So this week in the Anduwin Chronicles…

Ebeneezer sets up his potions equipment and begins to augment a healing potion for Patch. Lexter initially observes the alchemist, before attempting, and failing to take a sample of the milky acid. Karl asks the party to pick up his blade, as his arms are broken, but he stoically continues to stand and walk around the cavern. Abraxos and Patch keep themselves close together, with the former offering support to the injured latter, and prepares to administer the potion Ebeneezer gave Abraxos before beginning his work. The lady Granuelle continues to assemble wooden splints and then searches the chamber for anything which might pose a threat to the group. The wither is thick here, and beyond is a dense cluster of glowing light, these are the Anduwin crystals which were being mined here. The wither seems to grow from the urn, and appears to be avoiding the milky acid, and the Tesla devise coils.

Karl sits, and takes some time, awaiting his turn at healing. He sends his spirit into the cavern to detect any desecration of the area, and he searches through his divine sense for fiends, and celestials. He senses the desecration, and also a single strong celestial presence. Aware of this, and recalling Abraxos having revealed divine wings, Karl approaches the solider to discuss this.

Farandril continues to apply splints to Patch, and bandages these in place. It is painful, but his skill pays off. He does break some of the wood, and so Granuelle needs to break more crates. She moves over and crashes into a second crate, but reveals a large dark glass orb, which rolls out and emminates a dark power. She carefully envelopes the sphere within her novelty hat from the Goldust celebrations this week.

Karl reaches Abraxos, and chooses to speak in celestial. He says, “so… wings?”. Abraxos states he had hoped people would have forgotten about that, whilst respecting Karl’s status as a solider. Nearby, Farandril and Patch listen into the conversation. Karl wants to know who, or what he is fighting alongside. Abraxos keeps giving him reassurances that he is just a fighter, and doesn’t need to keep things a secret, as the cat is already out of bag. Karl drops back to speaking in Oskil, and comes to Farandril for healing on his arms.

Whilst all of this takes place, Brant approaches the urn, and takes out his new vibrating sword and pokes the plant with the blade. Brant doesn’t know how to cleanse the corruption, but before saying anything, Abraxos approaches him and suggests more holy men would be needed to address the issue. Brant declares he knows of someone in the area who may know how to deal with the corruption.

Farandril declares we have two options. We can bring the injured out of the mines, or some leave and come back with physicians. We agree to wait for Ebeneezer‘ potion to be brewed, and Abraxos administers the timed potion from earlier, and Patch’s illusionary disguise is reformed. We rest a while to wait for the potion to brew, and Farandril goes to inspect the crystals. He approaches the vine thicket, but is wary of cutting the vines, due to ththe acid, so instead pulls his way through a small gap, and sees a cluster of deep orange, volatile crystals. The vines begin to wrap themselves around Farandril but the Templar pulls himself free. Granuelle beings to offer her enchanted spoon to anyone who is hungry. The potion is finishes and administered, which forces Patch’s arms to stretch crack and bend, before the bones mend themselves correctly in his arms and back, his legs remain broken, but pain floods them, as sensation is restored. We set of towards the surface with Granuelle carrying her hat and orb. We reach Julio, and Patch is placed into and tied to the horse. Farandril drags the bodies of the the villains out, either himself, or by attaching them to the horse as well. We consider exiting stealthily, and Granuelle approaching Mordekai independently. We arrive at the underground ladder to the surface, and Patch realises the horse cannot climb the ladder, so thunder steps to the surface with Julio. This arrival startles a nearby gardener, who looks into Julio’s eye, and is immediately petrified.

We notice a carriage near to the yurt, with several boxes being tossed onto the carriage. The party makes its way up, and Granuelle seeing this, casts a magic missile at the wheel of the carriage while Abraxos and Farandril dash forwards. The carriage breaks and the horses charge away, leaving Mordecai in the cart with the driver scrambling off the floor. Abraxos hurls the door from its hinges and holds his blade at Mordecai’s throat. The solider says Mordecai has wandered from the path, and surrenders. Farandril joins the two, and identifies himself as a templar. He steps into the carriage, and begins to fasten rope to bind the butlers arms. On the opposite bench in the cart is a large bag of Anduwin crystals and a sack of platinum pieces. On inspection, we see that there has been a recent surgery on him, and there is a lump in his abdomen. Farandril throws Mordecai from the carriage and into the fast swinging hammer of Granuelle who breaks his knee caps. He is knocked unconscious but Farandril stabilises him magically. Abraxos begins to cut open the stitches and see a steel sheet or metal wrapped around an object. Granuelle sends her servant to fetch the city authorities, and stitch the body of Mordecai back together. Abraxos takes out the steel sheet and sees an Omega symbol burning out and then fading into nothing from ash.

