So this week in the Anduwin Chronicles…

At the palace, the portal remains shimmer having allowed new foes to step into the room. The enormous Greyborn is wearing a coat, which is unusual, and he appears to have a wiser look to him than others of his kind the party has faced. Bodricks face pales and his eyes go sunken, but are wild. He points to the back of the room, and yells “sieze them!” Figures sep out of the darkness and make to surround Granuelle still mounted on Julio. A solider in be middle of this group steps forward. A human in half plate armour, with dark shaggy hair, and a wood cutters ax. He has a sickly pallor to his skin, and looks to be unwell. This solider aks Lady Granuelle to surrender. She says she cannot as Bodrick is clearly conspiring with the Greyborn enemy. The solider is told to join Granuelle on her authority, as well as Amelie, the protectorate of Vespard. The soldiers form a defensive rank around the ladies, extending their halbreds outward. Karnell, the Greyborn and a small winged beast step up to the edge of the throne Dias.

Meanwhile, Karl and Lexter head to the entrance of the palace in the blimp. Lexter does not know if he can control the blimp. They agree to charge the glass domed roof with a hope to aid Granuelle and hopefully not crash and injure allies. Karl thinks they are more likely to hit enemy’s than allies. Karl’s ox is magically skipping through the air after the blimp.
At the wreckage of the Manor, Abraxos and Patch rouse and calm spooked horses with a plan to follow on Lady Granuelle. Farandril declares he will stay on site to await his commander, Wigstrum. Abraxos and Patch mount the respective horses. In the cellar, Brant sits with Emily, and tries to reassure her. They find themselves in the crypt with a plan to use the lift to get lower and safer. Realising he doesn’t have the key to access the deeper laboratory, he takes he back to the surface and asks for Farandril to watch her.

Back in the palace, tensions continue to mount, and Granuelle is the first to take action. She charges Julio forward. As the same moment the Greyborn flicks his wand and a black beam of energy bolts out, and sticks one of the soldiers, who immediately disintegrates. Seeing this Granuelle rides and when reaching the middle of the room, she casts a gust of strong wind, to blow the foes back into the portal. Most resist the wind, by virtue of their size and strength but the winged beast is blown back through. The solider who spoke earlier, orders his men to keep their ranks and protect Amelie, and to fight with bows, and javelins. He then walks forward and casts a chaos bolt which crackles across the room. It his the Greyborn and begins to chill the monster, and in its chaos it ricochets to Bodrick and the magic twists into thunderous damage. He solider then unleashes a crackle of eldritch energy again at the Greyborn, and the shadows coalesce around him, as a hex takes hold. The Greyborn reacts by pulling the wand back at his head, before drawing a swirl of red flowing energy from his head, and unleashing another black bolt, disintegrating another of the soldiers. Karnelle swirls his twin blades and leaps through the air, and even against the wind is able to jump an inhuman 30feet. To close the gap, he hen hurls two daggers at Julio. Seeing their compatriots disintegrated, the remaining solider begin to turn in fear, and run away. Lady Amelie runs up, she joins her hands on prayer and a plant begins to grow in her hands, which then grapples karnell and the plant vines hold the man pinned to the ground. The unnamed solider is magic casts another chaos bolt at the Greyborn Mage. This time the bolt hits the head and deals psychic damage, and th shadows pulse as the hex causes additional pain from the spell. Granuelle holds her ground and fires a cross bow at the Greyborn, but fires wide due to her magical wind. She then casts a firebolt and ignites the beast. Her magical jackal rushes and howls, as a radiant light fills he room. It’s howl blinds karnell, who is still bound on the floor.

