left behind is V’saries, and the one dragged away, the brother, Venarin. The Seer. Amelie believes he can unite the tribes of Maurdorne, but beyond that she is unsure if he will kill his brother and ascent. Abraxos thinks he was born as a failsafe, related by distant blood to ascent if the two main players in this cosmic game of chess cannot fulfil their destinies. Amelie believes there is more at work than just the Greyborn. She shares her observations, that people like her, Emily and Abraxos seem to be popping up in droves, and the Anduwin artefacts seem to be making themselves known now more than ever. She feels there more to uncover, more to know. Abraxos asks is Amelie can also hear a voice coming from the Anduwin items, but she cannot. She shares a memory from a teacher of long ago, who warned one item seemed to have an agenda and personality of its own, and it may not always be trusted. Amelie asks Abraxos to rest and try to keep this conversation quiet.

Karl returns having bought a sheild, and Lexter completes his chalk drawing. He tells that the being is about to be summoned and formed. He instructs that people should not talk to the creature, even if it attempts to talk to us, verballly or mentally. As this can upset the smoke entity, and it may just run away, rather than doing its summoned duty of finding the Greyborn base of operations. Lexter asks it to take us to the source of the portal. Then he begins to speak in a language none of us can understand. However, Farandril thinks back to his Templar training. Although he doesn’t know he language and specific meaning, he can recognise the speech as Infernal, suggesting this smoke entity is demonic in some way, making the Templar uneasy. The being sets off down the corridor and waits for us to follow. Granuelle summons guards to wake Brant and to join us following the smoke ball. Twenty join us in our pursuit.

Upstairs, a guard knocks on the door of the room Brant is resting in. Brant answers the door undressed and the guard accuses Brant of stealing from the owner of the room, the town scribe, as many gems are rumoured to be kept here. There is a discussion of the guard and Brant joining forces, splitting the gems and money they find equally. Brant encourages the man to stand down, and turn around to enable Brant to get dressed and possibly collect riches without him. Brant detects the thoughts of the guard, and learns that he may be unscrupulous but the guard is thinking about his daughter in the north, that may be unsafe, and he wanted the money to reach her. Learning this, Brant leaves the guard to his actions, and closes the door, allowing for any theft which may occur.

Farandril approaches Lexter, and warns that he thinks the “little friend” referring to the smoke entity better not do anything silly, or Lexter may pay the price. Lexter says, it is legitimate magic and templars are aware of this type of conjugation. Farandril says he will check this out, and if it’s ok, he’s happy, if not, well… Brant comes back down and rejoins the group, seeing the grey cloud of smoke and introduces himself. Lexter then warns Brant not to talk to it, if he doesn’t need to, because he could anger it, and the entity may not do what Lexter has asked, leading us to the Greyborn. Heeding the warning, we allow the being to lead on.
Lexter mounts a magical broom, Granuelle mounts Julio, Karl mounts his ox, and the rest pursue on foot. We all struggle to keep up, some more so than other, but eventually, we reach a grate leading to the under quarters of the city, and its sewers. Granuelle, Karl and Lexter arrive first, followed by Farandril who dashed until tired by his armour. The rest arrive shortly after. Once enough of us have arrived, the smoke being whips around and floats into the sewer. Granuelle and Karl dismount and instructs their steeds to wait outside.
Eventually we all arrive and enter the sewer. The smoke leading, followed by Lexter, then Granuelle, Karl, Farandril, Kavan, Patch, Abraxos and then Brant bringing up the rear. Farandril knows that Brant cannot see in th dark, and so he casts light on some brickwork, at intervals along the tunnel to help the halfling see somewhat.

The sewer itself seems to have been rapidly and roughly as if to allow a large being or creature to get through. The path looks to be well traversed. The guards we brought with us, keep a lookout outside the sewer, and Kavan chooses five or so who he has seen in action, and these come with us. Karl looks at the sewers, and realises that the dig out in the sewers was for Greyborn. He can tell by the horn scrapings.

