So this week in the Anduwin Chronicles

Immediately after the fight and the supposed fall of Talonclaw, Granuelle and Brant begin looting, and each look at one of the magical swords. Whilst this takes place, Karl reviews the chamber and thinks about the visiting Greyborn that was mentioned. As soon as Brant selects one of the blade he casts identify on it, and discovers it is a Vibrant Blade. This is a blade which a powerful blade which can burn through most materials but that the magical effect is interrupted by music or singing. Granuelle and Patch begin to investigate the bodies around the chamber, and she discovers the armour seems to be affixed to their bodies, rather than being worn. She picks up the bodies and notices the guards bodies are very light, and when she does so, she is able to smell a decaying odour from within the mechanical guards. Abraxos subtly dismisses his wings, and moves over and begins to bind the unconscious body of Jules Talonclaw before hefting the body onto his shoulder. Abraxos begins to rifle through Talonclaw’s pockets searching for a pin to active the mechanical lift, and is successful in his search. There is a discussion about what to do next. Whether we head up to the surface, and hand over Talonclaw to the authorities and challenge Mordecai, or dig deeper into the mines. As it is her land, Granuelle makes the desicion to head back up to prevent Mordecai from getting away.

Meanwhile, Ebeneezer and Lexter are within the mechanical lift, and planning to take advantage of Farandril’s zone of truth. He says he is “sorry about this” and then the pair enter the zone. Ebeneezer questions the man, and confirms Lexter is representing himself and has no ties to Imperious. Just as the lift reaches the surface, but before the doors open, it is resummoned down to the party. Lexter tells Ebeneezer that he thinks he whole group will be of use to him. Lexter learns Ebeneezer ran into the group a short while back at the Isle of Ice north of Bukká Mortaine. Lexter appears very interested about what Ebeneezer could have seen on the isle, such as the large Imperious presence which has been built there. Lexter share he studies Mordaune weaponary and was able to, with a struggle, to replicate their technologies in producing his prized “mini gun”. Lexter explains that he has some Templar friends who allow him to scrape spoils of war and skirmishes. Lexter explains that he has special allowances from the templars for this, and he keeps a shrunken pocket lawyer on his person at all times. This lawyer is Barnabus Quim, of Quim and Co, who are famed for fighting for individuals rights. Ebeneezer recognises this name, and realises that Quim disappeared from public life around a year ago. Shortly afterwards the effects of the zone of truth fade and the lift reaches the base once more.

Ebeneezer hands over Granuelle’s horse in the urn to her. She releases the horse and magically taps Talonclaw into th urn. Ebeneezer takes a swig of a vial and hands over a lift summoning pin to Brant. The halfling has already walked way from the group and plans to investigate the mines further. Thinking deeply as we set off after Brant, Ebeneezer recalls that all corruption can be cleansed by the method depends on what is the source of the corruption. He thinks of his alchemical knowledge and realises the corruption seems to be caused by the mining of the Anduwin crystals. Parch illuminates his blade and allows the light to lead the way.

Brant casts enhance ability on himself and stealth’s through the door that Talonclaw had come through before the fight. He begins to search the desks in the room. He skims the papers in the desk. They are written in a multitude of languages, and seems to show lots of letters that Brant is able to read. He understands correspondence between Oskil and Máurdórne. He continues searching for anything recording in Theives Cant, but does not find anything. However, he does learn of supplies being sent to Últrek, to the state of Heimal. He also sees plans to export the weaponary further into Oskil. The party arrive and Lexter and Patch check over the papers. As soon as he reads them, Patch shares that there is a trade paper and peace talks between Maurdórne and The Empire of the Sea. The transcript is written in nagini, the language of the Yuan Ti. There is some general knowledge that the Empire of the Sea is yuan ti, and has no links to the tritons who dwell in the sunken shores. Brant recalls memories of a vision where he fought them in a past life over something he fiercely wanted. We agree to put the papers in the desk, have Lexter shrink the desk and then take them up to the surface to translate. Ebeneezer drinks a bottle of detect magic, and senses illusion, and enchantment over Patch, Abjuration and a shifting magic on Abraxos and sees a wide range of schools of magic on Lexter, including several transmutation runes and abjuration auras. Granuelle looks over a control terminal and goes to press a button to stop the machinery from the mines. Ebeneezer sees a magical aura around the control panel and warns her just before she presses the button. She cannot escape in time, and is struck by a bolt of lightning. Lexter clicks his fingers and the desk shrinks down to a tiny size. He goes to pick it up, but so does Brant. Lexter warns that Brant should stay close to him as the magic may fade. Brant allows Lexter to carry the desk. Patch morphs his sword into a spear and lines the tip of the spear to the point where the lightning came from whilst Ebeneezer presses the button. The lightning jolts Patch, machines all suddenly stop and all the lights go out. Not being able to see in the dark, Ebeneezer tries to press the button again, but the lights remain off. The only light now is from Patch’s spear, which he then morphs back into a rapier. Ebeneezer begins to glow and emit his own light, and Abraxos moves to watch and listen at the stairs. He sees stone stairs decending for a while, before becoming metal stairs going on into the darkness until he cannot see. Karl tries to hear anything concerning, but just hears the machinery grinding to a halt.