At that moment, a dull hum is heard, as the blimp over head shatters the domed glass ceiling. Glass spills down and paladin quickly surveys the scene and recognises they have lost the element of surprise. As the blimp deflates, the helium spreads out, and their voices raise. Karl instructs Lexter to charge his weapon, whilst he shimmy’s down a support pillar. As he shimmer down, Karl says “well well well, look who it is… Bodrick and his merry band of assholes”. In response, the Greyborn flicks his wand again up at Karl. Fire flies, and morphs into a stone fist. The pillar is broken by the stone, and Karl begins to fall. His armour heavy and speeding his fall. He crashes and lands, broken, but alive. Karnell manages to blink his eyesight back, against the magically blindness, but is still struggling against the vines. Amelie moves closer and now, recognises this isn’t just a Greyborn, but is Korh. The one who killed her. She screams and erupts in a radiant flame. She forces her arms forth and the flames wreath around Korh, burning him. When the flames subside, they form into burning sickles which stay floating and cutting into him. Solider steps up to Karnelle side, and conjures a magical darkness over Bodrick and Korh, and tries to swing his ax at karnell, but he strikes a vine, without injuring his folly. There is an unseen commotion in the darkness between Korh and the jackal. Karl stands, and dusts himself down, before taking a defensive position behind another pillar. The solider then steps into the darkness, and a further commotion is heard, with signs of pain from a man and a Greyborn. Granuelle rides Julio into the darkness to trample the Greyborn. Karl senses there are celestial forces within the room, and then attempts to cast a crown of madness on karnell, but the spell fails, as karnell is to focused on trying to escape the vines.
Out of the darkness, a familiar black bolt bursts into another column, and the fray in the darkness continues, which Amelie steps into, drawing her sword as she does so. In the darkness, a voice (the soldiers) is heard to say “come get me”. Some arcane words are heard and Bodrick is forced to move forward as though he were a puppet on strings. Granuelle wrap her hammer in flame and swings. The fire bites into the Greyborn, and then jumps to also ignite Bodrick. Julio continues his trample, and hoofs Korh. Karl decides to disarm karnell, and so removes his access to any weapons, and hold him down, and keeps karnell out of the fight. Lexter continues to charge up his weapon. It is at this moment that two horse mounted ride into the chamber. Abraxos dashes forward, blade drawn to the edge of darkness. Patch also ride half way, and prepares a magical attach for unfamiliar faces. Those who, could be foes. Debris crashes down and crushes into some individuals, with cries of pain escaping the darkness. Karnell tries to resist Karl’s hold, but is unable to, however he does escape the magical vines. Karl’s ox now arrives and stands at his side.

Deep inside the darkness, Granuelle takes hold of Korh’s wand, and disarms him of it. The wand creeps into her mind, and seems to match with her. She has a feeling of darkness and hatred and pain, but feels a union with this wand, making her feel more battle hardened. Throughout she feels her body warming. The challice on her person is warming up, and burning against her.

Ollie, the ox is order to sit on karnell, as Karl informs Abraxos and Patch about the Greyborn and Bodrick having gone mad, before boldly wading into the dark, taking out his long sword and enchanting it with a thunderous smite ability. A thunderclap is heard as the blade strikes. At that moment, Lexter’s weapon is charged. A dart like beam of impossibly white hot light crashes into the dark, burning the floor like a laser. Those near the hit point are caught in the splash of the blast, and are all thrown outwards from the beam. With that hit, the magically wind fades. Abraxos then also wades into the darkness, and swings at the Greyborn multiple times. Korh is wounded, but still up.

Ice and frost creeps up the windows in the chamber, and Granuelle hears a voice behind her head. She is told she has what the voice wants- the challice. Patch stays on board his mount, and fearful of entering the darkness, but turns his blade into a bow. The ox remains sat patiently on karnell, slowly crushing him. Amelie turns to the only other person she can see, Patch, and tells him they need to get out of here- Now! The solider releases concentration of his magical darkness, and suddenly the battle field can be seen. Granuelle on Julio, Karl, the solider and Abraxos in a rank stopping Korh from fleeing through the portal. The solider hurls another chaos bolt of magic and the closes the distance to swing his ax at Korh. There is a large 15foot gaping hole in the floor and Bodrick lays beheaded.
The portal shimmer and grows and a strong cold wind blows from it. Julio is blown from beneath Granuelle, Abraxos also have his horse fly from under him. Patch is thrown fro, his horse, and everyone else stands firm against the icy child. An enormous Greyborn steps through, emitting cold.