We speak to a delirious Mordecai and learn the implant was part of the arrangement he made with The Representative, who claimed to be an archeologist but later revealed his true intentions for the tomb under Granuelle’s grounds. Mordecai said the Bodrick Ferard gave the initial order to the Representative. Limited information is given, but we suspect the Representative is a Greyborn individual who met with Bodrick. Granuelle agrees to hire Abraxos and Patch, and pays their retainer fee. Patch it taken off Julio and Abraxos speaks with Lexter who says he fights for good, and although he is resistive of turning against his employer (Bodrick). Abraxos is suspicious of Lexter after this, but Karl vouches for him after having traveled with him for a year. Farandril moves to execute Mordecai as his information runs out, but Granuelle commands the individual be spared for now, as Lady of the Manor. We move into the house to plan our next move. Karl tied the broken carriage to his ox, to hide behind the Manor. Ebeneezer joins us, as he had been making a potion to free the gardener from petrifaction. Brant event makes a comment, Ebeneezer should brew that antidote in larger batches.

Farandril says he cannot magically contact the templars until tomorrow, but will inform them of the crystals, and he corruption, both of which they could help with. We also consider stationing a guard on the premise due to risk of attack. Abraxos states he knows of mercenary companies in the city who would be trustworthy. He rides out rapidly, to gather reinforcements. We talk about expecting an attack this evening. Patch requests to retire to help him heal. Brant sends arcane messages to various individuals, and then makes his way into the town proper to find a healer. Lexter, after being asked, sets up an alarm system around the home to guard its inhabitants. Lexter provides the shrunken desk and Patch begins to write down translations of all the papers into Oskil.

In the city, Abraxos arrives at th Hanging Sword and looks for some familiar faces. He runs into a solider and mercenary who he owed money to, Graem Baxter, who Abraxos feels is trustworthy, despite him using words that are a bit suspect. He offers him some work at the estate, and then moves to look for others. The tavern is busy, but a few familiar and reliable mercenaries are present, and Abraxos manages to recruit them to guard the Manor, with a range of abilities including some arcane and some martial. Abraxos leads Graem and five more mercenaries back to the home of Lady Granuelle.

Brant heads to a temple, to find a healer who is known for their abilities over bones. An elderly lady tells her that the Temple of Solomon should be his destination, as Solomon’s name comes up often when he asks various people. He meets Solomon, who wears an enormous turban, and carries a presence where he impresses Brant that he has some healing skills. Brant requests Solomon journey to the house to heal the injured. Brant doesn’t join Solomon with his walk to the Manor, but heads on to other business.

Back at the house, Patch continues his translation of the letters, and begins slowly whispering to himself, talking about the days exploits and adventures. He whispers and talks about needing rest and time to heal.

As Abraxos and his party arrive at the house, Solomon also arrives, and follows the solider though the gates. Abraxos tells Granuelle he has recruited some soldiers to help guard and keep watch this night whilst we worry about an assault. Granuelle barters with them over paying half now, and half on completion of the employment. Whilst money is exchanged, Solomon interrupts Lady Granuelle and tells her he is a great healer, sent by Brian, as Solomon has misunderstood Brant’s name at the temple. Solomon is lead upstairs to the injured party members. Patch is still at the desk writing, but suddenly his eyes roll back, and he is lifted magically from the ground and placed gently on the floor, and his legs are repaired. Solomon arrives at the exact moment Patch is lowered to the floor and rapidly raises his arms, claiming responsibility for this healing. Solomon then goes upstairs and attempt to heal Karl in the same way. It doesn’t work, but he does tell Karl to look directly at him, and begins to draw energy into the room. Karl’s arms are healed, but some of his life force is drawn into Solomon, and the turban grows slightly with this power. We decide to settle for a rest, but before this, one of the mercenaries bursts into the home, and tell us there is something we need to see happening outside. We charge and see the leave swirling around in an eerie wind, and three slowly fading figures made of light gradually appearing inside the grounds. They grow in intensity. Abraxos steps forward sword drawn, so does Karl. The pulsing noises reach the apex of their power before the wind swirls down. A girl, a woman, and a tall man with grey skin and white hair apparate into the garden. These are lady Amelie, with radiant wings shining, a young girl, and The Seer. Granuelle recognises these figures, and Amelie approaches the half orc and says they have “much to discuss”.

And that’s where we left off.