Brant begins to stealth down the stairs ahead of the party, before they follow. We all try to move stealthily, but four of the seven of us are wearing heavy armour, which causes the stairs to shake and rattle loudly. We keep. Walking and see various shoots and off shoots in our descent, we see guns in various stages of assembly and can see that the construction appears to start at the base of the mine, until completion nearer the top.

As we get further down, we get a feeling of the corruption. We see a room with large jagged rocks which have been stripped of ore. There are two rocks in the centre of a circle of six Tesla coils with a type of energy pulsing through the coils. The air smells of damp and decay, and there is a milky water around the ground. Patch reflects on his experience of digging and mining but has never seen anything like these coils before. Brant and Farandril all recognise some sense of Anduwin-Mordauny technology. Abraxos asks our alchemist to identify the milky substance. He tries to obtain a sample in a glass vial, but the glass melts. He tries wood shavings. But these too melt. He then takes a water skin, and sees it sit on top the milky fluid. He takes a damp rag to scoop out a portion into his water skin. There is some sizzling, but he appears to have obtained a sample of this goo. Ebeneezer strongly recommends no one touch this liquid. On the other side of the coil, Karl spots the wither vine, but also sees a whisp of something in the corner of his eye. He is unsure what this was and so keeps this information to himself to no scare the rest of the party. Abraxos takes his sword and places the tip into the goo and it starts to freeze the liquid.

Having see this type of liquid befor, but slightly different, he steps onward through, paying it no heed. Looking up, he sees more Tesla coil groups with blue energy trailing at different heights and levels. He sees the wither, and sees the blue light seems to be keeping the wither itself at bay. Patch seeing the concern of the alchemist and Abraxos about this puddle, chooses to climb the walls to get around the cavern to the side Brant and Granuelle are now on. On arrival. Brant has walk to he edge of he light and waits for the party to catch up. Eventually they all do. Ebeneezer offers a vial of light which Brant chooses not to drink as he does not want to emit light from his person. Several other party members offer light cantrips to him, and he accepts Farandrils magic. Patch lights Karl’s blade and we move onward.

Forwards, we see the wither vine growing thicker and thicker. We find a large five foot tall broken vase from which the vine appears to be growing. This appears to be very old, and recently broken by a miners pick of sorts. We all notice the light levels become slightly dimmer, and Granuelle, Farandril and Brant get the sense that they are not alone, and that there is a danger here. Farandril warns the rest of us to be on high alert, and Brant casts detect thoughts, and gets the impression of a feeling more than a thought. The creature expels Brant from it’s mind, and deals psychic damage causing Brant to convulse and blood to drip from his nose. As the creature expels the halfling, it commits an embarrassing social foe par, and toots a subtle expulsion of gas. Patch runs to Brant and tries to see if he is ok, whilst the other look up at the direction the toot came from.

Granuelle spots a slight shift and sees an almost invisible creature within the vines, which slowly broadens its mouth into a terrifying wide grin. Farandril throws a a sacred flame, Ebeneezer places his Anduwin crystal into a bomb and hurls this upwards, Abraxos illuminates his blade, Karl heals Brant, whilst Brant starts a counter charm, and Granuelle casts a firebolt. The beast avoids the sacred flame, and in the same movement avoids the firebolt. The bomb from Ebeneezer also misses, but when impacting the ceiling, it explodes nearby the creature. There vial explodes and the shockwave knocks some of the party prone. The vine ruptures slightly, and a wave of milky acid flows from it, and over to one side of the party. The creature then warps into a shadow form, and shifts down to the ground before the party, reforming into a gaseous form with white smile and eyes.