A guitar chord is heard. A small man riding a griffin smashes through the glass ceiling. We see the infamous Alpha Team, here to save the day. They are Grant Boldlust, (Brant rival bard), Latch in the Door (a loving door wielding twin wooden swords), Kale (a living tree paladin), Tharahammer (a blacksmith who throws horse shoes), Ebegeezer Badde (a potter) Abacus ( a solider who is really good at maths) and Granill (a sickly ill fighter). With their arrival, Karl turns around and rushes Korh, pulling his divine powers into a searing smite to burn the Greyborn. He adds more divine power to use his divine smite to really bring the pain. From his vantage point up high, Lexter recognises the larger Greyborn, and suspects this is the Greyborn Emperor, so stars charging his weapon once more.

Coolly, Abraxos stands his ground before the emperor. “Hello V’saries. The Seer is looking for you, and so am I” the being moves really close and Abraxos whispers “hello cousin” to the knight. Patch panics and draws back on the bow, radiant light flights forward to above the emperor and Korh, but both resist the sickening light. Seeing this fail, he dismisses the bow and summons it back as a blade. Karl is knocked down by Korh and turned unconsciousness. Karnell manages to stand up, and charges Patch. Unarmed he swings wildly. Amelie reaches out, and says “we need your help”. Brant and Emily magically appear next to Amelie. Brant immediately then drags the child out of the fight. The solider tries to suggest that the emperor just “leave”. The spell is rebounded but the solider also resist the effect, shaken by this, he misty steps backward and shelters within the ranks of Alpha Team, using Kale (the tree) as a shield of shorts. Granuelle then throws he metal ball of distraction, which breaks on the ground before the emperor, and erupts into a tsunami wave, flowing gently over the emperor but the wave bashes the party, and Alpha Team. Some are washed away, and towards the palace doors. In the chaos, Granuelle flees, and instructs Julio to get ready for her.

Grant Boldlust instructs Alpha team to use every type of magical beam possible to take out the threat. He tells people to use fire, electricity, nature, icy and radiant. The tree, Kale, loosens some leaves onto Karl to heal the unconscious paladin. The beams are unleashed and united and all of them fire at the emperor. Fireworks, and sparkles make more of a show of skill than of power. The being turns around and faces Abraxos, ignoring him, he swings a fist to grab the griffin, but the beast flies out of the way, but not into safety, as emperors other arm is there ready to punch the creature from the ground, forcing Grant Boldlust to tumble and land.

Karl stands, and instructs his ox to pursue Karnell. The paladin the compells the emperor to duel him, making it hard for him to attack anyone but him. Abraxos steps before the emperor and tells him not to pursue this, as well as seeking the power of the Seer to aid. As Abraxos speaks, the emperor touches Abraxos on his head, and his vision goes to black. He sees to structures ripping apart and larva spilling through between them. He sees a younger figure being dragged away by a solider. On the other side, an even younger child is stood with runes glowing on his skin. Fire licks up his arm, and into Abraxos. The vision changes to s feild of ash, surrounded by skeletons and death. A shadowy figure steps towards him, and his vision returns him to the room. Abraxos asks “what did you do? Why?”, and the only reply is “what must be done”. The knight continues to bare his passage. Patch takes out the potion Ebeneezer gave him this morning, and begins to shake with speed. He swings his blade twice, and feels fast enough to swing again and with his swings he manages to kill karnell in a few seconds, before speeding up to stand by the solider that remains.

