Session Thirty

So this week in the Anduwin Chronicles…

Brant continues his exploration of the city, towards the Iron Bell. An establishment he used to know. As he approaches, he expects to see a busy crowd of people bustling around the place, but in actuality, it is quiet, with a few individuals posing as patrons and having seemingly fake conversations. The Iron Bell was, and is believed to be the base of operations for the Silver Assault. Brant has a history with them, and has hopes to take over the organisation after they have drifted from their previous path and ethos. Brant spots a hovel nearby with an exposed overhanging area where he could conduct his steakout, without being seen by passers by. As he makes his way up to the ledge there is a vagrant up against one wall, sleeping, and shrouded in several layers of blankets. He settles in to observe and after a few hours he sees a group of individuals carrying a box on wooden poles and leaving the Iron Bell. As he observes the vagrant stirs and asks Brant who he is, and why he is in the hovel. Brant doesn’t respond, but stands silently. After an uncomfortably long pause, Brant states “I am the Night Watcher”. The drunk seems to buy this deception, and associates him with legends of a hero who saved a village from scarecrow monsters. The drunk introduces himself as Victor Homelessman, and offers Brant his only three coppers. Brant declares he does not need the money, and so Victor should keep it. The halfling asks Victor to keep any eye on the Iron Bell, discretely, and to keep safe. Brant tells him he will be back to collect word of his observations. Victor shares he will spread news of the Night Watcher’s return to the syndicate, and he will summon the syndicate for a reunion. It is rumoured that the last time the Night Watcher was here, he saved Vespard from a dark cultist plague. Victor thinks that the plague may have come back and need treating once again. It’s alleged the cultist used to gather in an abandoned house. The house previously owned by a tax collector known as The Snade. The outsiders and cultists seem to be swarming in more and more in the last few months, and in that time the Syndicates level of observation has been stepped up, due to the increased cult presence here. After learning all of this, Brant makes his way back to the Manor, just in time to see the Light figure arrival.

Amelie approaches Granuelle, and asks her what year it is. She appears older slightly from when Amelie was last seen. Amelie tells she is exhausted and that the magic she used cost her a great deal of energy. Ebeneezer approaches the young girl, and seeing her fear, he offers her a teddy bear he rescued from the mages quarters in our last visiting city. Amelie introduces the girl as Emily, her half sister. Amelie shares she was unaware of her, and keeps mixing up her tenses, she seems uncertain of when it is relative to what she has experienced. Farandril suggests we move the reunion inside. Amelie suggests to the tall gent, who she refers to him as Darin Quill that he rest as well. Abraxos warns Granuelle that Darin matches the description of the Representative. Brant and Granuelle recognises Darin as The Seer.

Abraxos and Patch wander the grounds to ensure security, whilst everyone else makes their way inside to Granuelle’s study. Abraxos approaches his mercenaries and sees if any of them are skill in magic enough to prevent teleporting into the grounds, or at least get a warning. This type of magic is powerful and rare, but the company will look into it. Whilst walking, Patch ask Abraxos what he thinks of Amelie, as he appeared with wings. Abraxos feels he can trust her, and she is of noble stand in. Patch smiles and hints he is please that Abraxos may not be alone. The solider is also asked about his views on Ebeneezer, as the alchemist saw Patch. Abraxos warns that he may have started his interactions altruistically but that there’s a chance he will come to collect on a debt. The pair begin a patrol, Patch heading towards the gates of the Manor, and Abraxos making his way towards the garden.

On arrival in the garden, Abraxos sees Darin with an ethereal eagle sat on his arm, before it takes flight. Abraxos respects the following of Marr, and learns this man is referred to as The Seer. He explains he cannot choose to see the future, but that he just sees, and that his gift is more than mean foretune telling. The Seer leans in to Abraxos and senses a potent mix of several things inside him. He asks Abraxos when he discovered his own gift. Abraxos dodges the questions and asks why The Seer is here. He says he is looking for an old friend, V’saries. Who we know as The Emperor. Darin believes V’saries lives and this trouble him, as the pair are destined to fight. Abraxos is told that Brant can be trusted, as a fierce combatant, and he has proven himself worth on many occasions. He is told that Lady Granuelle fought valiantly and she appears to be trustworthy. Abraxos parts company of the Seer, and meets Patch on his rounds. Abraxos says the pair need to be inside- now.

Meanwhile, the new head of the household staff, Mandy, has finished providing refreshments to the party and Amelie. Just as the meeting begins, Abraxos and Patch set inside. Amelie reclines on a chezlonge and send Emily out of the room with Mandy. Granuelle speaks first, asking Amelie what has happened and where she has been. She tells she was held captive by a madman torchering her half sister to try and get information from her. She share she escaped thanks to the efforts of a band of mercenaries who helped rescue her. Amelie warns she was in Heimal, and that their friends across the water are friends no more, and have been selling weapons to the enemy. She and Emily escaped but were followed by a solider with an atrifact, a stone of some sort. In the Forest where she fled, she poured her most powerful magic into an attack, and felt a change in her. Her powers reacted with those of the artefact. The magics interacted, and a rift was torn. Amelie found herself in a beautiful place with floating mountains in the sky, and a feeling of peace. She was found, and assisted, and healed. She remained there for years, up eventually came home. She cannot clearly recall her time there. Looking at her palms, she shares that getting back here, and moving back in time, has taken its toll on her. Her magic has been left weaker.