The smoke being continues to turn a corner and we reach a dead end. It is foul smelling, and the small grey smoke monster then pops and vanishes. Karl asks if we’re have arrived at our target? Granuelle is worried that the being may have been dispelled somehow. She and Karl begin to investigate for a route ahead. The sewer opens out, and some water passes through. Granuelle begins to attempt to poke some stones, and Kavan senses a protective magical barrier around the stone work. Granuelle throws a rock but it stops midair and then falls see,ingot having hit the barrier. The barrier is free standing and working as a stasis feild, preventing sound or injury from breaking it. There is a small zone of transmutation magic on the other side of the barrier. This magic comes from a small stone in the corner. Kavan tells the party this, and we ask Lexter what we should do,a nd how to break the barrier. He believes that the stone is clearly not a stone. Lexter warns that the barrier will likely stun anyone who breaks it without a password. Patch looks around and sees a small runs, which he can read as meaning “pure”. He highlights this to the party. Kavan is u interested in the intelligent solution, and casts Mage hand, to enable him to move things without touching. As his magical hand moves through it reaches the rock, but it melts, and slowly the hand begins to move the stone closer. Brant casts a guiding bolt on the rune Patch found, but the rune absorbs the spells damage, but does illuminate brightly and warmly. Farandril then casts protection from evil and good, and tries touching the barrier. He slowly puts his hand through, but feels no pain. He is pushed back five feet, but in his place stands another Farandril. A magical duplicate. Kavan can just about see through the magical effect, thanks to his detect magic, and realises the new Farandril is the false one.
As Farandril moves, the duplicate moves at the exact same time. Patch tries to remember if he has ever encountered a curse where impurities are removed. Two people. One light and pure, one full of all impurities. He can’t think of this, but recalls curses about maintaining balance. Brant then touches the sheild to identify it, but it’s thrown away and against the wall. Patch then casts a protection from good and evil against himself touches the barrier. He theories that if he takes Farandril’s hand, and the duplicate of Patch takes Farandril’s duplicate, then they could move through the barrier in balance. Hand in hand, the walk forward, and Patch finds himself on the other side of the barrier and then through the wall itself where he waits and Farandril wait for the other, hoping that they follow their example. They look around on the other side, and see no passwords and the sconces light themselves as they step through.

Back on the first side, Abraxos and Karl take hands and try to step through. Abraxos is cloned magically, but Karl is thrown across the sewer and stunned. Granuelle moves to help Karl, whilst Kavan tries to figure out if the duplicates also have their magical items. He notices a certain type of strangeness that Abraxos’ sword usually has, that’s missing from the duplicate, but otherwise it’s hard to tell them apart.

Abraxos reaches into his mind, and asks his friend in the sword for any voice replies this has the hallmarks of a very old foe which will try to “collect them”. Abraxos’ eyes go wide and he fears for Patch.

Inside, The duplicate of Farandril suggests Patch move further inside, and search for a way to open the barrier. Patch thinks of Lexter words and the barrier possibly being opened from the otherside. They agree, and Farandril suggests they head right to search for a way to open it. They set off to the right.
Abraxos slashes at the air, and hen pushes against his clone. The clone goes through the barrier, and Abraxos finds himself on the otherside of the wall, falling out for Patch. Kavan sewing then then touches the barrier, and gets a duplicate. He then pushes the clone through and finds himself on the otherside, joining Abraxos. The solider warns they are in someone else’s realm, and they need to find Patch and get pair begin to look for signs of Patch, and track his route. They see a single pair of footprints heading to the right.

Back on the otherside of the wall, Farandril seems to be zoned out, Karl is still unconscious. Lexter moves to help Karl. He is able to assist and is less fearful of reprocussions as the Templar seems to not be able to help. He states the paralysis and stun will likely pass by itself in around ten minutes. Unsure of a course of action, Granuelle tells the group and the guards that they should wait and see what happens from Abraxos and Kavan’s rescue attempt.

Farandril’s true consciousness finds himself floating around im a void, and he realises, and feels there is a host to this dimension, and he is very much in their grasp.

Patch finds himself on the edge of a deep ravine, with some sort of baptismal font before him in the distance. He asks Farandril who the font is too, and the Templar cannot work it out. He calls the cat over, as he feels the archeologist can read things better. The cat approaches and sees a pool, with black liquid bubbling. Realising the trap, he moves to get away, but the now obvious clone of Farandril pushed the cat in, and begins the drown the cat.

And that’s where we left off.