Korh approaches Karl, and swing, but Karlis able to stand and keep strength. Amelie yells at Brant for bringing Emily to the battle field. The solider then parts alpha team, and moves through towards Korh. He strikes a critical point on the Greyborn who is brought down after a great long fight. The solider then stands at Abraxos’ shoulder, lowering his ax.
Granuelle mounts her stead and dashes out of the palace. Alpha team then make their move, pushing the tree once again to heal Karl. Grant strums his guitar and a huge section of the roof breaks and falls down, crashing over the emperor, but also Ebegeezee Badde (who dies). Abraxos and the solider are also caught, but the solider manages to avoid the impact. He grabs Abraxos who want fast enough. But Abraxos isn’t saved, and takes the stonework falling on him. The building is beginning to come down, and the emperor frees himself and parkours out of the wreckage scanning th sits for Granuelle. As he frees himself, more rubble is thrown onto Abraxos.

Brant takes hold of Emily and runs, dashing with her to flee as fast as they’re able. Karl heads over to where Abraxos is buried, and calls his ox to help him dig. Lexter continues to charge his gun, and Abraxos tries to save himself from the rubble, but like the empower, he bursts through. His wings erupt and he begins to fly upwards to follow the emperors path. Patch checks with Abraxos if “we’re doing this” wanting to support his best friend as much as possible. Patch speeds his way up. Running up the walls, and standing behind the emperor and saying that Abraxos hadn’t finished talking with him. The emperor touches the cat, and forces a wealth of wounds of appear on him. The cat is immediately thrown unconscious. The emperor touches Patch’s forehead saying “you have valour. You’ll fight for me”. A wave of darkness enters into the unconscious Patch, but as it touches his heart, a golden light and warm spreads out of him. The light glows brightly, as a familiar loving sensation of Patch’s true love reaches out to him. He rises of the floor and is conscious once more as the light also throws the emperor slightly away. The solider begins to flee and misty step teleports away again, seeing th building collapsing. Alpha team begin their evacuation. He griffin flying up with Grant. Abraxos grabs the griffins tail to get him up higher faster.
The emperor turns and tries to fight through the magical light. The energy shatters like glass. Patch hears a voice whisper to him, “run”. Karl mounts his ox, and having seen it fly earlier, he comands it to fly up to escape the building. Lexter climbs up onto the roof, and now with a line of sight on the emperor. His weapon charge, he fires the gun and hits true. The beam is brilliant radiant damage and strikes the emperor, in an enormous explosion, the light and heat singing Patch’s fur but not hurting him.

Abraxos continues his flying ascent, dashing at his fastest speed. He shouts out “Do Not touch him, or you will be alone! Cousin!” The emperor ignores this, and tell the knight not to dictate actions to him. In honour of Marr, the emperor will not kill Abraxos this day but will kill him the next time. Abraxos goads the emperor that he hasn’t been chosen for ascention just yet. Patch gets up and listens to the whisper. He shimmy’s out from under the emperor and clicks his boots, and runs along the roof, but keeps Abraxos in sight. Amelie continues to rush her escape protecting Emily. Grant Boldlust tells Abraxos that he will not flee this fight, but hopes to kill the emperor in a single stroke, whilst ordering his men to make their escape.

The emperor moves over to Abraxos and a chaos bolt it’s thrown past the emperor missing and not even distracting. The emperor strikes Abraxos who is able to resist the necrotic damage buy virtue of his own divine nature. Karl is riding up faster and faster on his ox. Holding his blade extended he hopes to impale the emperor, but the attack misses due to the way the ox moves to stay flying.

At this point, Farandril and commander Wigstrum appear. Wigstrum pulls out a kiteshield, which ripples and creates a dome energy. It accepts and party and the city and extending endlessly. The emperor is repelled by it, being pushed upwards and away, for miles and miles, he is thrown off it, and begins to rage punch at the shield. The emperor then vanishes in a flicker of ash.

Wigstrum glances at Abraxos “I guess we’re even now” Abraxos says. Wigstrum says “perhaps not” as the knight stays floating there, with his ethereal wings beating gently.

And that’s where we left off.