So this week in the Anduwin Chronicles…

We wake rested, with the guard and mercenaries hired keeping watch. In the absence of the old head of house, due to his crimes, the staff are slightly chaotic compared with their normal organisation. When he wakes, Farandril immediately sends a magical message to Wigstrum, his superior officer. The message tells of the corruption under Dreselden Manor as well as Bodrick’s betrayal. Wigstrum responds with a thanks for his service, and wondering how soon templars will be needed to cleanse the corruption? How urgent is it? Farandril tells of the level of corruption, and that support is needed urgently. Wigstrum sets off and intends to be at the Manor in the hour.
We settle downstairs for a breakfast and to plan our move on the palace. A selection of breakfasts meats, chicken and a roast salmon is served to us and the Manor guards. Farandril is brought to a more quiet and religious room to eat in quiet reflection. During breakfast, Lexter rejoins us having finished applying th magical warding alarm around the grounds.

Granuelle kicks off the strategy meeting, and asks Karl what he can remember about his time working in the palace, but he cannot recall much, having focused mainly on the events of yesterday. Brant warns that a sever the, Sven, never returned and that Bodrick likely knows we will be coming. Ebeneezer asks for Brant’s expertises and his subtlety rather than a full frontal assault. Karl is for a forceful attack at the main gate, but Lexter warns that defensive wards exist in the palace. Abraxos liaises with Gundram Drake, a mercenary ally and asks if he could find out who among the city guards can be trusted to side with Amelie and who would choose Bodrick. Gundram sets off and instructs he will return presently. Patch is asked about any knowledge of the palace, blue prints or maps, and they agree to check the Manor library for such information. Ebeneezer then has an idea and asks if Lexter could go in to the palace using the guise of a check up on Bodrick, after his paralysis earlier in the week. Lexter says this is possible, and Karl asks if some party members could be shrunk down and smuggled into the palace. Lexter says he has been building a blimp, but it is not yet working. He would need to unshrink this to enable him to shrink up to four of us to be temporarily pocket sized. Farandril then also adds his superior in en route to the Manor to support and address the corruption.

Patch and Karl go to the library to research ancient passageways under the city, and another possible way or out of the palace. Brant is also heading to ththe library to find a map of the catacombs. However, on route a commotion is heard. Patch tells Karl and the pair turn around. Brant feels confident that whoever is down there is tough enough to manage a weak incursion.

Meanwhile, back in the kitchen, Lady Granuelle asks Mandy to call the house staff, as she hopes to meet them all before the strategy involving the palace. When they are called, Abraxos, Farandril and Granuelle watch out for signs of nervousness when Mordecai’s name is mentioned, when we share he betrayed the household. However, one staff member shifts nervously, and may have known of the traitors actions. Farandril feels that this individual while shifty was genuine. Abraxos stands behind a grubby looking stablehand who also acts uneasily. Lady Granuelle asks the older stable keeper about her steed, Julio, and his well-being. She also asks about Karl’s oxen, who is apparently fairy well, despite phase shifting out of reality. She encourages this man, named Johnathon Stablehand, to look into his animal husbandry of a wider ranger of magical creatures. Mandy then dismisses he staff to return to their duties. Abraxos asks why this younger is acting nervously. He tells his name is Mark Troubleman, and Granuelle tells that he need not be nervous as they’re sure he wasn’t involved in the corruption or Mordecai’s actions. The Templar realises that the boy is being untruthful. Granuelle soon realises that Mordecai’s horses were prepared by this boy yesterday. Being caught out, Mark leaches forward and stabs a dagger into Abraxos, halfling his health. The dagger then melts into his body, and deals further poison damage. Abraxos is paralysed by the effect.

Granuelle conjures her flaming hammer, and smashes it deep into Mark’s skull, which surprisingly doesn’t take out the boy. Farandril wields further damage and tries to grapple the elf Templar. The boy break free of his hold before conjuring another ethereal and dark blade poised for his next strike. Th alchemist, Ebeneezer looks up from his breakfast and hurls a bomb behind the foe, which then erupts behind him, pushing him away from the window and back towards Granuelle. Still enrages, Ebeneezer hurls his fork at the boy. The Silver seems to seriously injure him, more so than the other hits. In the library, Karl is preparing to join the frey and charges back down the stairs. He enters the kitchen and see Abraxos frozen and in pain, and stands ready at the door, to bar any further passage. Patch then clicks his heals and speeds downstairs and an impossible speed, and swings his blade through the boy. He is moving so fast his first strike misses, but he his home for maximum damage on his next swing. Amelie steps up, and draws out a lasso, which turns purple and flames before she manages to wrap the weapon around the boys neck. Professor Lexter flicks his wand, and a calm butterfly flits gently across the kitchen and lands on Marks nose, before it erupts. The lady and the Templar unleash further strikes on him, before the boy gets out of the lasso and then strikes the dark dagger into the Templar, Farandril. The dagger melts away again, but the blow does not seem to let any poison into the Templar. Ebeneezer takes a silver knife and a plate and throws and discus chucks them at him, it misses, as the plate goes wide. He then slides the silvered mace across the floor to Karl, who catches it, and takes aim, swinging into the boys head, ending the combat.