The shadow moves up to Farandril and wounds start to appear on him, without any physical contact. Wounds tear open but not as much as the creature seemed to expect. It glares at the elf and tries to terrify him. Abraxos moves up to flank the creature with Farandril. He activate his blade which glows with Andoth Runes, the language of th Anduwin. He swings at the creature and frost begins to curl up on his foe, slowing it slightly. Ebeneezer back away from the foe, and towards Granuelle. He hands her a vial and tells her to strike true. The half orc moves up and swings at the smoke creature with a green flame blade, but it resists the fire. She then swings her hammer and deals some magical blugeoning damage. In the edge of the cavern, Brant continues his counter charm, and heals himself slightly. Farandril takes a drink of his healing potion, before summoning spirit guardians. Patch moves around to flank the shadow entity with the melee members and swings a green flame rapier at the creature before looking at Farandril who starts to feel slightly better. Karl moves up and swings his long sword for a thunderous smite, and connecting, he also imbues a divine smite to the strike. He strikes the entity for 31 points of damage. Fuelled by rage at this hit, the shadow turns it attention to Karl. Lexter stands at the cavern enternce in awe of the being. He utters “it would be a shame to kill it” before raising his mini gun and beginning its charge up. The shadow rounds on Karl, and seeing his Brant sings a cutting word of “you just farted” and distracts from the creatures ability to hit Karl.

The magical spirit guardians damage the creature slightly, and then it squeezes itself down and expels darkness making it impossible to see the creature. Abraxos tries to swing for it in the dark, and connects for additional cold damage. Ebeneezer is on the very edge of the darkness. He steps backwards out of the dark. He prepares to strike when he can see. Granuelle then tries to swing in the dark, but misses on both swings. The shadow then reacts by striking at her as she moves away out of melee. He being nearly hits, but she casts shield causing the shade to just barely miss her. Unsure where anyone is, because of the darkness, Brant continues his counter charm. Farandril heals himself and tries to strike. Patch attempts a spell, which the being resists. He stabs and thanks for Karl’s aura of hate deals a small amount. Still fearing being underground and his memory of being buried alive he turns take and runs. The creature claws at Patch and rips him asunder, immediately dropping him 73 points of health from his maximum of 42. Patch wails in pain before falling instantly unconscious. Karl unsure what has happened, chooses to strike the beast and channels another divine smite into this to try and end the creature’s dark existence. Lexler continues to charge his mini gun, and claims it is almost ready.

The spirit guardians strike the shade again dealing Further radiant damage. The entity tries to strike at the paladin, Karl. It’s ethereal claws dig into the human and knock him unconscious as well, cracking bones and leaving both his arms broken. Abraxos recognises the wails of pain and dying. He is empowered by his training focus, and strikes true for a critical hit for 40 damage, ending the life of the entity. Abraxos plunges his blade into the core of the creature, as ice spreads throughout the smoke, freezing it, before swinging the blade and shattering the being. He murmurs “so balance is restored”. Abraxos feels his way around in the dark for Patch who is wheezing for his breath. He heals him. Patch heals, and stirs. His arms and legs are broken and he is considered paralysed. Abraxos cradles Patch’s heavily broken body. Ebeneezer also feels out in the dark for Patch, as he feels Karl, as a warrior can survive better than the archeologist. Being paralysed Patch cannot move, so Ebeneezer administers a potion to Patch of disguise self which takes effect. Ebeneeze and Abraxos begin to bandage the archeologist. Farandril then focuses all his remaining energy into th the spiritual guardians, and chooses to reverse their effect and causes them to heal the party, which stabilises Karl. As the paladin awakes, he heals himself slightly.

After a period of licking our wounds, Granuelle heads to looks closer at the urn. Karl offers a greater healing potion to Patch. Ebeneezer says he can make this better with an hours work. Abraxos administers another greater healing potion to Patch. They consider if they have time to move the injured party up to the surface, or whether they are too injured to move. Granuelle comes back and breaks a nearby crate from the mines to make splints. Abraxos lays Patch down, and tries to keep his limbs aligned. Ebeneezer prepares a potion and gives this to Abraxos to administer to Patch in 48 minutes, and then begins working on his hours work on the greater healing potion. Farandril begins to tied banadaged to Patch and Karl, to help stabilise them.

Meanwhile Granuelle moves back to research the vine and the urn. There are foreman’s notes telling of anyone touching the urn promptly going mad and being ruined by it. He warns of his superiors commanding his team to open the urn.

And that’s where we left off.