This week on the Anduwin Chronicles…

Having left of last week in the midst of a fight, the group stand together in a small pathway underground having vanquished a trio of skeletal foe and making much noise in the process. The clattering of skeletons bones and armor hitting together ricochets around the room before finally a horde of skeletal mass poor into the room, hurling itself towards the group.

Ebeneezer is first to act, and in a fear driven flurry he pops all his cool-downs by throwing his potion of bottled lightning (Fire breath) made during the destruction of Emmalrost, along with conjuring a Ocre Jelly, which fused with the lightning immediately slits into 4 smaller jellies in the path of the skeletal mass. It is at this point that the group see a orange spark of energy come from the center of the skeletal horde, which erupts into a orange hue of hot magical energy similar to that of the Emmalrost exposure.

Having taken a moment, the group fall back out of the two auras of effects that are within the room, to reduce harm to themselves, as the group take it in turns to attempt to vanquish the beast. Farandril uses his Cleric abilities to fear the beast back, but not realizing that it appeared to be a hive mind, it doesn’t take long before damage dealt to it baits the beast back to them. Granuailes new bodyguard, Karl – brings forth a bag of dead cats which he was carrying for an unknown purpose, and flings them with a mighty toss toward the horde… te bag burns up in the now Anduwin infused air, and then subsequently explodes, with Karl realizing that the cats where filled with explosives.

With the skeletal horde destroyed, the group quickly recover, but spot a hooded figure in front of them from where the skeletons came from looking at them. When it is apart the group has seen the hooded figure, he runs and the group give chase. They end up in a large  circular room, with no obvious exit – after some searching they discover the hooded figure to be invisible, and quickly apprehend him.

The group discuss methods to get this guy to talk, they bind him, having severely injuring him to the point of being close to death. Karl then horrifies him into submission in a haunting display, as Farandril casts Zone of Truth. The man, completely horrified by Karl, gives in and answers all their questions with no hint of a lie. He explains that the room they’re in is actually a concealed elevator, and that it is the exit path for the ‘facility below’. Its all been arranged with ‘they guy in the manor’ (Mordecai). Granuaile, angry with this betrayal, punched the man, killing him.

The group also learned that the facility is under the control of Jules Talonclaw, a nemesis of Brant and partial owner of Imperious, an organization the group has had issues with before. They use the elevator to get into the facility, and quickly discover it to be a large Weapons manufacturing facility, with a mine below. Ebeneezer heads back with Lexler to get help, as the rest of the group press on and capture two further guards. They learn that they have been building and selling weapons to The Maurdorne, and having heard this, Farandril invokes his powers as a Templar, and sentences them to death, strangling them both until dead.

They move through the facility and confront Jules Talonclaw, who uses this moment to display his distaste for Amelie, and Granuaile’s recent positions in Mountains Foot, because they are lowly women. He emerges with two fairly robotic guards, who wields blades that seem to heat up and glow. A fight ensues, where the two silent guards use their weapons to make quick work of Granuailes Shield, cutting it in two.

Brant focuses all of his might on Jules, a long term enemy of his, and deals significant damage to him using his newly obtained spell, Guiding Bolt. as Jules takes the damage, his form breaks up into black petals, and he changes human appearance into Maurice, claiming ‘you should have died on westlow pass’. he quickly morphs back to Jules, but this scene forces Granuailes Jackal, to conjure itself without Granuaile summoning it. Jules looks confused by the Jackal, asking it why he can’t ‘feel it’.

Farandrils shield is also destroyed by the strange blades carried by the two guards, before Brant sings to inspire a comrade, which interrupts the blades affects. With this moment of weakness, the group finish off the guards, and together, they manage to knock out Jules.