Farandril goes to Abraxos and sets about using a healers kit to safely heal him, or his paralysis. Patch looks over to him, and whispers quietly, and a faint light glows around him. Karl kneels by Abraxos and lays on hands to remove the poison, and heals further life into him. With the poison removed, only the paralysis remains. Lexter has previously been able to remove his status, but tells us, in the presence of Farandril that he cannot help. Arguments breakout, and seeing this, Ebeneezer approaches, and hands a drink each to Lexter and Farandril. Lexter drink it, and then tentacles erupt out of Lexter and wipe everyone around the room. Seeing the dark magic, Patch panics and teleports Abraxos out of the room. In doing so, Ebeneezer, Lexter and Farandril take damage, with the Templar being knocked out. Karl bursts into the room and sees Farandril unconscious and Lexter panicked with tentacles fading back into him. He is convinced that Lexter is innocent in this and the man masquerading as an elf teleported and caused the damage. Karl restores Farandril to consciousness with his divine powers. Ebeneeze leaves the room, and is followed by Lexter. Ebeneezer, fearful for his actions. He has just committed a crime in the presence of a templar, and wants Lexter dead. He throws a bomb, with an Anduwin crystal embedded into the kitchen. The grenade strikes Lexter, and splashes onto Farandril. The bomb then erupts. The Templar and paladin take the brunt of the blast and are both knocked unconscious. The blast breaks a massive hole in the house and its structure. Brant in the library above is thrown upwards, as a fireball or radiant damage burns through the floor and immolates the librarian and ignites the books. The halfling manages to twist midair to catch himself on a bookshelf. He looks down through the burnt floor and sees the professor, the Templar and the paladin all unconscious on the kitchen floor. Patch and Abraxos in the upper floor are thrown across the room, in the explosion. The wood bends and wains in the flames. Brant is so moved by the carnage he expends almost all of his magic to heal he three unconscious souls in the burning kitchen to prevent them from dying in the rubble and flames. The magic is spent, but there is no effect. He is enraged by the lack of effect, and starts cursing at whoever is responsible. His own rage pushes him beyond whatever block prevented the magic, and he manages to force a small sliver of power into each of them. Farandril, Karl and Lexter each wake, and are being dragged by the mercenaries and house staff. Brant begins to tumble down and start her escape.

The floor around Abraxos and Patch is beginning to melt. The solider won’t leave men behind to burn, so the pair search to anyone else trapped. The see Granuelle and Amelie on a higher floor. Granuelle asks the Challice of Eternity for aid, and it pulls her, Amelie and Emily out of the house. The three are stood thousands of feet in the air after being dragged through a vacuus void. Granuelle sees an orange sheild around a city being bombarded by fire from the Andromeda. The three are then pulled back through the void and thrown onto the grass outside the failing house. Back inside the building, Patch in his speed spots a waiter trapped under a timber beam. He heals him, and Abraxos tries to lift the beam but it’s too heavy. Outside, Farandril sees the radiant flames, and similarly radiant wings burst from his back, and he flies into the flaming backdraft. He helps the solider to lift the beam, and as soon as it’s up, Patch pulls the waiter out and sprints. Farandril grabs Abraxos and flies him out as well.

Everyone has made it out. Abraxos screams “What is going!?” Gundram returns and demands to know what happened and asks for a head count. Farandril tells the story fro, his point of view, including placing fault at Ebeneezer’s feet. The alchemist is nowhere to be seen.

Karl immediately begins to tend to the wounded. Patch encourages Brant and Farandril to heal as well. Granuelle calls for her mount. Julio comes to her. She mounts the beast and plans to ride into battl solo against Bodrick. Karl feels honour bound to come with her, but is so weakened by the mornings events. The mercenaries swear they will join Granuelle. Farandril starts a prayer of healing for the party and the surviving staff. Abraxos is shaken by memories. Patch goes to sit with him, nuzzling and purring to try and calm him, as by this point, Patch’s illusionary disguise has ended, and in the confusion, he has forgotten to cast th magic again. Amelie asks Brant to watch over her half sister, Emily, whilst Granuelle, Amelie and the mercenaries head to the palace to end the false rule and finish their coupe for rightful leadership. Grauelle asks Brant to stay and watch over Emily, as she is Amelie’s only heir. As the group part and the ladies ride off, Amelie passes Brant a small leather pouch, and says “you’ll know how to use it when you work it out”. Brant takes Emily into the catacombs away from damaged, to protect his charge.

After the healing, Karl asks Lexter to activate his blimp to help the party catch up with Granuelle and Amelie. Lexter stops him mid sentence and agrees, before activating it, and causing it to grow and begin to float. Lexter searches for his gun. Karl recognises the distress Abraxos seems to being going through, and Patch shares he cannot and will not leave him while shaken. Farandril states he needs to remain to tell Wigstrum what has happened, or the commander may see the destruction and assume the worst. So in the end, only Karl and Lexter set off in the blimp.

In this time, Granuelle and her forces arrive at the palace and meet no resistance. She rides directly into the palace and into the grand chamber. Amelie demands Bodrick step down as a false Protectorate of Mountainsfoot. Bodrick refuses and claims he is not alone, and he plans to end Amelie’s bloodline, and surrender the city to the power of the Peaks of the Anduwin as they alone have the power to end the war. Bodrick declares that no other forces can win, as a vibrant archway of scattered electrical purple energy. Inside the archway a mammoth of a Greyborn steps through, followed by a heavily armoured soldiers with a pale guant face. Granuelle recognises his giant man as

And that’s where we left off.