Shocked, Granuelle updates Amelie on the state of the world, and he declarations of war unanimously against the people of Máurdórne. Amelie attempts to sent envoys to check out the state of affairs. She is urged to rest. Granuelle shares the recent discoveries from the mines beneath the Manor, and that Bodrick Farrade has been in charge, and Amelie is not surprised by his treachery. Brant then steps up and tell of his learnings from Victor Homelessman. Brant makes mention of his disguise as the Night Watcher, and at this, Farandril steps in, with concern. There is much debate over the allegiances of the syndicate, and his Night Watcher. Amelie interrupts the conversation and says she intends to rest and in the morning cut the head off the snake. Amelie is then introduced to the party. As the last time she met them, there were several other individuals who have presumably fell in various ways since she left.

We each retire, except Granuelle and Amelie. Granuelle shows Amelie the Anduwin artefact, the chalice. As she does, Abraxos he’s a slight voice in his mind, and recognises this as being connected to the chalice and growing. They discuss the locations of the various Anduwin artefacts, and Amelie is pleased the part or allies now have two artefacts. Granuelle shares she recently met Viscioron the Second. A few days ago after access his realm through a portal in the ruins of Emleross. Amelie leaves and collects the Seer and magically seals the three of them in Granuelle’s study. Granuelle repeats her story to the Seer, who grows horns and his body is etched with thousands of ancient runes, revealing his true form. Granuelle talks about how either the emperor or the Seer need to undergo the ascension and become the new Grey Drake. The Seer shares the Wand needs to be found, and he would need to first kill his father, Viscioron and and then kill his brother to be the sole ascendant. The Seer shares there is a bigger problem- the emperor being only the first hurdle to overcome. The Seer feels he may be able to save his brother, rather than kill him. Granuelle and the Seer discuss the Anduwin items, and that they should all be collected before we can challenge the emperor. He advises we get the Shield from the Templars, and the Lantern from Hugh Hapsburg, before collecting the Flute from the sultan, bringing the party’s total to four. He shares the final item is the Wand of Ascention, and he has a suspicion of where this may be.

As soon as the magical barrier is erected, Farandril approaches Abraxos and asks him just two questions. He starts openly, and asks directly about Abraxos’ wings. Farandril assumes that Abraxos is a templar of an unfamiliar unit, or that he has no connection to the order. Abraxos assures him, he is a solider, nothing more. Farandril then moves to his second question, that Abraxos seemed to recognise the name of Farandril’s commanding officer. Abraxos assures the cleric that Sir Wixtrum was Abraxos’ Commander during the war. And Wigtrum wasn’t working as a templar, but just as a commander. Farandril assumes the solider disagrees with Wixtrums action, but Abraxos tells him he knows it is not his place to question the will of the templars. Farandril shares that Abraxos’ gifts- his wings- wouldn’t have gone unnoticed by the templars. The solider states his gifts didn’t manifest until after the war. They part company, and Abraxos retires for the evening. Once Farandril is alone, Brant calls the cleric over, and offers firm and powerful assurances that Brant didn’t intend to become the leader of a cult, and that he has not plans to act upon. He shares it was more to do with being a hero and collecting information to help protect people. Brant feels that it is the role of a templar to route out evil, and wonders why Farandril hasn’t acted as judge jury and executioner and killed Bodrick already. Farandril calmly questions why Brant is telling the cleric what his job is meant to be. Farandril accepts the Brant was meanly pretending to be the Night Watcher, but states he will bare his connection in mind for potential future use.

Patch enters the library and after interacting with the elderly female library he is able to find a tome detailing a plague roughly 80 years ago where people were driven mad with rage to the point of slaying their own family members. It was later cured by a holy man from over the mountain. He takes the tome upstairs, followed by Ebeneezer. The alchemist asks the archeologist what manner of creature he is. Patch dodges the question and eventually shares he wants to trust Ebeneezer because he saved him in earnest, but is wary about the warning for, Abraxos and having only just met the man. An agreement is reached whereby each trades a secret for silence. Patch reveals his true name, and so Ebeneezer reveals another name he has gone by, but is happy to keep it hidden and secret pair part company. Leaving Patch to his reading.

Abraxos approaches lady Amelie’s room and after a short exchange, he hands her his blade, and her ethereal wings briefly flash. He takes back his sword happy in the knowledge that she is similar to him. At this time, Karl speaks with Lexter about his impression of Solomon. Both recognise that the turban appeared larger after having healed people.

Around eleven o’clock there is a knock at Granuelle’s door, and Lady Amelie is there, and allowed in. The door slowly swings shut.

And that’s where we left off.